NiCAN Ltd – Introduction To A Junior Resource Company Exploring 2 Nickel Projects In Manitoba

Shad Marquitz
February 28, 2024

Brad Humphrey, CEO and Director of NiCAN Ltd (TSX.V: NICN) (OTC: NILTF), joins us for a comprehensive introduction to this junior exploration company, focused on exploring for high-grade nickel at both the Wine Project and Pipy Project in Manitoba, Canada. We start off having Brad share how NiCAN came together to focus on nickel exploration in the prolific Snow Lake and Thompson areas of Manitoba, where there has been a substantial amount of historical base metals exploration, development, and production for both nickel and copper. 


We review the prior work the exploration team at NiCAN has completed the last few years from surveys, to ground work, and then the previous 2 drill programs at the flagship Wine Project.  We also look ahead to the 6-8 hole program that was recently announced and commenced today, for about 600-1000 meters to further delineate and follow up on the recent drilling that returned some high-grade nickel equivalent intercepts over fairly wide intervals.  Additionally, we touch on the permitting and seasonality of working on the Wine Project and why this program will wrap up by the end of March, take a rest in summer, and then commence again later in the year.


Next we briefly touch on the social licensing and permitting work ongoing at the Pipy Project, and why their team is excited to get on the ground there in the future to commence more exploration work.  We have Brad outline his background in the resource industry, as well as the experience of some of the key management team members and board of directors.  We wrap up getting a better understanding of the financial side of the business, their cash position, share structure, outstanding warrants, and  inside ownership.  


If you have any questions for Brad regarding NiCAN Ltd, then please email us at either or




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    Feb 28, 2024 28:51 PM

    Something tells me gold is about to launch any second!

    Feb 29, 2024 29:04 AM

    Nice. Couple of stocks I own giving nice updates here and getting introductions as well. Appreciate it gentlemen……little concerned about how you accessed my portfolio to find out what guests to get. Lol

    Could not imagine sitting in cash with all the good plays out there but to each his own.

      Feb 29, 2024 29:25 AM

      Wolf good to see you posting! I agree with your last sentence. I think the volume here at the ker meaning lack of post has marked the intermediate bottom. It’s up from here is what I mentioned last night in the post above. $2055 today tomorrow should see $2075-$2080 close. The miners have some serious sling shot overshoot coming. Pendulum swung way too far.

      Also take note the big money is in crypto but make no mistake the bigger money is in the equities and that will come into the miners as I type..

      Nothing more to say wishing you all a good weekend and a sound advice an old man gave me once. He who masters the lost art of patience and works hard will be complete in all aspects of life.

      Feb 29, 2024 29:37 PM

      Maybe the price of physical gold is headed higher, but I think the action will be the biggest in the very near term in silver stocks. DT

    Feb 29, 2024 29:51 AM

    gold may have a pop, sector equities a different story as the case for long long time. Bag holding gold bugs won’t see a breakeven for a long time provided they cash to ante up.
    What happened to all the astute technical analysis for months missing the crap out while predicting the opposite. We’re down to feelings and hope LOL.
    On the other hand bitcoin was ridiculed as a fools game. And a top general market for months. Goes to show when all the sheeple go one way with the self serving pundit propoganda what happens is the opposite.
    Cash, paying over 5% MM, buys more gold equities virtually with every day with no sign pointing to the contrary except hope. Need US $ to sink along with 10 treasuries,
    The general markets should decide to have seasonal profit taking into late March.