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  Welcome to another KE Report Weekend Show! For a shortened and choppy trading week there was a lot that happened in the back...
Sat 6 Jul, 2024
Rebecca Hunter, VP of Exploration at Forum Energy Metals (TSX.V:FMC – OTCQB:FDCFF), review the 10,000 meter diamond drilling program at their 100% owned Aberdeen Uranium Project, in the Thelon...
Wed 26 Jun, 2024
Sean Brodrick reviews investing opportunities in the energy sector, for investing in with the oil, nat gas, and uranium stocks, and which types of companies animate him in each...
Tue 25 Jun, 2024
Alex Verge, CEO of Journey Energy Inc. (TSX: JOY) (OTCQX: JRNGF), with a comprehensive introduction to this production company focused on conventional, oil-weighted operations in the Duvernay West...
Tue 25 Jun, 2024
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Justin Huhn, with another comprehensive macro update on the supply and demand fundamentals for uranium and the nuclear fuel sector, how he is positioning in the uranium equities, and the potential...
Fri 17 May, 2024
Keith Bodnarchuk, CEO of Cosa Resources Corp. (TSX-V: COSA) (OTCQB: COSAF), with a comprehensive introduction to this Canadian uranium exploration company operating in underexplored corridors of...
Thu 16 May, 2024
Jon Bey, CEO and Director, and Sean Hillacre, President and VP of Exploration, for Standard Uranium (TSX.V:STND – OTCQB:STTDF), both join me for a reintroduction of the Company’s 11 uranium...
Thu 9 May, 2024
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Yesterday, April 29th, Volt Lithium (TSX.V:VLT – OTCQB:VLTLF) announced a strategic investment from an oil field operator in the Delaware Basin, for a total...
Tue 30 Apr, 2024
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Matt Badili with a wide-ranging conversation on the energy transition trends to more nuclear, solar, and wind power will impact investing in commodities like uranium, silver, lithium, rare earths,...
Tue 2 Apr, 2024
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PlasCred Circular Innovations – Turning Plastics Into A Salable Product, Pilot Plant Operational, Significant Growth Plans

I was recently introduced to PlasCred Circular Innovations (“PlasCred” or the “Company”) (CSE:PLAS – OTC:MGPRK). The Company has developed a “process transforms up to 80%…

Tue 12 Mar, 2024
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Justin Huhn – Supply And Demand For Nuclear Fuels – Staying Long And Strong Uranium Stocks

Justin Huhn, Uranium Insider, with macro update on the supply and demand fundamentals for uranium and the nuclear fuel sector, the uranium stocks, and how the longer-term contracting cycle is setting up.

Fri 16 Feb, 2024

Encore Energy – Introduction To A Growth-Oriented Uranium Producer Operating In The USA

William Sheriff, Executive Chairman for enCore Energy (TSX.V: EU) (Nasdaq: EU), introduces this growth-oriented uranium producer with operations in South Texas, and further development projects in Wyoming, and New Mexico to feed production over the next few years.

Wed 14 Feb, 2024

Justin Huhn – Comprehensive Update On The Uranium And Nuclear Fuel Sector

Justin Huhn provides a comprehensive macro update on the uranium sector, and very nice moves higher in many of the uranium mining stocks, after having a very good year of higher u308 prices surging over $80 per pound,

Thu 7 Dec, 2023

ROK Resources – Introduction To A Growth-Oriented Oil & Gas Company Operating in Saskatchewan And Alberta

Jared Lukomski, Senior VP Land & Business Development of ROK Resources Inc (TSX.V:ROK) (OTCQB:ROKRF), with a comprehensive introduction to this growth-oriented oil and gas company operating in SE Saskatchewan and Alberta

Wed 22 Nov, 2023

Sean Brodrick – Positioning For A Q4 Rally

Sean Brodrick, Editor of Wealth Megatrends and contributing analyst to Weiss Ratings Daily joins us to share his outlook for markets and some of the…

Tue 10 Oct, 2023

Nick Hodge – Macroeconomic Data Continues To Weaken Yet Opportunities Remain In The Resource Sector

Nick Hodge reviews the weakening macroeconomic data, but also where he sees opportunities in the commodities and resource stocks.  

