Matt Badiali – Investment Ideas and Strategies For Critical Minerals; Copper, Nickle and Lithium

April 11, 2023

Critical minerals have been drawing a lot of media coverage, government support and investor interest recently. I think a lot of you all know how exited I am about the government support for these metals and the new funding options available for companies.


In my concerted effort to bring on more commentary for these minerals we will be chatting on a regular basis with Matt Badiali, Editor of the New Energy Investor newsletter and Founder of Mangrove Investor.


Today we asked Matt which of the critical minerals he things have the best long term investment outlook. The focus is on copper, nickle and lithium. We discuss the types of deposits for each and the companies Matt is following.


Please send us any topics you would like us to discuss with Matt for future interviews. Feel free to include any companies you would like us to discuss. Our email addresses are and




Be sure to visit the Mangrove Investor website and look into subscribing to one of Matt publications. There is a free letter as well as a couple other letters.


I get all of Matt’s letters and they are very good for all investors looking at the critical minerals.


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    Apr 11, 2023 11:53 PM

    Matt is a keeper. Good info during this period of metal history.