Hour 1 – This hour is dedicated to everyone looking to invest in metals stocks

May 30, 2020
Full First Hour
  • Segment 1 – Jeff Christian, Managing Partner at CPM Group joins me to discuss the major factors that will drive precious metals prices over the next couple years. We balance the short and long terms drivers as well as how money rotated within a wider range of resource sectors.
  • Segment 2 and 3 – Erik Wetterling joins me for the next two segments to share thoughts what news will drive junior company share prices higher. There is a long discussion on the type of drill programs that can attract new investors.
  • Segment 4 – Jayant Bhandari wraps up the show by sharing the companies he is investing in to take advantage of the rising precious metals markets.

Exclusive Company Update This Week

Jeff Christian
Erik Wetterling
Jayant Bhandari
    May 30, 2020 30:17 AM

    Exciting time for metals/resource investors. Best is yet to come!

    May 30, 2020 30:17 AM

    Thanks for another quality show. Great discussion with Eric Wetterling about the value of discovery holes versus step out drilling. Learned a few new insights there. Thanks!

      May 30, 2020 30:15 AM

      Agreed Charles. Thanks Cory for another great weekend show, and always good to get thoughts from the Hedgeless Horseman.

    May 30, 2020 30:26 AM

    Red Lake, The High Grade Gold Capital Of The World. Interesting article on the history of Red Lake.

      May 30, 2020 30:21 AM

      DT – speaking of high-grade gold at Red Lake, here is a new interview from Pure Gold.

      (PGM) (LRTNF) Pure Gold adds 12.3 million dollars to treasury bringing total to over 100 million

      ProactiveInvestors – May 26, 2020 #VIDEO

      “Labrenz telling Proactive about the support they are receiving as they plan to be pouring gold by the end of the year. Labrenz also telling Proactive these new funds will be earmarked for aggressive exploration work that will fast track discovery and resource development.”

        May 30, 2020 30:25 AM

        Also a bit more Red Lake news this week for Frontline Gold & Pacton (PAC)

        (FGC) Frontline Gold provides update on its Red Lake Net Smelter Royalties

        “The 4 option agreements to purchase entered into between Pacton and Frontline cover 262 mineral claims totaling approximately 4,900 Ha. Frontline retains net smelter return royalties ranging from 0.25% to 2.25% on all of the Red Lake properties optioned. ”

        Frontline’s President and CEO, Mr. Walter Henry, “These 4 option agreements and the associated NSR’s puts the Company in a position to capitalize on the Red Lake Properties developments through Pacton’s exploration programs and through Pacton’s cash and share payments and the potential future net smelter return benefits. The option payments provide Frontline with working capital and funds to complete additional property acquisitions.”

      May 30, 2020 30:27 AM

      “$15M Investment backed by Eric Sprott” Gwen Preston talks to Darin Labrenz,CEO of Pure Gold Mining.

      Metals Investor Forum – May 26, 2020 #VIDEO

        May 30, 2020 30:52 AM

        Hi Ex, it’s nice when you get other members in your family on board, that pretty much sums it up for me, for now. I am also very careful and watchful when it comes to an investment and I appreciate your input. Thanks, DT

          May 30, 2020 30:07 PM

          Nice. Thanks DT. Ever Upward!

    May 30, 2020 30:54 AM

    You said that the comment that Trump is Draining the Swamp is insane! The US debt is now at 26 trillion! He hasn’t made government smaller he’s made it bigger. He is the most socialist president EVER!

      May 30, 2020 30:27 AM

      Robert, I have to say that you make a very interesting point! Thank you, Al

      May 30, 2020 30:53 PM

      FBI Docs Reveal That Without Direct Israeli ‘Intervention’ Trump Would Have Lost 2016 Election

      And Netanyahu hasn’t wasted a second of Trump’s presidency in expanding Israel’s power, territory and influence.

      As one Jewish media pundit claimed, Donald Trump has been “the greatest president for Jews and for Israel in the history of the world.”

      Trump has even bragged that he is so popular among Israelis that they would elect him Prime Minister if he ran.

      And even if the brain-dead American public found out about this Israeli intervention (i.e., “subversion of our democracy”), they would probably just shrug it off — after all, Israel is our “most trusted friend and ally,” goyim.

    May 30, 2020 30:50 AM

    Jeff Christian claims gold will outdo silver in the coming months. David Brady on Palisade Radio ( expects both to do well but silver to “blow the roof off”. Decisions, decisions…….Get some of each?

    May 30, 2020 30:36 PM

    DJT has spent a lot. When he took office he knew the gig was up. So he spent a pile
    on defense. Think China. Then he took on China which was easier to do with defense build up. He is building the wall and trying to get immigration under control . If Pelosi and the KKK get in again you think they are going to balance the books. DJT is a bull in a China shop but the best bull USA has seen in a long time. Cutting off WHO getting EU to pay their share for defense. Everyone is broke That will come with huge ramifications and sooner than later now there has to be a reset. I think I would want DJT negotiating the reset than Joe The Biden or Nancy.
    The sad part is the kids who are actually thrifty and they are getting this mess dumped on them.

    May 30, 2020 30:19 PM

    Michael Oliver’s important 19.44 level for silver is remarkably close to mine (which is about 10 cents lower in June.

