Sean Brodrick – Investing Opportunities In Energy Sector With Oil, Nat Gas, And Uranium Stocks

Sean Brodrick, Editor of Wealth Megatrends and contributing analyst to Weiss Ratings Daily, joins us to review investing opportunities in the energy sector, and what kinds of companies he’s investing in with the oil, nat gas, and uranium stocks.


He is still positioned in the oil stocks, and has been adding more nat gas stocks over the last couple months.   That larger companies that pay dividends seem fairly secure with these underlying oil and gas prices, and Sean expects them to have very positive Q2 financial reports. He also still likes some of the growth opportunities in the smaller to mid-tier companies, that are utilizing new technology, and that could also be compelling takeover candidates.


  With regards to the uranium stocks, he is disappointed in the action over the recent past.  However, Sean now views the uranium mining sector being at a much more attractive accumulation point, now that so many companies have corrected down the last few months.  He remains more animated by the companies in production, or that have a near-term pathway to production, and is less interested by the earlier-stage exploration companies, at this point in the cycle.





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    Jun 26, 2024 26:37 AM

    ONE BIG CON……………………(taking a short snap shot of yesterday)

    Presenting Problem: What Silver Price Manipulation Looks Like (30 minute snapshot)

    23,600,000 oz paper SILVER traded in 15mins did the damage. (see screenshot where the volume is concentrated in 15 minute time window)

    Each contract is 5,000 ounces of Silver

    4,720 x 5,000 = 23,600,000 ounces

    This gives the illusion like Silver is selling off but no physical silver is exchanged

      Jun 26, 2024 26:41 AM

      Commodity prices are managed by selling “virtual” representation of the commodity. Need to drop the price? Then sell more virtual silver (SLV). Need to raise the price? Let the constant natural heavy global hoarding demand take the stock price up.

      But if you are in the inside club like Jeff Christian or The Silver Institute and you know tomorrow’s newspaper today then you make money walking it up and down and they’ve been doing this for the past 30 years.

      From the article….. but……. I agree on the con man

        Jun 26, 2024 26:50 AM

        Not all bad news………
        With the freedom of J A…….. wiki has leaked the info….on Crimex…..
        more Sheeple will become informed.
        Silver looking good….IMO

        Jun 26, 2024 26:27 AM

        The Comex is losing its grip to The Shanghai Metal Exchange, that doesn’t mean they won’t pull the same stunts. The con man cons but life goes on as the stealing never stops. DT

          Jun 26, 2024 26:34 AM


    Jun 26, 2024 26:17 AM

    This is the largest share split I have ever heard of: Chipotle Mexican Grill Inc. today split its stock 50 to 1.

      Jun 26, 2024 26:20 AM

      That is a lot……… and I agree…… I do not remember anything close to that …..

        Jun 26, 2024 26:23 AM

        Chipotle CFO Jack Hartung told investors he believes this will make shares more “accessible to our employees as well as a broader range of investors” on a call following the company’s first quarter results.

        Shareholders who owned the stock as of the market close on June 18 received 49 additional shares for each one held. When the market opens Wednesday, shares will trade on a post-split basis, meaning one share worth $3,283.04 as of Tuesday’s close will trade as 50 shares worth roughly $65.66 per share.

          Jun 26, 2024 26:28 AM

          Of course with a stock price at $3000 plus…..few Sheeple could afford that ……
          and would you want to own it, vs owning an AI stock at the moment….
          plus food inflation and wages in the industry… does not look good….

    Jun 26, 2024 26:33 AM


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      Jun 26, 2024 26:27 PM

      That is interesting. Thanks for sharing that OOTB.

        Jun 26, 2024 26:56 PM

        You are welcome EX….. NOW GO AND ENJOY YOUR R&R….. YOU DESERVE IT…. HAVE A GREAT ONE>>.. 🙂

    Jun 26, 2024 26:32 PM

    Long Term Thinking From A “TA Guru”

    by @Goldfinger on 19 Jun 2024

      Jun 26, 2024 26:32 PM

      I see Goldfinger is back following Silver, not too long ago he was mostly interested in Copper and Gold. Silver in my opinion is going to get a huge, short squeeze which will really move its metrics. DT

        Jun 26, 2024 26:42 PM

        For some strange reason some leftists involved in the resource sector hate silver and GF has been one of them. Maybe he’s changed because the metal’s bullish outlook has become too much to ignore much less argue against. If so, good move because silver has vastly more upside ahead than either gold or copper. To be clear I like all three and will keep exposure to all three for the foreseeable future.