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John Rubino discusses the continued corrective move in gold, silver, and copper and the related resource stocks over the last few weeks; and how he is managing his portfolio looking ahead to the...
Mon 10 Jun, 2024
Marc Chandler recaps the economic data from a very volatile week looks ahead to more macroeconomic data on tap. He also reviews the corrective moves down in the commodity sector and some of the news...
Fri 7 Jun, 2024
On a week with the Fed meeting, jobs data and major tech earnings it’s fascinating to see the market pretty much flat on the...
Fri 3 May, 2024
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Marc Chandler discusses the moves in global currencies, recent US economic data for GDP growth and the PCE inflation metrics, commodities inflows, wage growth, corporate profits, and how this all...
Fri 26 Apr, 2024
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Craig Hemke discusses the recent breakout in silver and PM stocks, and the continued momentum from gold’s superfecta the last trading day of March; where it put in all-time highs on the daily,...
Thu 4 Apr, 2024
Macroeconomic movers of jobs report, inflation,Fed policy, interest rates, bonds, US dollar, DOW, Nasdaq, S&P 500, Russell 2000, and much...
Mon 5 Feb, 2024
Craig Hemke reviews the market volatility after the FOMC meeting and Jerome Powell’s press conference, changes to the Fed funds futures expectations and looking ahead to tomorrow jobs number and...
Thu 1 Feb, 2024
Excelsior Prosperity - Week In Review Part 5 - A look at the Pivot Party hangover in markets last week, nuances around the jobs report, and 4 stocks covered in our special video segment with Richard...
Mon 8 Jan, 2024
Marc Chandler discusses the key takeaway from the jobs report, inflation guidance, Fed policy expectations, and his technical levels in the US dollar, gold, other currencies for investors to keep...
Fri 5 Jan, 2024
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Robert Sinn – As Gold Puts In The Highest Monthly Close On Record, The Precious Metals Have A Nirvana Set Up

Robert Sinn, (aka Goldfinger) shares his fundamental and technical outlook on the larger macroeconomic environment, and on the precious metals sector as we round out this turbulent year.  

Thu 30 Nov, 2023

Marc Chandler – Outlook On The US Dollar, Fed Policy Expectations, Commodities, Gold, and Oil

Marc Chandler review his outlook on the US dollar, Fed policy expectations, the commodities sector, gold prices, and the oil markets.

Fri 24 Nov, 2023

Nick Hodge – Macro Megatrends That Matter For Gold, Uranium, and Oil Stocks

Nick Hodge reviews the macroeconomic data and trends that matters for gold, uranium, and oil stocks.  

Wed 8 Nov, 2023

Craig Hemke – Has The Recent Pop Higher In Markets And Commodities Just Rolled Over Again?

Craig Hemke discusses the recent rollover in the general markets and commodities, on the back of the CPI inflation reading today.

Thu 12 Oct, 2023

Craig Hemke – Outlining The Macroeconomic Data That Matters To The Markets And Precious Metals

Craig Hemke reviews the macroeconomic data that matters to the general markets and precious metals sector.

Thu 31 Aug, 2023

Craig Hemke – Sifting Through The Macroeconomic Data With A View Towards What Matters

Craig Hemke joins us for a wide-ranging discussion on what matters when sifting through all the macroeconomic data.

Fri 11 Aug, 2023

Craig Hemke – Pushing Back On The Omnipotence Of The Fed’s Economic Messaging

Craig Hemke, reviews how general equities and PM have reacted to macroeconomic data points and Fed policy expectations.

Thu 29 Jun, 2023

Craig Hemke – What Macro Market Developments Could Change The Weak Action In Precious Metals?

Craig Hemke reviews the continued weakness in the precious metals sector and what macro data could change the narrative.

Thu 22 Jun, 2023

Dave Erfle – Mixed Economic Data, Range-bound Precious Metals Prices, And Poor Investor Sentiment Requires Patience And Due Diligence

Dave Erfle, The Junior Miner Junky, reviews the mixed stew of macroeconomic data points, and his technical and fundamental outlook on the PM markets.

Fri 2 Jun, 2023

Craig Hemke – Gold, Silver, And The PM Stocks Continue Ratcheting Higher Post Powell Press Conference

Craig Hemke discusses the futher pop higher on Thursday in gold, silver and the PM mining stocks, post Powell press conference on Wednesday.

Thu 23 Mar, 2023

Craig Hemke – All Eyes On The Upcoming Jobs And Inflation Data

Craig Hemke reviews the key macroeconomic data on tap, jobs and inflation, and how these reports may influence market expectations on Fed rate hikes

Thu 9 Mar, 2023

Joel Elconin – Technical And Macroeconomic Outlook On Continued Range-Bound Trading In Markets

Joel Elconin reiterate a few macroeconomic data points and technical resistance levels that are key for investors to watch in these range-bound choppy markets.

Fri 17 Feb, 2023
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Craig Hemke – What Macroeconomic Catalysts Could Cause A Sustained Move Higher In Precious Metals?

Craig Hemke reviews what macroeconomic factors could cause a sustained move higher in the PMs starting the second half of this year.

Thu 9 Feb, 2023

Weekend Show – A Big Week For Central Banks, US Economic Data, Markets and Metals

Welcome to another KE Report Weekend Show!   It was expected that this week would be a volatile one. With tech earnings, the Fed and…

Sat 4 Feb, 2023

Dave Erfle – A Healthy And Expected Correction Within The Larger PM Bull Market Cycle

Dave Erfle, The Junior Miner Junky, reviews a volatile week in gold,  silver, and the PM stocks on the back of a flurry of economic data.

Fri 3 Feb, 2023

Dave Erfle – A Number Of Positive Macroeconomic And Technical Factors Stacking Up For Precious Metals

Dave Erfle, the Junior Miner Junky, reviews the volatile moves in gold stocks, and the technical levels and economic data he is watching in the near-term.

Tue 29 Nov, 2022

Dave Erfle – Macro Factors Leading The Precious Metals Higher Since Friday, And Technical Levels To Watch

Dave Erfle, The Junior Miner Junky, reviews the macro factors behind the move higher in the PMs since last Friday, and technical pricing levels to watch.

Tue 8 Nov, 2022

Robert Sinn – Macro Market Drivers And Technical Outlook On The Precious Metals

Robert Sinn, aka Goldfinger, reviews the macroeconomic market drivers and provides his technical outlook on the precious metals sector. 

Mon 7 Nov, 2022

Marc Chandler – Jobs Data Recap With A Focus On What’s Moving Commodities So Much Today

Marc Chandler, Managing Partner at Bannockburn Global ForEx and Editor of the Marc To Market website joins us to first recap the jobs data today…

Fri 4 Nov, 2022

Craig Hemke – We’ve Only Seen A Hint Of What Is To Come When The Fed Finally Pivots

Craig Hemke reviews the rally we’ve seen in the precious metals over the last week since the Bank of England pivoted.

Thu 6 Oct, 2022