A Look At Some Of The Weaker Markets – Energy and Uranium

October 24, 2019

After Chris and I chatted yesterday focusing on some of the opportunities he sees in the market we shift our focus today to some of the more beaten down sectors. We start with a couple comments on the Fed continuing to inject money into the repo market and then quickly shift to the energy and uranium sectors. If you want to be a true contrarian then these areas should catch you eye with how low the share prices are.

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    Oct 24, 2019 24:21 AM

    SerialBrain2: The Secret Reason Mitt Romney is Viciously Fighting POTUS.

      Oct 24, 2019 24:27 AM

      Do not forget……..Mitt Romney’s father was mafia ….and help fleece Howard Hughes of his Billion dollar estate…via through his trustee…..

        Oct 24, 2019 24:28 AM

        Needless to say, he scammed everyone through Bain Capital……..

          Oct 24, 2019 24:30 AM

          Romney did not fight back, because the other side knew exactly how dirty he was at birth….lol

            Oct 24, 2019 24:33 AM

            Salt Lake Winter Games……hummm.

            Oct 24, 2019 24:42 AM

            George Webb on Ukranium One


            Oct 24, 2019 24:52 AM

            The Trial. of ….Transport Logistics……and Mark LamPert…or LamBert……will be interesting…
            the Name change from p to b…or b to p….is interesting connection brought up earlier by George.

            Oct 24, 2019 24:54 AM

            As I said on Sat. ….Uranium One … a BIG DEAL…..

        Oct 24, 2019 24:52 PM
          Oct 24, 2019 24:08 PM

          Looks that way………..nothing surprises me…concerning these political hacks, that have been in the family business for generations……

      Oct 24, 2019 24:19 AM

      this is too funny………WaPo….
      Not renewing subscriptions across all federal agencies will be a significant cost saving – hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars will be saved.”

        Oct 24, 2019 24:20 AM

        We don’t even want it in the White House anymore,” Mr. Trump said of the Times during an interview with Fox News host Sean Hannity that aired Monday night.

        “We’re going to probably terminate that and the Washington Post. They’re fake.”

    Oct 24, 2019 24:26 AM

    Jerry, if we go to a cashless society and each citizen is issued a debit card not only do the banks have control over everyone’s money, but Casey Research missed this one point and it is a Biggie, in the banks favor. The banks will no longer need employees, all they will need is a concrete building with a couple of mainframe computers, backed up with two power sources, a generator and battery back-up. Hundreds of thousands of people will lose their jobs, the brick and mortar branches and head offices will all be gone. Oh Rosebud! LOL! DT

      Oct 24, 2019 24:35 AM

      DT>>>>… Then the hundreds of thousands of people can go and beat the crap out of the machines…or just hack the heck out of the debit card machine…..Problem with the “debit card”, the unemployed will not have any cash to put on the debit card…, but, if, Helicopter money comes into effect, ….who needs the machines….

        Oct 24, 2019 24:38 AM

        The unemployed will have their welfare payments loaded on to the bank’s computers by the government. It won’t be called welfare anymore they will refer to it as a guaranteed income. DT

    Oct 24, 2019 24:25 PM

    This is what is slowing the I.G. Report:

    Oct 24, 2019 24:33 PM

    Hope everyone is doing well,

    I would agree with Chris that the uranium space, as a whole, is one of the most compelling investment opportunities out there.

    FWIW, I’ve been adding to my position since the July (non Section 232 decision) snap. Sector is now a LARGE chunk of my portfolio.

    My suspicion is that 2021 is when rubber meets the road for the sector.
    IFFFF I’m correct in that assesment, THEN most stocks will display bottoming/upward moves before hand (by a few months). Tic Toc. Tic Toc.

    Upcoming U.S Nuclear Working Group might just fasten this timeframe.

    Tic. Toc.

    Good luck to all,


      Oct 24, 2019 24:40 PM

      Happy birthday, LPG! Good to know you are still with us.

        Oct 24, 2019 24:46 PM

        Cheers Bonzo,
        Was just “passing by”.
        Hope all’s well with you, and best as always.

          Oct 24, 2019 24:09 PM

          LPG – Glad to see you passing by…

          Yes, in a few weeks, Uranium should get more attention once again.


      Oct 24, 2019 24:03 PM

      The last few years, there has been a nice seasonal bottoming in Uranium stocks in November and then a rally into Q1. I plan on adding to my Uranium positions over the next few weeks in anticipation of any news from the US Nuclear Working Group that got extended from Oct 10th ot Nov 10th.

