A valuable recap of the global economic data from this week

November 1, 2019

Marc Chandler, Managing Partner at Bannockburn Global ForEx joins me for a comprehensive recap of economic from the US and around the world and how it all impacts the markets. We have seen a shift to a more risk on attitude but the safe assets are not getting hit as hard as one would think. All this data needs to be looked at in a big picture sense to help investors navigate these choppy markets.

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    Nov 01, 2019 01:08 PM

    Impeach them all, indeed.

    Just one more example that this government is the biggest rip-off of all. Anyone here deny this is a criminal, bastard government?

      Nov 01, 2019 01:09 PM
        Nov 01, 2019 01:23 PM

        And of course our corrupt politicians, deep state, merchants of death, NGOs and other corrupt special interests are Hell bent on mixing it up with the Rooskies…

          Nov 01, 2019 01:24 PM

          And you get to pay for it all…so time to get back to work, tax serfs…gotta pay them taxes…your rulers view you as nothing more than tax livestock.

            Nov 01, 2019 01:35 PM

            zerohedge , had a good article on the last cia agent who refuses to testify…..I posted it, but someone deleted it…

            Nov 01, 2019 01:15 PM

            Dang, deleted it??? What will they do with my posts calling the goooberment criminal, just telling it like it is?

            Nov 01, 2019 01:18 PM

            Jerry, have you seen Ortel’s stuff recently? I saw a little bit last night but that was it for quite awhile. But now with noise of Hillary possibly entering the race (which I talked about over a year ago), we need to pay more attention to Ortel.

            Nov 01, 2019 01:21 PM

            I will start paying attention, if, you post some of Ortel’s stuff……

            Nov 01, 2019 01:23 PM

            I would consider him as being informed……jmo

            Nov 01, 2019 01:51 PM

            I saw part of this…


            Haven’t had time to watch it all yet but should this weekend.

            I also sent Mr. Big Al Korelin a couple of emails asking if he could interview Ortel but he no longer replies to my emails. Sorry, I did try, though. Guess I’m in the KE jail…or at least the OWL rogues hall…along with Roger Wiegand, Jay Taylor, Ron Paul, etc.

            Nov 01, 2019 01:07 PM

            Owl, should take better care of his loyal customers…..

            Nov 01, 2019 01:10 PM

            I will try to watch the two hour long video…..Jason has worked with George Webb….so , it the video should be interesting….Robin the Hood…lol

            Nov 01, 2019 01:12 PM

            Might compare notes , if you watch it……let me know……and thanks for sharing….

            Nov 01, 2019 01:22 PM

            John Hope Bryant…a hopeless crook.

            Nov 01, 2019 01:32 PM

            Operation Hope…a total scam…supposed to only operate in LA but the scam is all over the world…

            Nov 01, 2019 01:09 PM

            I tell you Jerry, the corruption by the Clintons and their cronies is breathtaking and Ortel documents in detail. I can’t imagine why OWL is not interested…he’d rather interview the neocons on the Atlantic Council.

    Nov 01, 2019 01:56 PM

    Hey, Jerry…you hear the news???

    Butto O’Dorke is dropping out of the “race” for Emperor…poor Bonzo….must be crushing… 🙂

      Nov 01, 2019 01:06 PM

      Good…….did not hear it,…..but thanks for the update……
      I saw a woman grill him yesterday at a town meeting…..funny as hell….
      I guess the dumb ass will not be able to take the guns……lol

        Nov 01, 2019 01:19 PM

        Here it is…

        Every damned criminal…err…politician ought to be treated this way.

          Nov 01, 2019 01:46 PM

          Yes, ….that was the woman who grilled Butto……I watched it several times,….and LMAO….It was GREAT…..

            Nov 01, 2019 01:04 PM

            Got to get OWL and Jimbo to watch it!

            But you will have to suggest that as I am in the rogue’s gallery. 🙂

            Nov 01, 2019 01:41 PM

            I think I will not waste my time……..Owl, is only here a few times a week….Jimmy once a week…..Kind of like wasting time posting some of the articles when only a few people comment…..More interested in Fed BS……like that matters anymore…..jmo