Taking note of the run in Nickel

August 22, 2019

Brian Leni, Founder of the Junior Stock Review website joins me to focus on nickel and nice run in price over the past three months. We discuss what is driving the run and look to the stocks which are few and far between. There is one that Brian is invested in which he shares.

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    Aug 22, 2019 22:46 AM

    I would like to know if you still think Amarillo Gold is still a good buy? Thanks

    Aug 22, 2019 22:08 PM

    Balmoral Resources LTD (BAR,BALMF) is an explorer that has an established maiden RE for a sulfide nickel deposit and has/is opened up several other discoveries that warrant further exploration on their properties. Would certainly be worth wild to evaluate this company. Also, they will be at the Sept 6th Metals Investor Forum – in Vancouver.

      Aug 23, 2019 23:14 AM

      +1 Ron. I was going to mention Balmoral here after listening to audio while driving around, but glad you brought them up. BAR / BALMF also has a Gold resource they announced (that initially disappointed market expectations, but they hadn’t included all their drilling in it yet, and that is still growing as well).

      This recent press release from July on one of their new exploration targets got my wheels going….


      July 30th, 2019

      “Balmoral Resources Ltd. (BAR) (BALMF) announces that it has discovered a new zone of nickel-copper-cobalt-gold-platinum-palladium mineralization during its first (and so far only) day of mapping and prospecting on its recently acquired RUM North Property in Central Quebec.”

      “This new discovery – the Bluenose Zone – is characterized by a high 3E (gold + platinum + palladium) to nickel + copper ratio, with gold and PGE values significantly exceeding those of the nearby Lac Rocher nickel deposit. The mineralized samples were collected from outcrop within a previously undiscovered ultramafic intrusion on the RUM North Property. Balmoral has increased the size of the RUM North Property to cover potential extensions of this discovery.”

      Aug 23, 2019 23:32 AM

      While on the thread of Nickel/Gold companies….. there is of course:

      (RNX) (RNKLF) Royal Nickel Corp

      The stock became a spectacle this year when the bonanza grade “specimens” at Father’s Day vein were unearthed with out this world metals content in such a small package, and they’ve hit a few more smaller ones. Lots of investors rushed in and fueled the rise higher, and then it’s pulled back down pretty big as the normal Gold production figures came out the last 2 quarters.

      Having said that, many investors forget that prior to that new discovery this year, RNX was getting ready to divest it’s Gold mine in lieu of following their mineral rich Nickel assets.

      RNC Minerals Files Dumont Nickel-Cobalt Project Updated Feasibility Study
      Updated Feasibility Study Delivers $920 Million – NPV 8%

        Aug 23, 2019 23:45 AM

        Graeme Sloan from (RNX) RNC Minerals – Beta Hunt Overview #Gold #Nickel

        “Mike Coyle from interviews Graeme Sloan from RNC Minerals discussing current operations and the potential of Beta Hunt in Australia.”

          Aug 23, 2019 23:48 AM

          Beta Hunt Mine Tour (RNX) (RNKLF) RNC Minerals (Royal Nickel Corp)

          #VIDEO Tour!

          “On February 20th, RNC Minerals opened its doors to an average investor. Mike Coyle, was given the opportunity to go and see their mine in Western Australia after discovering over 28,000 ounces of gold in an area about the size of a living room.”

    Aug 22, 2019 22:19 PM

    Since you were discussing Nickel pricing, perhaps a discussion of Class 1 vs Class 2 nickel would also be appropriate. Class 1 nickel being more amenable to EV demand which can sell for up to a 30% premium over LME pricing. At one point the LME was supposed to be looking at a separate Class 1 price. Of course nothing has happened on that yet, since 2/3 of the market is Class 2 nickel.

    Aug 23, 2019 23:51 AM

    Here’s another project with a lot of Nickel, Copper, Cobalt, Palladium, Platinum and Gold:

    >> Finally a win for $POM $PLM against all the environmental lobbyist pushback. This may finally unshackle this company to move towards construction and production after over a decade of stalls and further studies.


    Supreme Court denies opponents’ appeal on supplemental EIS decision for PolyMet project (POM) (PLM)

    20 Aug 2019 #Copper #Nickel #Cobalt #Palladium

    Aug 23, 2019 23:53 AM

    Group Ten Metals Commences Drilling at the Stillwater West PGE-Ni-Cu Project in Montana, USA

    August 22, 2019

    “Group Ten Metals Inc. (PGE) (PGEZF) announced today that it has commenced drilling at the Company’s flagship Stillwater West platinum group element-nickel-copper (“PGE-Ni-Cu”) Project adjacent to Sibanye-Stillwater’s high-grade PGE mines in the Stillwater Igneous Complex, Montana, USA.”

      Aug 23, 2019 23:54 AM

      ^^ from the news release from (PGE) Group Ten Metals up above:

      Michael Rowley, President and CEO, commented, “We are pleased to confirm that we have commenced drilling at the HGR target in the Iron Mountain area as the first of three priority target areas, as disclosed in our previous news releases. We look forward to making further announcements regarding the 2019 exploration program in the near future as we advance through the Iron Mountain, Camp Zone, and Chrome Mountain target areas to advance the potential we see for ‘Platreef-style’ bulk tonnage PGE-Ni-Cu-Co deposits at the Stillwater West Project.”

