Updates On Gold:GBP, Gold:Yuan, and Canamex Security Tokens

October 29, 2018

David Vincent, Canamex CEO and technician joins me to share a couple gold charts he is watching as well as provide an update on Canamex. The gold charts a presented below and show gold in terms of GBP and Chinese Yuan.

In terms of Canamex the Company is now one step closer to having fully trade-able security tokens by signing a deal Memorandum of Understand (MOU) with Malta Digital Exchange Holdings. David answers some basic questions on how this exchange will function  and the benefits to investors when it is up and running (anticipated in early 2019). The Gold token offering is closed but the silver token offering is still open until the end of November.

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Here are the charts (click on the charts for a full screen view)…


Gold:Chinese Yuan

    Oct 30, 2018 30:43 AM

    I like that gold:CYB chart. Here it is without the ads over it:×824.png

      Oct 30, 2018 30:04 PM

      Yes, a very exciting chart, one that I have never looked at before.

        Oct 30, 2018 30:05 PM

        I assume this will make gold even more attractive in chinese eyes.

    Oct 30, 2018 30:13 AM

    The gold-silver ratio is probably working on a double top:

    Oct 30, 2018 30:20 AM

    Gold could drop to 1205 this week without causing a technical problem:

    Oct 30, 2018 30:25 AM

    GDXJ has essentially filled its Oct. 11 gap:

      Oct 30, 2018 30:27 AM

      As usual thanks for the great charts. Would you mind sending some charts on SIL and SILJ? Also, wondering if you picked up and additional shares of ISVLF given the drop down to $0.20 today.

        Oct 30, 2018 30:03 AM

        I only trade Impact using IPT but did not buy today.

    Oct 30, 2018 30:43 AM

    Stocks are still having a hard time bouncing despite oversold readings:

    Oct 30, 2018 30:18 AM

    Anyone on the board know what is going on with Dolly Varden today? Looks like it might be breaking out.

    Oct 30, 2018 30:12 AM

    Thanks for the level. The volume has picked up some, but still fairly light. I have been on the sidelines for a while given the added volatility.

    Oct 30, 2018 30:29 PM