Wed 4 Oct, 2023

Matt Badiali – Energy Sector Discussion – Oil, Nat Gas, Coal, Nuclear, Solar, Wind, Hydro, Batteries, and Copper

Matt Badiali with a comprehensive review of investing themes in the energy sector.

Wed 4 Oct, 2023

Sean Brodrick – Oil And Uranium Stocks Continue To Be Bright Spots In The Resource Sector, And He Remains Bullish On AI Stocks

Sean Brodrick reviews why he has been positioning in oil and uranium stocks, as well as the potential for more upside in the artificial intelligence megatrend.

Sun 3 Sep, 2023

Doc Jones – Oil, Lithium, Gold, Nickel, Copper Stocks – When To Hold Them And When To Fold Them

Doc Jones discusses how he is investing in oil, lithium,  gold, nickel, and copper stocks — when to hold them, and when to fold them.

Wed 14 Jun, 2023

Nick Hodge – Using The Volatility In Commodities To Compound Gains In Resource Stocks

Nick Hodge review macro investing themes commodities and resource stocks in gold, copper, oil, uranium, and lithium.

Wed 5 Apr, 2023

Sean Brodrick – Macroeconomic Trends Are Bullish For Gold, Oil, And Lithium Stocks

Sean Brodrick discusses the macroeconomic landscape, and why he is bullish on gold, oil, and lithium stocks.

Tue 28 Mar, 2023

Jayant Bhandari – The Contrarian Investment Thesis In Coal Companies With Attractive Valuations

Jayant Bhandari focuses on the macro picture in thermal coal and metallurgical coal, as well as a few companies he feels offer a compelling value proposition.

Thu 23 Feb, 2023

Sean Brodrick – Commodities In The Energy Sector Will Benefit From The Prevailing Macro Trends

Sean Brodrick focuses on how the macroeconomic investment trends will affect commodities like  copper, oil, natural gas, lithium, gold and silver.

Tue 21 Feb, 2023

Southern Energy – Introduction To A Growth-Oriented US Natural Gas Producer

Ian Atkinson, CEO of Southern Energy Corp (TSX.V: SOU) (OTCQX: SOUTF), with a comprehensive company overview of the projects, team, financials, and key news slated for 2023.

Tue 17 Jan, 2023
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John Rubino – Painful Poetic Justice In Response To Mismanagement Of The Petro Dollar

John Rubino, Founder of the Dollar Collapse website, joins us to outline some of the key market trends from nations trying to trade around the…

Mon 12 Dec, 2022

Source Rock Royalties – A New Royalty Transaction In Saskatchewan And Record Q3 Financial Numbers

Brad Dochery, CEO of Source Rock Royalties (TSX.V:SRR), discusses a new acquisition in Saskatchewan and recaps the Q3 financials

Mon 12 Dec, 2022
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Weekend Show – Metals Focused Fund Managers Share Different Portfolio Management Strategies They Are Employing

Welcome to this week’s KE Report Weekend Show! On this Weekend’s Show we are focusing on the resource sector by first chatting with 2 fund…

Sat 10 Dec, 2022

Petrus Resources – 2023 Will Be A Big Year Of Production Growth And Increasing Free Cash Flows

We are joined by Ken Gray, President and CEO, and Matt Skanderup COO of Petrus Resources (TSX: PRQ) (OTC: PTRUF), outline the production and financial growth slated for 2023.

Thu 1 Dec, 2022
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Enterprise Group – Comprehensive Company Overview, Areas For Growth, And Financial Strength

Desmond O’Kell, Senior Vice President of Enterprise Group (TSX: E) (OTC: ETOLF), with a comprehensive overview of the company strategy, key business segments, financials, and opportunities in the evolving power systems market. 

Fri 25 Nov, 2022
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