        Aug 23, 2019 23:59 AM

        While the main Palladium / Nickel / Copper asset for Group Ten Metals (PGE) (PGEZF) is clearly the Stillwater West Project, right next to Stillwater Minings prolific Palladium mine [now owned by Sibanye]; it should also be noted that they have an interested Nickel/Copper/Palladium/Platinum/Gold project next to (WG) Nickel Creek Platinum [previously called Wellgreen Platinum].



        Group Ten Metals’ Kluane Project consists of the Spy, Ultra and Catalyst properties, all of which occur within the Kluane Mafic-Ultramafic Belt; a system of PGE-Ni-Cu deposits which are part of a sequence of mafic-ultramafic rocks that extends through the Yukon from northern British Columbia to central Alaska. The Kluane project properties are each within 15km of the Alaska Highway and situated on trend with, and south of, the Nickel Shaw (formerly Wellgreen) deposit, one of the largest undeveloped PGE-Ni-Cu projects in North America at 6 Moz of Pt+Pd+Au and 3 Blbs of Ni+Cu in M&I resources and an additional 2 Moz of Pt+Pd+Au and 1 Blbs of Ni+Cu in Inferred resources.

    Aug 23, 2019 23:15 AM

    Clearly there is more than just 1 company with exposure to Nickel.

    >> Here is a watchlist of companies with some exposure to a Nickel component at either their primary or secondary assets.

    Keep in mind there are few pure Base Metals companies, so you always get a range of metals in the mix like Nickel/Copper/Platinum/Gold/Cobalt

    AMC.L Amur Minerals Corp
    AAL.L Anglo American Plc
    ANTO.L Antofagast Plc
    ARL.AX Ardea Resources
    ATL.TO Atlatsa Resources Corp
    ANW.AX Aus Tin Mining
    AUZ.AX Australian Mines
    BAR Balmoral Resources Ltd
    BHP BHP Billiton Ltd
    BTT.V Bitterroot Resources
    BMZ.AX Black Mountain Resources Ltd
    JAY.L Bluejay Mining
    CHEM Canadian Energy Materials Corp
    CML.V Canickel Mining
    CZI.AX Cassini Resources
    CLA.AX Celsius Resources
    CTM.AX Centaurus Metals Ltd
    CLE.V Clean TeQ Holdings
    DKM.AX Duketon Mining
    ERA.PA Eramet SA
    FPX.V First Point Minerals
    FMG.AX Fortescue Metals
    GGI.V Garibaldi Resources
    GIGA.V Giga Metals Corp
    GLEN.L Glencore Plc
    PGE.V Group Ten Metals
    HLND Highlands Pacific Ltd
    HZM.TO Horizonte Minerals
    IGO.V Independence Group
    IMT.V International Montoro Resources Inc
    2362.HK Jinchuan Group
    JUB.V Jubilee Platinum
    LND.L Landore Resources
    LEG.AX Legend Mining Ltd
    MLX.AX Metals X
    MCR.AX Mincor Resources
    MTH.AX Mithril Resources Ltd
    MZM.AX Montezuma Mining
    MUM.V Mustang Minerals Corp
    NNN.V Nickel One
    NILSY Norilsk Nickel
    NOT.V Noront Resources
    NAN.V North American Nickel Inc
    KZZ Nunavik Nickel Mines Ltd
    PAN.AX Panoramic Resources
    PIO.AX Pioneer Resources Ltd
    POM.TO Polymet Mining
    POS.AX Poseidon Nickel Ltd
    NIC.V Pure Nickel Inc
    RMI.AX Resource Mining Corp
    RIO.L Rio Tinto
    RNKLF RNC Minerals (previously Royal Nickel Corp)
    RRS.V Rogue Resources Inc
    RXL.AX Rox Resources
    SME.V Sama Resources
    S.TO Sherritt International
    SIE.V Sienna Resources
    S32.AX South32 ltd
    SRJ.V Spearmint Resources
    SRCH.V SearchLight Resources previously CNC.V Canyon Copper
    SGQ.AX St George Mining Ltd
    SX.CN St Georges Eco-Mining
    SMMYY Sumitomo Metal Mining Co
    TLM.AX Talisman Mining
    TTC.CN Tartisan Nickel Corp
    XTM.V Transition Metals
    VALE Vale SA
    WM.TO Wallbridge Mining Co
    WG.TO Wellgreen Platinum
    WSA.AX Western Areas

    * There are likely many more, but I hadn’t really finished this list yet.

    Please let me know below which companies should be added to this #Nickel watchlist.

    Aug 23, 2019 23:19 AM

    Copper price bears “overlooking decent fundamentals”

    Frik Els | August 22, 2019

    Sep 05, 2019 05:54 AM

    Quite a list. However, which of these are Nickel Sulfide-Class 1 Nickel plays? Thinking about EV class nickel. The Laterite deposits are perhaps less valuable going forward.