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Mark Selby, CEO and Director of Canada Nickel Company  (TSX.V:CNC) (OTCQX: CNIKF), with a comprehensive introduction to the company, projects, work strategy, management team, and...
Tue 29 Aug, 2023
Jason Jessup, CEO of Magna Mining (TSX.V: NICU), unpacks the key Crean Hill PEA takeaways, along with the exploration strategy there and at the Shakespeare...
Wed 16 Aug, 2023
Michael Rowley, CEO of Stillwater Critical Minerals (TSX.V: PGE – OTCQB: PGEZF), outlines significance of Glencore's 9.99% stake and how it funds drilling this...
Fri 23 Jun, 2023
Critical minerals have been drawing a lot of media coverage, government support and investor interest recently. I think a lot of you all know...
Tue 11 Apr, 2023
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Marc Bishop Lafleche, CEO of Ecora Resources (TSX: ECOR) (LSE:ECOR) (OTCQX:ECRAF), with an introduction to18 royalties focused on future-facing commodities....
Wed 22 Feb, 2023
Jason Jessup, CEO of Magna Mining (TSX.V: NICU), with an exploration update at the Crean Hill Mine Project, and at the Shakespeare Project, as well as the potential development strategy at both...
Mon 9 Jan, 2023
Sean Brodrick, Editor at the Wealth Wave website and the Natural Resource Specialist at Weiss Ratings joins us to look across a wide range...
Wed 4 Jan, 2023
Erik Wetterling, The Hedgeless Horseman, discusses block out macro noise for micro opportunities, and discusses Magna Mining and Montage...
Thu 10 Nov, 2022
Doc Jones, discuss his rotation earlier this year out of PM and oil stocks, and into lithium and nickel stocks has worked...
Tue 4 Oct, 2022
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Craig Hemke – Commodities and Precious Metals Value Investors Should Focus On The Long Game

Craig Hemke urges value investors in precious metals and commodities to focus on the long game in their investing goals.

Thu 7 Apr, 2022

Sean Brodrick – Investing Strategies For Gold, Nickel, Oil and Agricultural Commodities

Sean Brodrick, Natural Resource Analyst at Weiss Ratings and Editor over at the Wealth Wave website joins us to share his current investing strategies for…

Wed 9 Mar, 2022

Joel Elconin – Commodities Spike, Market Reverse Higher, War Headlines Continue To Drive Markets

Joel Elconin, Co-Host of the Benzinga PreMarket Prep Show and Editor of the PreMarket Prep website joins us to try to make sense of the…

Tue 8 Mar, 2022

Nickel Market Update – Today Is The Largest Price Spike We Have Ever Seen In Nickel

Martin Turenne, President and CEO of FPX Nickel (TSX.V:FPX – OTCQB:FPOCF) joins us to discuss the spike higher in nickel prices today. Up over 60%…

Mon 7 Mar, 2022

Martin Turenne – Answering Your Questions On Investing In The Nickel Market

We cover some of the fundamentals in terms of available inventories and types of nickel deposits. We even get into pig nickel and China’s potential influence in the sector. We also discuss the importance of an deposit’s location for downstream users. Of course we touch on the battery metal component of nickel from the investment angle.

Tue 25 Jan, 2022

Jeff Christian – Macro Drivers for Platinum and Palladium & CPM Group Hosting A Free Webinar On The PGM Sector Next Tuesday January, 25th.

Jeff Christian joins us to take a deep dive into the market drivers for Platinum, Palladium, and Rhodium, in preparation for the free webinar on the PGM sector that CPM Group is hosting on Tuesday, January 25th

Wed 19 Jan, 2022

FPX Nickel – Recapping Additional Drill Results From The Van Target and What’s Possible In Terms Of A World Class Deposit

I have Martin Turenne, President and CEO, compare the grades to the Baptiste Deposit and outline the overall scale of mineralization hit in the drilling to date. We focus on the big picture potential of the Van Target with 5 more holes to come back from the assay lab.

