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Sean Brodrick, reviews investing opportunities and areas he is avoiding in the energy sector: uranium, lithium, oil, nat gas, solar, wind, utilities, copper, and rare earths stocks, and what kinds...
Wed 10 Jul, 2024
Sean Brodrick reviews investing opportunities in the energy sector, for investing in with the oil, nat gas, and uranium stocks, and which types of companies animate him in each...
Tue 25 Jun, 2024
Mike Larson, Editor-In-Chief at MoneyShow joins us to discuss breakouts in markets and commodities.   We ask Mike if he thinks the run in...
Wed 15 May, 2024
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Rick Bensignor, President of Bensignor Investment Strategies joins us to share his trading strategies and outlook for oil, gold, gold stocks and key sectors...
Sun 21 Apr, 2024
Matt Badili with a wide-ranging conversation on the energy transition trends to more nuclear, solar, and wind power will impact investing in commodities like uranium, silver, lithium, rare earths,...
Tue 2 Apr, 2024
Sean Brodrick focused on investing in gold, gold stocks, artificial intelligence stocks, defense stocks, cybersecurity stocks, and oil stocks, laying out the fundamental growth case for...
Tue 5 Mar, 2024
Justin Huhn, Uranium Insider, with macro update on the supply and demand fundamentals for uranium and the nuclear fuel sector, the uranium stocks, and how the longer-term contracting cycle is setting...
Fri 16 Feb, 2024
William Sheriff, Executive Chairman for enCore Energy (TSX.V: EU) (Nasdaq: EU), introduces this growth-oriented uranium producer with operations in South Texas, and further development projects in...
Wed 14 Feb, 2024
An article by Shad Marquitz, looking at the energy commodities like oil, nat gas, technical setup in energy stocks via XLE, XOP, OIH, and the Lithium stocks via LIT and the rotation and cyclicality...
Mon 12 Feb, 2024
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Doc Jones – Investment Opportunities in Nickel, Copper, Gold, Oil, and Nat Gas Stocks

Doc Jones discusses some of the opportunities he is seeing in the nickel, copper, gold, oil, and natural gas resource stocks.

Sun 4 Feb, 2024

Sean Brodrick – Focusing On The Energy Sector With Uranium, Oil, And Nat Gas

Sean Brodrick focuses on investing in the energy sector in the uranium, oil, and natural gas sectors and related stocks.

Tue 30 Jan, 2024

Sean Brodrick – Investing Outlook For Stocks In Uranium, Gold, Oil, Artificial Intelligence, Defense, And Cybersecurity

Sean Brodrick discusses how he’s managing his portfolio with regards to equities exposed to uranium, gold, oil, artificial intelligence, defense, and cybersecurity.

Tue 16 Jan, 2024

Nick Hodge – Fed Policy Expectations, Opportunities In Select General Equities, The Uranium Surge, And Thoughts On Copper Stocks

Nick Hodge shares thought on Fed policy expectations. inflation, US equities, the uranium sector surge, how he’s playing the copper stocks, and much more…

Thu 11 Jan, 2024

Matt Badiali – Will Natural Gas Prices In The US Stay Cheap For The Long Term?

Matt Badiali, Editor of the New Energy Investor published under Mangrove Investor joins us to focus on the natural gas sector and why he thinks…

Tue 9 Jan, 2024
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Petrus Resources – Review Of Production Growth in 2023 And Key Work Strategies In 2024

Ken Gray, President and CEO, and Matt Skanderup COO of Petrus Resources (TSX: PRQ) (OTC: PTRUF), review of 2023 operations and financials, and a look forward to production and financial growth for 2024 at operations in Alberta, Canada.

