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Alex Wylie, President and CEO of Volt Lithium (TSX.V:VLT – OTCQB:VLTLF) joins me to recap two recent news releases reporting an initial resource at...
Wed 24 May, 2023
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Sean Brodrick, Editor of Wealth Megatrends and contributing analyst at Weiss Ratings joins us to share his thoughts on gold stocks, lithium and oil....
Tue 16 May, 2023
Matt Badiali, Editor of the New Investor Newsletter, Published Under Mangrove Investor, joins us to recap a couple big lithium stories out of the...
Tue 9 May, 2023
Matt Badiali, Editor of the New Energy Newsletter, Published under Mangrove Investor joins us for a focus on a couple key stories out of...
Tue 25 Apr, 2023
Andrew Pollard, CEO of Blackrock Silver (TSX.V:BRC – OTCQX:BKRRF), recaps recent drill results from the Tonopah North Lithium Project, and drill plans at the Silver Cloud and the Tonopah West...
Tue 18 Apr, 2023
  Welcome to the KE Report Weekend Show! Precious metals and energy stocks continue to move higher so we focused the entire show on...
Sat 15 Apr, 2023
Critical minerals have been drawing a lot of media coverage, government support and investor interest recently. I think a lot of you all know...
Tue 11 Apr, 2023
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Nick Hodge review macro investing themes commodities and resource stocks in gold, copper, oil, uranium, and...
Wed 5 Apr, 2023
Taj Singh, CEO of NOA Lithium, with a comprehensive Company overview of the projects, management team, financials, and work strategy for...
Mon 3 Apr, 2023
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Sean Brodrick – Macroeconomic Trends Are Bullish For Gold, Oil, And Lithium Stocks

Sean Brodrick discusses the macroeconomic landscape, and why he is bullish on gold, oil, and lithium stocks.

Tue 28 Mar, 2023

Brien Lundin – Gold Receives Safe Haven Bid Due To Macroeconomic Concerns – Are Generalist Investors Waking Up To The PM Sector?

Brien Lundin discusses the rally we’ve seen in the precious metals sector receiving a safe haven bid due macroeconomic concerns.

Thu 23 Mar, 2023
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Allied Copper – Lithium Technology Updates; DLE Technology Recoveries, Moving To A Pilot Test Phase, Big Picture Plans For The Technology

At the end of last year Allied Copper (TSX.V:CPR – OTCQB:CPRRF) closed the acquisition of Volt Lithium (Private Company). This has shifted the direction of…

Mon 13 Feb, 2023

Nick Hodge – Investing Themes For The Commodity Super-Cycle In Uranium, Lithium, Copper, And Gold

Nick Hodge reviews investing themes for the commodity super-cycle in uranium, lithium, copper, and gold.

Wed 8 Feb, 2023

Robert Sinn – Resource Investment Conference Recaps, Major Gold Mining M&A and Lithium’s Demand Growth Projections

Robert Sinn, known as Goldfinger over at and writer at the Energy and Gold website, joins us to recap the busy couple of week…

Mon 6 Feb, 2023

Nick Hodge – Macroeconomic Factors Driving Market Sector Trends Moving Into 2023

Nick Hodge with a wide-ranging discussion on the macroeconomic factors driving market sector trends heading into 2023. 

Wed 30 Nov, 2022

Weekend Show – Doc and Matt Geiger – A Fund Manager and a Technical Trader Share Their Outlooks For PMs, Commodities and Markets

On this Weekend’s Show we feature two of our favorite guests, Richard Postma (AKA Doc) and Matt Geiger. Doc provides a technical outlook focused on…

Sat 5 Nov, 2022

Doc Jones – Discussion On The Energy Sector – Oil, Natural Gas, Lithium, and Nickel

Doc Jones, discuss his rotation earlier this year out of PM and oil stocks, and into lithium and nickel stocks has worked out.

Tue 4 Oct, 2022

Sean Brodrick – Market Prognosis Based On Fed Policy, Inflation, And A Review Of The Energy Sector

Sean Brodrick focuses on market expectations as they relate to Fed policy and inflation trends, and reviews the energy sector. 

Tue 20 Sep, 2022

LithiumBank – Introducing A Private Development Lithium Company With A Large Resource Soon To Be Public

Rob Shewchuck, Chairman and CEO of LithiumBank (just listed today on the TSX.V under the symbol LBNK) joins me to walk through the Corporate strategy…

Fri 1 Apr, 2022
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New Age Metals Update On Work Towards River Valley Palladium PFS And Exploration On Other PGM And Lithium Projects

Harry Barr, Chairman and CEO of New Age Metals (TSX.V:NAM – OTCQB:NMTLF) joins us to review the work the Company is doing to advance their 3 projects focused on the palladium and lithium exploration and development.

Thu 11 Nov, 2021
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Uranium, Lithium, and Oil – Where are the opportunities for investors?

Sean Brodrick joins me for a look at the uranium, lithium and oil sectors. After a massive run in uranium, will there be another leg…

Tue 21 Sep, 2021

Gold, The Perplexing Situation the Fed Is In, And A Focus On Lithium

Sean Brodrick, Analyst at Weiss Ratings and Editor of Wealth Wave, joins us to discuss the precious metals, the perplexing situation the Fed is in…

Wed 25 Aug, 2021

Lithium and Cannabis Sector Comments

Sean Brodrick joins us to look outside of the US markets and gold to lithium and cannabis sectors. We discuss the types of stocks Sean…

Tue 10 Aug, 2021

Electric Royalties – Focused on energy metal royalties with a cash flowing royalty

Brendan Yurik, CEO of Electric Royalties (TSX.V:ELEC) joins me to introduce this new royalty Company that just acquired a cash flowing royalty. As one of…

Fri 12 Mar, 2021

2021 is going to be wild so we talk investment strategies for commodities and US Markets

What a start the markets had to start 2021. Volatility in pretty much every market is sticking. It’s going to be another wild year so…

Sat 9 Jan, 2021

A broad market rebound continues and news in the Lithium space drive Piedmont Lithium much higher

Chris Temple joins me to wrap up the markets for today. The broad based recovery that started on Friday continued today with pretty much everything…

Mon 28 Sep, 2020

There is a big shift happening in Germany toward electric vehicle production

A new guest to the show Martin Stephan is a German citizen and closely involved in the lithium market. A mutual friend reached out to…

Thu 26 Sep, 2019

Cypress Development Corp – Updates On The PFS, Metallurgical Testing, and The Overall Lithium Market

Earlier this week Cypress Development Corp. (TSX.V:CYP & OTCQB:CYDVF) released an update on the progress of its PEA and ongoing metallurgical tests. I chatted with…

Fri 21 Jun, 2019

Cypress Development Corp – More Information On High Grade Lithium Drill Results From Surface

Cypress Development Corp (TSX.V:CYP & OTCQB:CYDVF) released some infill drill results from the Clayton Valley Project in late April. The President and CEO Bill Willoughby…

Fri 3 May, 2019