Craig Hemke – Outlining The Macroeconomic Data That Matters To The Markets And Precious Metals

Craig Hemke, Editor of the TF Metals Report website, joins us to review the macroeconomic data that matters to the general markets and precious metals sector.  We start off getting a review of the prior jobs reports and his outlook for the NFP data coming out tomorrow morning.  Next we shift over to the importance of inflation trends we’ve seen and what could change up the narrative where many investors are all piled on the same side of the boat, with the same expectations.  We also dive into the Commitment Of Traders (COT) positioning and what that may indicate for gold and silver price action in the near to medium-term.




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    Aug 31, 2023 31:31 PM

    Cautiously Optimistic on Gold and Silver

    David Brady – Sprott Money – August 31, 2023

    “The Interplay Between Economic Data and the Outlook for Precious Metals. It appears that economic data is not what it once was…”

      Sep 01, 2023 01:39 AM

      This fall is going to be a wild ride! Optimistic on Gold and Silver as well; while watching Platinum and Uranium closely too.

    Aug 31, 2023 31:33 PM

    Inflation stats in line/the US savings rate is down to just 3.5%/DG the retail disaster du jour/Labor market

    Peter Boockvar – The Boock Report – August 31, 2023

    “The PCE inflation data for August was as expected and because it comes weeks after CPI and PPI, usually doesn’t deviate much from forecasts. Both headline and core were up .2% m/o/m and the headline y/o/y increase was 3.3% vs 3% in July and the core rate was up by 4.2% vs 4.1% in July. Again, the PCE overweights healthcare relative to CPI while underweighting housing. No change today in the 5 yr inflation breakeven with the data in line with what was forecasted.”

    Sep 01, 2023 01:13 AM

    Freaky Friday Again 👻

    Sep 01, 2023 01:19 AM

    DXY day…successful break and retest on low volume of the up channel lower trend line on Thursday…glta

    Sep 01, 2023 01:19 AM

    Speculation has gone too far in The United States, the markets are in an unhealthy condition. We are now in the month of September and most crashes have come in The September-October timeframe. The United States is no longer a prosperous country as it once was. The last twenty years have brought about a lot of financial damage to pretend otherwise is to stick your head in the sand.

    The stocks of precious metal companies are at record lows and still there are no buyers, the smart money knows that if we have a crash in the next two months the price of the stocks we are now seeing will be on sale, the bottom will fall out of everything. DT

      Sep 01, 2023 01:46 AM

      The People are clueless

        Sep 01, 2023 01:49 AM

        Banks are closing accounts of coin shops….

        Sep 01, 2023 01:59 AM

        What ???

          Sep 01, 2023 01:23 AM

          Check out on utube ,….
          I would post the article, but I am working with a new phone

    Sep 01, 2023 01:54 AM

    “I did nothing wrong. I followed all the rules”.

    It isn’t just coin shops.
    Brooks Agnew (not a coin dealer) had his PayPal account closed and funds frozen, possibly permanently. This happened a couple years ago; Brooks attributes the reason being he voted for the “wrong” party.