Mon 8 Jan, 2024

John Rubino – Gold Price To $5-10K, Energy Outlook Negative, Digging Into The Jobs Data

John Rubino, publisher of his newsletter over at Substack joins us to share his thoughts on the gold price in the near term (price floor…

Mon 8 Jan, 2024

Excelsior’s Week In Review – Episode 4 – Major Market Trends Persist Over The Holiday Travel Week

Breaking down how key market segments ended this week, highlighted interviews on the KE Report, and further expanding on opportunities seen in the energy sector and growth-oriented gold producers moving into next year.

Sun 24 Dec, 2023

Justin Huhn – Comprehensive Update On The Uranium And Nuclear Fuel Sector

Justin Huhn provides a comprehensive macro update on the uranium sector, and very nice moves higher in many of the uranium mining stocks, after having a very good year of higher u308 prices surging over $80 per pound,

Thu 7 Dec, 2023

Michael Oliver – Technical Momentum Setup In US Equities, Gold, Silver, Oil, Uranium, and Grains

Michael Oliver reviews the technical momentum setup in US general equities, gold, silver, PM stocks, oil and energy stocks, uranium and uranium stocks, soft commodities and grains, and the overall commodities sector. 

Thu 23 Nov, 2023

ROK Resources – Introduction To A Growth-Oriented Oil & Gas Company Operating in Saskatchewan And Alberta

Jared Lukomski, Senior VP Land & Business Development of ROK Resources Inc (TSX.V:ROK) (OTCQB:ROKRF), with a comprehensive introduction to this growth-oriented oil and gas company operating in SE Saskatchewan and Alberta

Wed 22 Nov, 2023

Nick Hodge – Macro Megatrends That Matter For Gold, Uranium, and Oil Stocks

Nick Hodge reviews the macroeconomic data and trends that matters for gold, uranium, and oil stocks.  

Wed 8 Nov, 2023

Nick Hodge – Macroeconomic Data Continues To Weaken Yet Opportunities Remain In The Resource Sector

Nick Hodge reviews the weakening macroeconomic data, but also where he sees opportunities in the commodities and resource stocks.  

Wed 4 Oct, 2023

Matt Badiali – Energy Sector Discussion – Oil, Nat Gas, Coal, Nuclear, Solar, Wind, Hydro, Batteries, and Copper

Matt Badiali with a comprehensive review of investing themes in the energy sector.

Wed 4 Oct, 2023

Matt Badiali – A Focus On Uranium; It’s A bull Market But Where Should Investors Be Looking

Matt Badiali, Editor of the New Energy Investor published under the Mangrove Investor, joins us to discuss the investment angle for the uranium sector. We…

Tue 19 Sep, 2023

John Rubino – Continued Spotlight On The Energy Commodities Of Oil and Uranium

John Rubino, continue to shine a spotlight on the energy commodities of oil and uranium, in lieu of the current macroeconomic backdrop.

Mon 18 Sep, 2023

Nick Hodge – Mixed Macro Signals, And Strength In Energy Commodities Like Oil And Uranium

Nick Hodge reviews the current macroeconomic landscape, and then the energy commodities of oil, copper, and uranium, as well as a look at the precious metals sector.

Wed 6 Sep, 2023

John Rubino – Riding The Macroeconomic Waves In Energy Commodities Like Oil, Copper, and Uranium

John Rubino, with a wide-ranging discussion on the macroeconomic environment that will lead to riding multi-part waves in the energy commodities like oil, copper, and uranium. 

Tue 5 Sep, 2023

Sean Brodrick – Oil And Uranium Stocks Continue To Be Bright Spots In The Resource Sector, And He Remains Bullish On AI Stocks

Sean Brodrick reviews why he has been positioning in oil and uranium stocks, as well as the potential for more upside in the artificial intelligence megatrend.

Sun 3 Sep, 2023

John Rubino – Ongoing BRICS Initiatives, Continued Interest Rate Pressures, And The Bright Spot In The Energy Sector With Oil And Uranium Stocks

John Rubino, with a wide-ranging discussion on BRICS nations initiatives, the effects of higher interest rates, and the energy sector being one of the bright spots in otherwise tough market conditions.

Mon 21 Aug, 2023