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Josef Schachter, Founder of the Schachter Energy Report joins us to provide an update on the energy sector and the pullback this month in the oil...
Wed 24 Nov, 2021
Ed Moya, Senior Market Analyst at OANDA joins us to share a more generalist view of how the recent economic data out of the...
Mon 9 Aug, 2021
Marc Chandler, Managing Partner at Bannockburn Global ForEx joins us for a broad discussion on the possibility that the peak in inflation, the reopening...
Fri 2 Jul, 2021
Joel Elconin, Co-Host of the Benzinga Pre-Market Prep Show joins Shad and I to discuss some of the disconnects between the markets (certain sectors...
Tue 8 Jun, 2021
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Craig Hemke, Founder of TF metals Report joins us to share his thoughts on the pullback in gold and bounce in the USD. On...
Thu 3 Jun, 2021
Brien Lundin, Editor of The Gold Newsletter joins us today to share his thoughts on what’s driving the pullback in commodities and especially gold....
Thu 3 Jun, 2021
Ed Moya, Senior Market Analyst at OANDA joins me to recap the April CPI data that showed a major pop in inflation. Headline CPI...
Wed 12 May, 2021
Mike Larson, Editor of The Safe Money Report joins us to recap the economic data from this week along with the Fed statement and...
Fri 30 Apr, 2021
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Marc Chandler, Managing Partner at Bannockburn Global Forex joined me last Friday to recap all the economic data from the US and Canada and...
Mon 19 Apr, 2021
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What economic data and central bank news actually matters for currencies and markets?

Marc Chandler, Managing Partner at Bannockburn Global ForEx joins me to recap the economic data and central bank news from this week. We relate the…

Fri 22 Jan, 2021

Comments on the pullback in gold and the USD – What to watch for internationally as key drivers

A very happy Thanksgiving to everyone down in the US. Hopefully you were all able to see some family or friends. This weekend’s show I…

Sat 28 Nov, 2020

Vaccine news and flash US PMI data – What does it mean for the stimulus trade?

Ed Moya, Senior Market Analyst at OANDA joins me to recap the key news that is driving markets. With more positive vaccine news and a…

Mon 23 Nov, 2020
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The next 2 weeks are packed with important events and meetings – We simplify it for the markets

Marc Chandler, Managing Partner at Bannockburn Global ForEx joins me for a look ahead to the next 2 weeks and all the data, news events,…

Fri 23 Oct, 2020

A shift in sentiment and money flows to the US and an update on China/US tensions

Marc Chandler is with us today to recap the key economic data from this week and the shift in sentiment towards the US vs Europe….

Fri 21 Aug, 2020

Using economic data to invest is a dangerous game

Dana Lyons joins me today to weigh the use of economic data vs market data when investing. Today is another example of economic data, the…

Fri 7 Aug, 2020

European Data Is Beating The US and The Currency Market Is Reacting

Marc chandler joins me today to share his thoughts on the USD breakdown. We first look at the economic data this week where Europe released…

Fri 24 Jul, 2020
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What matters for the markets? Liquidity or The Economy…

Marc chandler wraps up the editorials today with a discussion on the balance between liquidity and economic factors that are driving the markets. We touch…

Fri 10 Jul, 2020
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Lots to touch on this week – Strong bond auctions, a weak PPI number, upcoming Earnings Season, and precious metals moves

Chris Temple joins me today to wrap up the week for the bond market and US economic data, plus a look ahead to the upcoming…

Fri 10 Jul, 2020
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US/China Trade Comments and PMI Data – Markets Moving With An Inflationary Bias

Chris Temple joins me today to recap the back and forth comments on US/China trade from Peter Navarro and President Trump. The downbeat comments by…

Tue 23 Jun, 2020

Hour 1 – Jesse Felder and Doc – US Dollar, US Economy, and Metals

On this weekend’s show I feature extended interviews with Jesse Fedler and Richard Postma, or as you all know him, Doc. We discuss everything from…

Sat 6 Jun, 2020

The balance between COVID fears, US and China trade tensions, economic data, QE… What’s going to drive markets through summer?

Marc Chandler joins me for an initial look at what drove markets this week. Mostly US and China tensions were font and center but there…

Fri 22 May, 2020

The markets are disconnected from the economy, but this nothing new

TG Watkins joins me to share his general thoughts on the health of the US markets. Last week TG was looking at he markets bearishly…

Mon 27 Apr, 2020

Look ahead to next week – 3 Major Central Bank meetings and Q1 GDP

Next week is going to be a busy week on the news front with the Fed, ECB, and BoJ all meeting. We will also get…

Fri 24 Apr, 2020
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Weak US Economic Data and a drop in oil to the teens – A look ahead to where markets will go from here

Chris Temple joins me today to recap another weak round of economic data out of the US today. Market are moving down along with oil…

Wed 15 Apr, 2020

Hour 1 – Filtering through misinformation for metals investors

It was a bit calmer this week for the markets. However COVID-19 continues to spread and the hope of us being able to get back…

Sat 4 Apr, 2020

Economic data has been worse than in 2008/09. Does the market have it priced in?

On the back of the almost 3.3million jobless claims reported Friday, today we saw the Dallas manufacturing index drop to -70. This is far below…

Mon 30 Mar, 2020

Hour 1 – Wide Ranging Opinions On What The Economy and Daily Life Will Look Like After COVID-19

With most of the world shutdown I hope you all are dealing with being home hoping this virus passes sooner rather than later. I really…

Sat 28 Mar, 2020

US Markets Up For A 3rd Day In A Row. Is it time to fade this rally already?

Chris Temple joins me for comments on the US markets and Trump’s comments on getting everyone back to work in the near term. With US…

Thu 26 Mar, 2020

The Dollar Is All About A Divergence In US vs European Data, Plus Comments on Safe Havens

Marc Chandler joins me today to first comment on the rollover in the US Dollar. He points to the flash PMI readings today where Europe…

Fri 21 Feb, 2020
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