    Oct 24, 2019 24:44 PM

    Hi LPG! Hope you are well. I don’t recall seeing any posts from you in a long time so hope you are well. I have a bit of Uranium exposure, but not a huge portion. Regardless, I will keep your timing in mind. Thanks for chiming back in and keep us posted on what you are seeing or if things change from your perspective.

      Oct 24, 2019 24:45 PM

      Hello Charles,
      You’re making a good suggestion.
      If I change my timing view (i.e. think it’s pushed forward/postponed), I’ll notify here.
      We may get a “sense” of this in 4 weeks max.
      Best to you,

        Oct 24, 2019 24:09 PM

        US Nuclear Working Group Deadline Extended

        October 16, 2019 – Mariaan Webb

        “President Donald Trump has reportedly granted an extension to the deadline for the delivery of the recommendations of a working group considering ways to support US uranium miners and the nuclear energy industry overall.”

        “Citing a US Department of Commerce spokesperson, S&P Global reports that the working group had an extra 30 days to deliver its report.”

        “The recommendations had been expected to be provided to Trump by October 10.”

        “US uranium miner Energy Fuels said on Wednesday that while it had not been made aware of an official announcement of an extension, it was glad that the group was taking the time it required to complete its review.”

          Oct 24, 2019 24:11 PM

          30 days from Oct 10th puts us out into Nov 9th/10th for an update, so my plan is to top off a few of the US Uranium mining positions prior to that announcement.

            Oct 24, 2019 24:14 PM

            This is also big news in the Nuclear sector:


            Key Senators Circulate Legislation Banning Iran Nuclear Waivers

            By Nick Wadhams – October 24, 2019

            “Two of the U.S. Senate’s staunchest opponents of the Iran nuclear deal drafted legislation that would bar President Donald Trump from renewing waivers allowing the Islamic Republic to maintain a limited civil nuclear program.”

            “The legislation from Republicans Ted Cruz of Texas and South Carolina’s Lindsey Graham is part of a broader effort by hardline opponents of the 2015 Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, which Trump withdrew the U.S. from last year, to end the few remaining benefits Iran still gets from the accord. They circulated their draft legislation to officials at the Departments of Treasury, State and Energy this week, according to a U.S. official familiar with the matter.”


            Oct 24, 2019 24:22 PM

            This is yet more big news for the Uranium Sector:


            French Nuclear Group Orano’s Uranium Mine In Niger To Close In 2021
            Oct 23 (Reuters)

            “Orano, which was known as Areva until last year, holds a 34% stake in the mine, the largest in a joint venture with a Nigerien state mining company and two foreign companies.”


            Oct 24, 2019 24:26 PM

            Segra Resource Partners @SegraU3O8

            “If Rosatom gets sanctioned it has huge implications for the fuel cycle (~40% of worlds enrichment capacity) as well as U3O8 through their subsidiary U1… black swan event for the space.”

            2:17 PM – 24 Oct 2019


            Oct 24, 2019 24:32 PM

            John Quakes @quakes99

            “Sources are saying US #Nuclear utilities now worried about blocked deliveries of Enriched #Uranium Product (EUP) & access to #Russia’s #SWU in 2019/2020 if waivers regarding Iran Sanctions are not extended. NEI warning they need contingency plan if imports from #Russia halted.”


            Oct 25, 2019 25:03 AM

            Thanks for the the info Ex. I did not know the timing of the task force report was delayed. I knew it was close, but did not realize the original deadline had already past. Are you still high on Anfield?

            Oct 25, 2019 25:50 AM

            Yes, it was just a 1 month delay from Oct 10th to November 10th, but it didn’t surprise me at all that the 90 day working group needed “more time” to gather data and make a recommendation. The government routinely is inefficient and misses the lines in the sand that they draw.

            As for Anfield (AEC), I still like it, but it is just a small position in it, as I have more weight in the more established producers and developers like (URG) Ur-Energy, (UUUU) Energy Fuels, and (UEC) Uranium Energy Corp. I also have a stake in (NXE) Nexgen as the most attractive exploration and development project in the Athabasca in Canada.

            As for (AEC) my thesis is that when the overall Uranium market rebounds, or possibly a targeted rally in US markets due to the government working group, that this tiny Jr developer might surprise folks with it’s upside torque. Many investors haven’t been following their story nor realize that Anfield picked up most of the old Uranium One assets in the US, along with hard rock mill (not viable until much higher prices), but most importantly, they have a Resin Processing Agreement with Uranium One to process their insitu material at their ISR mill (currently on Care & Maintenance until the market improves).

