Craig Hemke – Gold, Silver, And Precious Metals Stocks Continued Breaking Higher To Kick Off April

Craig Hemke, Founder and Editor of TF Metals Report, joins us to discuss the recent breakout in silver and PM stocks, and the continued momentum from gold’s superfecta the last trading day of March; where it put in all-time highs on the daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly charts.  Many generalists and institutional funds pay attention to the longer-duration charts, and will have noticed the breakout in gold, and that may have translated into additional buying of silver and the precious metals stocks this first week in April.


Craig points out that the macroeconomic correlations with gold and real interest rates broke down 2 years ago, but that central bank buying of gold picked up the slack.  Additionally, we note the recent strength in copper and the other commodities, and he felt that this was also putting an increased bid into silver and the silver stocks this week.  Wrapping up, Craig looks ahead to tomorrow’s job report, and in particular the importance of which way the unemployment rate trends for more potential market volatility.




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    Apr 05, 2024 05:35 AM

    Hang on……

    Apr 05, 2024 05:58 AM

    Fun moment of the Day:
    Schwab has my Awale shares valued at .0108 in the listings of stocks in my personal account only. Which makes my account “total” down for the day, but not my current gain of less than 1%. This is the first time the error is not reflected in the running total for the day, but rather the total is gone (until they properly reprice Awale). In respect for their error, I have put a bid in for 20,000 shs @ .0108. I am shocked but they have yet to make the trade.