Do The US Markets Need To Crash To Help Gold Breakout?

February 27, 2019

David Erfle, Founder of The Junior Miner Junky joins me to address the question, do the US markets need to crash to help the precious metals breakout? Both gold and US equities have been heading higher recently but now are both at near term strong resistance. We also look at GDX and the recent gap that has been filled. There is still a gap from January 25 but David thinks that might not get filled. It’s important to watch what the stocks do to see how deep the correction will be.

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      Feb 27, 2019 27:49 AM

      As if any president since Coolidge hasn’t been a conman and a cheat.πŸ™„

        Feb 27, 2019 27:33 AM


        Feb 27, 2019 27:26 PM

        The ones that weren’t cheats ended up with a bullet in their heads.

          Feb 27, 2019 27:17 PM

          I disagree. Lincoln was horrible and Kennedy was no better than most of rest.

    Feb 27, 2019 27:56 AM
      Feb 27, 2019 27:58 AM

      According to the U.S. Mint’s most recent update, Silver Eagle sales as of February 21st were 2,057,500 versus the 942,500 during the same month in 2018. Not only are Silver Eagle sales this month more than double last year, but they also surpassed Feb 2017’s figure by 842,000 oz:

      Furthermore, Silver Eagle sales JAN-FEB 2019 are 6,075,000 compared to 4,177,500 sold during the same period last year. Thus, sales of Silver Eagles are up 45% versus the first two months in 2018:

        Feb 27, 2019 27:00 AM

        No collector value here……too many units have been produced…….

        Feb 27, 2019 27:24 AM

        They say that every year.
        Just people trying to hype silver.

        There is no shortage there never was and its questionable if there ever will be.

        Ya know, if the silver market is such a good investment why does it resort to bs tactics?

        Plain ol marketing maybe, used to be called propaganda. lol

          Feb 27, 2019 27:56 AM

          The value in silver eagles…….is the MS 70……xample……….
          1990…..$11,000 not a typo
          Got to know where the real value of silver Eagles from the US MInt are…. πŸ™‚

            Feb 27, 2019 27:57 AM

            LIfe gets great sometimes as a coin collector…..

            Feb 27, 2019 27:01 PM

            All above prices are current from PCGS. coin price guide.

            Feb 27, 2019 27:43 PM

            Magic cards did the same thing, lotus was 20k released in 1993, boxes of them 100s of cards were just a couple hundred dollars.
            I sold these in one of my stores.

            Prices people pay for eagles really dont mean there is any kind of shortage, all it means is the minting was low.

            I just think its kinda unsavory to be hollering shortage every year when the mint stops minting coins.
            It has nothing to do with a silver shortage.

            Feb 27, 2019 27:57 PM

            U.S. Mint suspends silver bullion coin sales after sales double in February

            – Silver investment demand for American Eagles (one ounce) silver bullion coins depletes West Point Mint inventories
            – U.S. Mint suspended sales of American Eagle (1 oz) coins on Feb. 21 because it had no coins left to sell

            Feb 27, 2019 27:20 PM

            They had no coins left to sell.

            Thats good planning from the acquisition department. another sell out year.

            I guess anyone wanting silver will have to be happy with bars and rounds.

            Its good for collectors of libertys tho.
            Keeps the mining lower than it could have been.

            Feb 27, 2019 27:27 PM

            Coin collecting has changed, mints never used to produce coins specifically for collectors.
            Today, they can come with gems in them. Shiny colorful or weird shapes.

            Check the prices of gold coins from the canadian mint, geez do they ever get good prices for their gold.

            Feb 27, 2019 27:40 PM

            Go back in the old US catalogs ……….there are Proof Coins dating back to 1850s….those were made for collectors….

            Feb 27, 2019 27:49 PM

            Correction…..1837…silver proofs for collectors…….

            Feb 27, 2019 27:46 PM

            I found 1817 as the first american proof coins.

            Sounds like ya had to know somebody to get them. lol

            So, ok, american coins have been specifically minted for collectors for a long time.

            In Canada there were some speciman sets made sporadically from 1858, very few, so I would think ya had to know the right person to ask, and you might have had to of been……i dunno a good joke teller or singer maybe a prime minister.

            They start getting more regular in about 1920.

            If ya wanted the coins, ya used to have to order them from the mint and they were always coins that were good strikes of circulated coins, now, they mint coins for collectors that have nothing to do with circulation.

            Thats what I should have said.

            Feb 27, 2019 27:16 PM

            See what any of the national dealers will offer you on a backdated MS-70 Silver Eagle, maybe 5-15 % of PCGS OR NGC stated exorbitant prices.

            Feb 28, 2019 28:50 AM

            Screw the dealers…..most are horrible…………most are taking advantage of the ignorant public………..jmo

            Feb 28, 2019 28:52 AM

            At least you can verify the last auction sales……on PCGS……..

            Feb 28, 2019 28:51 AM

            Most people do not know how to use PCGS nor use Heritage auctions for pricing… they get ripped off by the dealers…….fact not fiction….

            Feb 28, 2019 28:52 AM

            Most dealers….like to use the Grey sheet…for info on coins, ….which is usually behind in pricing….from my experience…..

            Feb 28, 2019 28:08 AM

            But, Marty……..I agree with your comment…….. National Dealers(like in cards with a stacked deck)

            Feb 28, 2019 28:10 AM

            But, Marty….even 5-15%….is more than SPOT……..pays to know….. πŸ™‚

            Feb 28, 2019 28:12 AM

            All information is provide by….Owl’s Coinland USA…. for entertainment purposes only.. πŸ™‚

    Feb 27, 2019 27:56 AM

    You to your

    Feb 27, 2019 27:30 AM

    Not really off topic. Charles H. Smith talks about a ‘phase shift’ in thinking about the markets like Mr. Erfle describes his expectations for the gold market as it shifts to a roaring bull market.
    Good Read: