ROK Resources – Introduction To A Growth-Oriented Oil & Gas Company Operating in Saskatchewan And Alberta

Shad Marquitz
November 22, 2023

Jared Lukomski, Senior VP Land & Business Development of ROK Resources Inc (TSX.V:ROK) (OTCQB:ROKRF), joins us for a comprehensive introduction to the company, key projects in SE Saskatchewan and Alberta, the Company’s quarterly and annual production profile, growth opportunities drilling new wells, and their overall value proposition within the oil and gas sector, along with an additional lithium project kicker.  


ROK will continue to focus on the development of core properties in SE Saskatchewan, including both the conventional Frobisher and unconventional Midale prospects, with 14 wells slated to have been drilled by the end of 2023.   The exit production rate by the end of 2023 is targeted at 4,300 – 4,500 boe/d; generating cash flows that are used to continue to pay down debt and invest back in the expansion of the  business.  An additional catalyst by year end will also be to release a Preliminary Economic Assessment (PEA) on their lithium project.  


If you have any questions for Jared or the team at Rok Resources, then please email us at either or





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    Nov 22, 2023 22:23 PM

    Wishing Americans, a Happy Thanksgiving! DT

    Nov 22, 2023 22:37 PM

    I like micro-cap stocks and I have been in many of them before they make a real move, but the hard part is knowing which ones like GOT, Goliath Resources will make the difference. I bought a lot of shares of Goliath a few years back for 14 cents. I made money but not what I could have, that is the nub with these juniors, The POP, can be huge, but one must find the game changer, and stick with it. Not that I haven’t but the odds are really big against the little guy. LOL! DT

      Nov 22, 2023 22:44 PM

      Good points on finding the companies that have hit upon some game-changing results, (like Goliath GOT that you mentioned), and sticking with them as they press their bets on showing the size and scale of a deposit. It already had a nice bounce on the back of some of the drill results into the Golden Gate feeder zone. Additionally, they still have 100 drill holes left to report from last season and are cashed up as a result of Rob McEwen coming in along with Crescat pressing their bets, so that stands in stark contrast to many of the hundreds and hundreds of penny dreadful drillplays that don’t have any money to do any meaningful work anytime soon and don’t have nearly as many drill holes to still report to the market.

      This is definitely a tough market for the juniors and story of the haves and have nots as far as which ones have money and have newsflow.