Sean Brodrick – Focusing On The Energy Sector With Uranium, Oil, And Nat Gas

Shad Marquitz
January 30, 2024

Sean Brodrick, Editor of Wealth Megatrends and contributing analyst to Weiss Ratings Daily, joins us to focus on investing in the energy sector with uranium, oil, and natural gas stocks.


Sean remains encouraged and bullish on the megatrend unfolding in nuclear energy and the uranium equities, with more allocations to companies bringing on some of the new North American supply like Energy Fuels (EFR.TO) (UUUU), Uranium Energy Corp (UEC.TO) (UEC),  enCore Energy (EU.V) (EU, and Dension Mines (DML.TO) (DNN), more so than projects further away from production like NexGen (NXE.TO) (NXE) and especially the earlier-stage uranium explorers. 


With regards to hydrocarbon energy, Sean is more of a fan of the fundamentals for oil, and the related oil stocks, than he is towards natural gas or the nat gas stocks.    He is watching the news out this week in Saudi Arabia increasing capacity but not production, as well as the geopolitical concerns towards Russian oil infrastructure as two potential near-term drivers in the oil prices. Sean thinks at this point, there is plenty of coverage in the oil producing majors, and mentioned going down one step into the mid-tier producers, like Diamondback Energy (FANG), as the kinds of oil companies that he is positioning in.




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      Jan 31, 2024 31:12 AM

      EX…………thanks for breaking down the tape….. into time sections…..

      I enjoyed RR… on his gold comment, percentage of ownership, …. and the part on the ….people in the audience, today compared to

      It helps a lot…… when one is focusing … on certain interests… 🙂

        Jan 31, 2024 31:47 AM

        Sure thing OOTB. Yeah, I like knowing more about what is included in an interview as well, to know whether to invest the time or not, or what areas may be of interest to jump straight to. Tough to know whether to even click on pure blind links when people post those with no description.

        Rick Rule had some good comments indeed, on the tiny gold ownership, the bad sentiment in the mining stocks presenting good valuations, and the change in the PM audience. Also, his remarks on the huge surge in Uranium miners the last few years were germane to the other 2 interviews linked above with Lobo and Gwen that also got into the U-Stocks and case for expanding nuclear energy on a global basis; in addition to resonating with the comments Sean Brodrick made in the energy-focused interview we did with him.


          Jan 31, 2024 31:29 AM

          Ex……. thanks for the reply…