            Right now the whole Uranium sector is dead as a door-nail (which is par for the course last few years going into November), but I expect the news due in mid November from the working group, combined with Cameco going into the spot markets to buy to fulfill their contracts, and the whole Iran Nuclear Waivers topic should all be supportive to medium term pricing.

            I’ll be adding more to my Uranium portfolio, and possibly get back into (DNN) Denison, and add the nuclear fuel companies (LEU) Centrus and (LTBR) Lightbridge back into the mix again.


            Oct 25, 2019 25:24 AM

            Thanks for sharing your thoughts Ex. Smart positioning strategy. I like all the companies you are in. Need to review some of these charts over the weekend. Have a great weekend!

      Oct 24, 2019 24:15 PM
        Oct 24, 2019 24:17 PM

        The Disastrous Economics Of Trying To Power An Electrical Grid With 100% Intermittent Renewables

        Oct 25, 2019 25:06 AM

        Only the big boyz are going to profit big time…….sheeple will just feed the funds….
        the rigged game of resources are in the hands of the crooked……and political corrupt….
        been that way for a 100 yrs…….

          Oct 25, 2019 25:01 AM

          Jerry – Can you explain what you mean by “Only the big boyz are going to profit big time”? Why can’t the little guy tag along for the ride?

            Oct 25, 2019 25:38 AM

            You can ride along all you want…..but, if you go and study the oil market and history, you will see most of the big money is made by just a few insiders….

            Oct 25, 2019 25:45 AM

            Charles , have you read anything on Uranium One…….?

            Oct 25, 2019 25:57 AM

            How long have you be investing in energy? and reading about energy?How old are you?(not being smart, just want a feel , who I am conversing with)

            Oct 25, 2019 25:14 AM

            I am in my mid fifties, but only started smelling the rot when I started to investigate when the US started instituting QE. I know the gist of Uranium One, but I am far from being an expert. If Uranium One is what you are referring to that elicited my question that speak no more.

            Oct 25, 2019 25:33 AM

            BTW Jerry – In case you are wondering, I took no offense to you asking my age or knowledge level. There is so much sensitivity in the world these days so I thought I should say so. The markets are all a crap shoot, but from my perspective I still like to play the game even if its a rigged game. I suppose you just stick to stacking which is fine too! Best to you and keep to comments coming.

            Oct 25, 2019 25:19 AM

            Thanks Charles for the reply……..
            I am 70 …been investing for a long time…..
            Not a stacker, ….just investor for 59 yrs.
            Have been know to speculate, …but, I have grown older, and use my past knowledge for any and all investments. Getting old, does come with some rewards…. 🙂

            Oct 25, 2019 25:21 AM

            know to known

          Oct 25, 2019 25:52 AM

          It’s called wisdom and something I very much appreciate.

    Oct 24, 2019 24:43 PM

    Spent fuel rods in concrete bunkers for future generations to deal with.
    That is not clean energy. Radioactive Salmon in US waters from the Japan disaster, these are realities of our ignorance.
    Clean energy can be made by cracking hydrogen from water which creates expansion, the hydrogen then returns to the water creating contraction. Simple but no money to be made from water and disruptive technology can not be tolerated.

    Oct 24, 2019 24:50 PM


    Schiff has been leaking comments from the testimony of William Taylor to the Intelligence Committee.
    William Taylor was the one-time Ambassador to Ukraine.
    I have no inkling whether the comments of Schiff came from Bill Taylor or not, or, indeed, whether they were truthful or not. Given Schiff proven propensity to lie and Bill Taylor known bias it would not surprise me in the least if all anti-Trump comments were totally fabricated.
    Here is what can be found out using published internet resources with regard to Bill Taylor: (Forgive me for not publishing all URLs, since that would require a dozen or so individual comments.)

    Here is the initial testimony of Bill Taylor: Ambassodor to Ukraine May , 2006 to May, 2009.

    Oct 24, 2019 24:10 PM


    nOTE THAT BILL TAYLOR’S trips to Ukraine over the last few years have been funded by the Atlantic Council.
    Primary funding to the Atlantic Council comes from (SURPRISE) Burisma, although secondary funding comes from Soros.

    Oct 24, 2019 24:15 PM

    Note Bill Taylor often writes op-ed pieces in The Atlantic Council:

      Oct 25, 2019 25:09 AM

      What did Bill Taylor’s dad do………
      How is he connected to Transport Logistics………
      connecting the dots with George Webb……..

      Oct 25, 2019 25:15 AM

      Have you done any research on the background of Barr? and his father and association to Epstein….?

