What will it take of the markets to truly care that no trade deal will be done?

December 5, 2019

Chris Temple wraps up the markets with a look into the recent trade comments out of both the US and China. The most interesting thing is the markets are still optimistic of some sort of a Phase 1 deal even when the overall tone has shifted more negative. With the December 15th tariff implementation deadline approaching will that finally be a time when the markets stop pricing in a deal. We wrap up the call by looking ahead to the jobs data tomorrow.

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    Dec 05, 2019 05:06 PM

    US-Based #Uranium stocks are up nicely today across the board, on some anticipated news (and some already leaking news) around the Working Group and what recommendations they may make moving forward for the #Nuclear sector.

    Nice to see a little ~green on screen in this sector today:

    $UUUU – Energy Fuels up 14.74%
    $UEC – Uranium Energy Corp up 13.81%
    $URG – Ur-Energy up 12.97% today
    $WUC – Western Uranium Corp up 12.2%
    $LAM – Laramide Resources up 7.7%

      Dec 05, 2019 05:11 PM

      John Quakes – @quakes99

      “Breaking News! Bloomberg leak says US #Nuclear Fuel Working Group has completed their report for President #Trump, which recommends ways to revive US #Uranium #mining industry including direct DoD purchases & DoE creating a new national #uranium stockpile.”

        Dec 05, 2019 05:16 PM

        Uranium Miners Rise After Trump Panel Urges U.S. Buy Domestic

        By Ari Natter – December 4, 2019

        “A White House task force’s recommendation that President Donald Trump direct the federal government to buy more uranium from domestic producers sent shares of U.S. mining companies higher Thursday.”

        “The purchase of uranium by the U.S. Defense Department is among the recommendations being made by the U.S. Nuclear Fuel Working Group, comprised of cabinet level and other high-ranking officials, according to two people familiar with the matter who requested anonymity to discuss non-public deliberations.”

        “Energy Fuels Inc. surged 18%, the most in a year, while Ur-Energy Inc. rose as much as 16% for the biggest increase in two years.”

          Dec 05, 2019 05:28 PM

          NRC Issues Subsequent Renewed Licenses for Turkey Point Reactors

          December 5, 2019

          “The Nuclear Regulatory Commission staff has approved Florida Power & Light’s
          application for an additional 20 years of operation for Turkey Point Nuclear
          Generating Units 3 and 4, located approximately 20 miles south of Miami. This is the first time the NRC has issued renewed licenses authorizing reactor operation from 60 to 80 years.”

    Dec 05, 2019 05:23 PM

    What to look for in a junior mining company

    Uranium Insider – December 5th

      Dec 05, 2019 05:24 PM

      That’s really good advice for investing in any Jr Miners (not just Uranium stocks).

    Dec 06, 2019 06:23 PM

    Like the Chinese are capable of making a genuine trade deal wi the free world when they can’t even deal wi Hong Cong???