Tue 16 Nov, 2021
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New Age Metals Update On Work Towards River Valley Palladium PFS And Exploration On Other PGM And Lithium Projects

Harry Barr, Chairman and CEO of New Age Metals (TSX.V:NAM – OTCQB:NMTLF) joins us to review the work the Company is doing to advance their 3 projects focused on the palladium and lithium exploration and development.

Thu 11 Nov, 2021
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Group Ten Metals Releases Their NI 43-101 Maiden Resource Estimate at Stillwater West

Michael Rowley, President and CEO of Group Ten Metals (TSX.V: PGE – OTCQB: PGEZF) joins us for an update on the maiden resource estimate at the Company’s flagship Stillwater West PGE-Ni-Cu-Co + Au project in Montana.

Thu 28 Oct, 2021

Karora Resources – Introducing this gold-nickel producer, growing production from 120,000oz/year to +200,000oz/year by 2024

Oliver Turner, VP of Corporate Development at Karora Resources (TSX:KRR – OTCQX:KRRGF) joins us to provide a high level overview of this fast growing gold and nickel producer with operations in Western Australia.

Thu 28 Oct, 2021

FPX Nickel – A look ahead to the upcoming drill results at the Baptiste Deposit and first ever drill holes into the Van Target

Martin Turenne, President and CEO of FPX Nickel (TSX.V:FPX – OTC:FPOCF) joins me to recap the drill program that was just completed at the Company’s…

Thu 23 Sep, 2021

FPX Nickel – A focus on the new exploration targets at the Decar Nickel District

Martin Turenne, President and CEO of FPX Nickel (TSX.V:FPX – OTC:FPOCF) joins me to share some more information on the recent news highlighting the new…

Tue 1 Jun, 2021
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Macro overview of the Nickel market, where industrial demand is coming from, and the metallurgical pilot test program for FPX Nickel

Martin Turenne, President and CEO of FPX Nickel Corp (TSX.V: FPX – OTC: FPOCF) joins me to provide a macro overview of the nickel market,…

Thu 6 May, 2021
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Hour 1 – Jesse Felder, Doc and Doc Jones – Inflation and Commodities

Om this weekend’s show I spend the first hour on inflation outlooks and commodity investing. A couple key events this week drive home the inflation…

Sat 1 May, 2021

FPX Nickel – A broad update on Decar Project – One of the largest undeveloped Nickel deposits in the world with new exploration targets

Martin Turenne, President and CEO of FPX Nickel (TSX.V:FPX – OTC:FPOCF) joins me to provide a comprehensive update on the Decar Project, in Central BC,…

Fri 23 Apr, 2021
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Electric Royalties – Focused on energy metal royalties with a cash flowing royalty

Brendan Yurik, CEO of Electric Royalties (TSX.V:ELEC) joins me to introduce this new royalty Company that just acquired a cash flowing royalty. As one of…

Fri 12 Mar, 2021

A focus on the nickel sector and investment opportunities

Brian Leni kicks off this week’s editorials by recapping a recent article he wrote for subscribers that dives into the nickel sector. We discuss the…

Mon 14 Sep, 2020

FPX Nickel – A look ahead to 2020 plans and the potential in the EV market

FPX Nickel (FPX-TSX.V & OTC:FPOCF) has been mentioned a few times over the past couple months on the show. Jayant Bhandari and Brien Leni are…

Fri 10 Jan, 2020
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A Dive Into Base Metals Investing – A Focus On What Can Driver Copper

Brien Leni joins me today to discuss where he stands on investing in the base metals. We focus on copper but also mention a number…

Tue 7 Jan, 2020

Taking note of the run in Nickel

Brian Leni, Founder of the Junior Stock Review website joins me to focus on nickel and nice run in price over the past three months….

Thu 22 Aug, 2019