Magna Mining – Outlining The 25,000 Meter Drill Program For 2024, And Development Optionality At Crean Hill And Shakespeare

Shad Marquitz
February 26, 2024

Jason Jessup, CEO and Director of Magna Mining (TSX.V: NICU) (OTC: MGMNF), along with Senior Vice President Paul Fowler, both join us to unpack the 25,000 meters of exploration drilling planned at the Crean Hill Mine Project, and Shakespeare Project for 2024.  Additionally, we review the ongoing derisking work the company is doing for the potential development strategy at both areas, and the ultimate pathway towards nickel and base metals production in Sudbury.  


With regards to exploration, we reviewed the nearly 24,000 meters of drilling from last year, and looked ahead to the 25,000 meters of drilling on tap for this year, with more of a discovery focus. We highlighted the importance of the recent high-grade drill intercepts of nickel, copper, platinum and palladium in the 101 and 109 Footwall Zones, that compliment the other areas of more nickel forward mineralization in the main areas of the deposit.


Jason and Paul both outline the steps in process to move towards production from Crean Hill, with the upcoming amended Mine Closure Plan, the permitting approvals underway to dewater parts of the mine, and work on partnering with one of the larger Sudbury major producers with mills to come up with an Definitive Ore Selling Agreement.  We also look ahead to the larger vision of eventually building a mill at Shakespeare for a hub and spoke mining method, across their land package.


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