        Oct 25, 2019 25:16 AM

        The plan to takedown the deep state has been going on for 30 plus years. That said, white hats had to wear black hats to collect info the whole time. There was no way for a white hat to go against the deep state because the corrupt president and his administration along with the corrupt intelligence community coupled with the media could crush anyone at-will. The plan was put in motion when Trump ran for office. Now the black hats that turned white hats have all the dirt.

        When Barr and Pompeo where in Rome when the office of the Secretariet and Holy See were raided, and all documents and servers were obtained. That should tell you everything…!
        If you know how the world works.

          Oct 25, 2019 25:08 AM

          What is your knowledge on Barr….and his dad…running the Dalton School, with Epstein being a math teacher…..?

            Oct 25, 2019 25:12 AM

            Oh, so,……. are you saying Barr , was pretending to be a “black hat”….along with his dad?

            Oct 25, 2019 25:13 AM

            Barr’s father left the school prior to Epstien teaching.

            Oct 25, 2019 25:16 AM

            I will check on that,….what I have heard,…..Barr’s dad hired Epstein…….

            Oct 25, 2019 25:19 AM

            Controlled op.

            Oct 25, 2019 25:26 AM

            So…..Barr’s dad was a “controlled op”..?

            Oct 25, 2019 25:36 AM

            No, you’re listening to controlled op.

            Just watch: when Barr drops the hammer, it will be biblical.

            Oct 25, 2019 25:43 AM

            Oh…….got ya……
            Well, I shall be looking forward to BARR DROPPING THE HAMMER……
            Hope, it does not take 30 yrs……

            Oct 25, 2019 25:20 AM

            know to known…

    Oct 24, 2019 24:23 PM

    CHARTSTER, it turned criminal when the Italian Prime minister gave permission for Barr and Durham to interview extensively members of the secret service of Italy in regard to their promotion of the Steele dossier and the actions of Mifsud. Mifsud is NOT a Russian operative, and thus Manafort, Flynn etc. were entrapped by supposedly friendly forces.
    This will come back all the way through HRC to Obama.
    (The Italians were allowed to convict 23 mostly CIA Americans for rendition, and this was quid pro quo help for America) Obama’s hidden skeleton’s will eventually convict the traitor.

      Oct 25, 2019 25:10 AM

      Barr might be trying to cover his own arce……….still tied to Epstein…

        Oct 25, 2019 25:13 AM

        Not sure the Flynn is a choir boy………according to reports…..
        and it is for sure not

          Oct 25, 2019 25:18 AM

          All the generals get the opportunity to get double and triple paydays……..
          The revolving doors allow these generals to clean up at the tax payer’s expense….
          Kind of a joke…………

    Oct 24, 2019 24:21 PM
    Oct 24, 2019 24:30 PM

    Tracy Beanz

    BREAKING: Docket updates. Many pages. I’ve downloaded and am in here now. Wow.

    James Clapper told WaPo reporter Ignatius to basically “take the kill shot on Flynn”

      Oct 24, 2019 24:44 PM

      Flynn’s attorney is a street-fighter of an attorney, even though Sidney Powell is female.
      His previous attorney, Robert Kelner was a democrat supporter who threw Flynn under the bus.

    Oct 24, 2019 24:03 PM
      Oct 24, 2019 24:35 PM

      Guys at zerohedge don’t understand…that’s for sure.
      Trump is doing what he promised in his presidential campaign. i.e. removing troops.
      Wars do not have to be fought with tanks and planes.
      Turkey lowered it’s interest rate today by 2.5% to counteract the economic effect of sanctions, despite an inflation rate of over 16%. Turkey will conform to Trump’s plan or have its economy further destroyed.

    Oct 25, 2019 25:33 AM

    Since I have not followed “Q” for months……….
    WHAT does “Zeus” mean…….?

      Oct 25, 2019 25:53 AM

      Hey……..CHARTSTER………you out there…..Question above….

    Oct 25, 2019 25:55 AM

    Not from Q, just my example.

    Zeus basically got rid of the rot.

    When he had grown up, Zeus caused Cronus to vomit up his sisters and brothers, and these gods joined him in fighting to wrest control of the universe from the Titans and Cronus, their king. Having vanquished his father and the other Titans, Zeus imprisoned most of them in the underworld of Tartarus.

    Then he and his brothers Poseidon and Hades divided up creation. Poseidon received the sea as his domain, Hades got the Underworld and Zeus took the sky. Zeus also was accorded supreme authority on earth and on Mount Olympus.

      Oct 25, 2019 25:28 AM

      Ok,…thanks for the reply…..stupid me….Only require reading at IU was “THE GOLDEN FLEECE”…….lol

        Oct 25, 2019 25:29 AM required…