Byron King – Oil Forecast, All About New OPEC Countries and An Election; Lithium Market Impacts With Exxon Developing DLE

December 15, 2023

Byron King, Geologist and writer at Paradigm Group alongside Jim Rickards, joins me to focus on the oil and lithium markets.


Starting with oil, Byron outlines why he thinks next year’s price will be driven by new OPEC countries. He balances this out with 2024 being an election year in the US.


On the lithium front, we focus on the impact of ExxonMobil entering the sector with the announcement that the Company will be developing a DLE technology. to have a major company the status of Exxon should have a major impact on the market.


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    Dec 15, 2023 15:01 AM

    NatGas bottom this week. More tomorrow.