Cosa Resources – Introducing A Uranium Exploration Company Focused On Underexplored Corridors Of The Athabasca Basin


Keith Bodnarchuk, President and CEO of Cosa Resources Corp. (TSX-V: COSA) (OTCQB: COSAF), joins us for a comprehensive introduction to this Canadian uranium exploration company operating in northern Saskatchewan. The portfolio comprises roughly 209,000 ha across multiple projects in the Athabasca Basin region, all of which are underexplored, and the majority reside within or adjacent to established uranium corridors.


We talked with Keith about Cosa’s primary focus through 2024 will be drilling at their Ursa Project, which captures over 60-kilometres of strike length of the Cable Bay Shear Zone, a regional structural corridor with known mineralization and limited historical drilling. It potentially represents the last remaining eastern Athabasca corridor to not yet yield a major discovery. Modern geophysics completed by Cosa in 2023 identified multiple high-priority target areas characterized by conductive basement stratigraphy beneath or adjacent to broad zones of inferred sandstone alteration – a setting that is typical of most eastern Athabasca uranium deposits. Initial drilling results from Ursa in winter 2024 were positive and included the intersection of a broad zone of alteration with associated structure in the Athabasca sandstone located 250 to 460 metres above the sub-Athabasca unconformity. Follow-up drilling is planned in the second half of 2024.


We then spent more time having Keith outlining Cosa’s award-winning management team has a long track record of success in Saskatchewan. In 2022, members of the Cosa team were awarded the AME Colin Spence Award for their previous involvement in discovering IsoEnergy’s Hurricane deposit. Prior to Hurricane, Cosa personnel led teams or had integral roles in the discovery of Denison Mines’ Gryphon deposit and 92 Energy’s Gemini Zone and held key roles in the founding of both NexGen and IsoEnergy. We wrapped up with the share structure, key strategic investors, and the financial strength of the company to complete this year’s exploration and have access to capital in the future.



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    May 16, 2024 16:36 PM

    This article summarizes some of the strength of this management team and board at Cosa Resources through their prior endeavours at IsoEnergy.


    A Quarterback, a Problem Solver, a Data Nerd: How Three Scrappy Uranium Geos Discovered the Most Valuable Rock on the Planet

    By Justin Hayek – PI Financial

    “In January 2023 when Craig Parry, former CEO of IsoEnergy walked to the podium to receive the Colin Spence Award from the Association for Mineral Exploration (AME), he had every right to feel proud of the three co-recipient geologists walking to the stage with him.”

    “Under Parry’s direction, Steve Blower, Andy Carmichael, and Justin Rodko explored an unloved, abandoned section of the famed Athabasca Basin, and discovered The Hurricane Uranium Deposit which turned out to be the most valuable rock on the planet.”

    “One cubic metre of Hurricane’s high-grade domain weighs over 4.5 tonnes and contains 5,200 lb. of U3O8, worth almost half a million dollars at the current uranium spot price of USD $95/lb.”

    “You’ve probably never heard of Blower, Carmichael or Rodko. They do not seek the limelight. They are usually out in the field, running drill programs, logging core, or buried in spreadsheets.”

    “In my numerous individual and group conversations with these three geologists, they have consistently deflected praise and downplayed personal credit, showing little interest in their reputational legacy.”

    But the trio’s accomplishments are significant. The ISO team “has creatively tested new geological concepts in areas long considered to be adequately tested,” confirms the AME.

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      So much green on the screen in the commodities and the resource stocks. Wow!

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    It’s been so bad for so long in this sector that it will take a while longer for this move to sink in with the generalist investor. DT

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      By generalist investors are you referring to the Jonsyl’s of the world. Believe when they No longer think cash is king is the time to SELL SELL SELL.

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      By generalist investors are you referring to the Jonsyl’s of the world. Believe when they No longer think cash is king is the time to SELL SELL SELL.

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    There are a lot of short-term traders that swing in and out of Santacruz, waiting for it to go up 8 to 10 cents and then sell and buy back in at a 30% drop. I’m talking about traders that hold minimum100,000 shares. That is all they do, just play one stock and if you’re good at it you can do all right. I know because I talk to a few of them, and at some point, when we get some news like stronger financials this stock will take off, and the traders will leave. We are almost there! DT