    May 30, 2020 30:34 PM

    (DSV) (DSVMF) Discovery Reports Q1 2020 Operating & Financial Results

    by @nasdaq on 28 May 2020

    “In February 2020 we were named to the TSX Venture Exchange’s 2020 Venture 50™ in recognition of our share price appreciation, market capitalization growth, and trading volume growth over the past year.”

    “In April 2020 we announced the divestiture of our non-core Congress property located in British Columbia, to Talisker Resources Ltd.”

    “On May 18, 2020, we announced a $25 million private placement that included a $10 million investment from Mr. Eric Sprott. This financing is expected to close in early June. Support for this placement is indicative of the strong investment interest in our Company and the exposure and leverage that our Cordero project provides to a rising silver price. Upon completion, we will have over $40 million of cash on our balance sheet – this positions us as one of the best financed silver exploration companies in the industry.”

    At Cordero, our 100% owned project in Chihuahua State, Mexico, we:

    “Rapidly progressed our 30,000 to 35,000 metre Phase 1 drill program – to date we have completed forty-eight holes totaling approximately 17,500 m”

    > 68.1 m of 361 g/t AgEq1 in hole C19-295 from 157.8 m (comprised of 117 g/t Ag, 1.96 g/t Au, 1.7% Pb and 1.1% Zn)
    > 105.9 m of 188 g/t AgEq1 in hole C19-304 from 76.8 m (comprised of 74 g/t Ag, 0.38 g/t Au, 1.1% Pb and 1.1% Zn)
    > 62.8 m of 217 g/t AgEq1 in hole C20-316 from 222.3 m (comprised of 79 g/t Ag, 0.58 g/t Au, 1.2% Pb and 1.2% Zn)
    > 168.8 m of 207 g/t AgEq1 in hole C20-319 from 140.0 m (comprised of 70 g/t Ag, 0.10 g/t Au, 1.5% Pb and 1.9% Zn)

    *** Intercepted multiple sulphide veins that returned kilogram per tonne silver equivalent intercepts. Drill highlights to date from these veins include:

    > 1.0 m of 2,153 g/t AgEq1 in hole C20-316 from 166.4 m (comprised of 1,255 g/t Ag, 1.10 g/t Au, 20.0% Pb and 2.5% Zn)
    > 3.3 m of 1,141 g/t AgEq1 in hole C20-320 from 214.2 m (comprised of 588 g/t Ag, 0.58 g/t Au, 12.4% Pb and 1.7% Zn)

      May 30, 2020 30:41 PM

      I’m continually impressed with the work Discovery Metals is doing and on the milestones they’ve already achieved this year. They are a very well run Silver exploration and development company, that is cashed up, with a larger drill program, and they’ve been producing meaningful results and are still only midway done with the Phase 1 drilling.

      Also, their managing team at Oxygen Capital Corp is top notch with Mark O’Dea at the helm. They are the same team behind both Pure Gold and Liberty Gold.

        May 30, 2020 30:46 PM

        (DSV) Discovery Metals: Finding High Grade Silver with Long Intercepts in Mexico

        Swiss Resource Capital AG – April 13, 2020

        (back in the middle of the Covid-19 shutdowns but a nice overview of the company and assets)

        ‘Interview with President & CEO Taj Singh. Discovery Metals owns and drills the Cordero silver project in Mexico. Right now the company is pausing the 35.000m drill program due to COVID-19, but the first 17.500m were drilled very successful with high grades and long intercepts.”

        ‘The proven team at Discovery Metals Corp. is led by a top-tier group with a record of success in finance, discovery, project development, operations and M&A. Discovery is focused on district-scale silver and silver-zinc-lead projects in northern Mexico. At its 100%-owned Cordero project in Chihuahua State, Discovery is exploring one of the world’s largest silver resources and one of the world’s largest silver-zinc-lead metal endowments.’

          May 31, 2020 31:07 AM

          Discovery one of my larger holdings By share count and was doing well Dec-Feb. still waiting to get started back after the draw down of the silver stocks. It has too much resource not to move as the price of silver rises. Not the grades of Silvercrest but most successful silver mines in Mexico don’t. But most also don’t have the amount of resource as silver mines go. On the other hand, despite it not being back to its prior price run at the end of last year, it is in green on my screen and has been climbing back. So, I am going to complain more about Vizsla.. but they are still early in the whole process. Got to complain about silver in general and call JPM names until silver moves appropriately in my biased opinion.

            May 31, 2020 31:49 AM

            Hi David good points on Discovery Metals, and while their Silver grades are not the highest like Silvercrest, or some of the Canadian companies (like Alexco or Metallic Minerals), they also have really long intercepts of 68 meters, 168 meters, etc.. Some of their hits last year were over 200 meters. In addition, they have Gold, Zinc, & Lead mineralization as co-credits, so their Silver Equivalent ounces are quite respectable and just perfect for a large open pit operation in Mexico.

            As Doug Ramshaw from Minera Alamos always says, “I’ll take high margin resources over high grade resources any day.”

            Too many investors are fixated on only only high grade, but neglect to realize that if the intercepts are 0.5 – 2 meters wide, they still might not be as economic as lower grade that is 50 – 200 meters wide. For open pit mining it is size & continuity that is king, and finding some high grade pockets, like what DSV has done is just the icing on the cake.

            As for Vizsla, I’m still quite encouraged with the work they’ve been doing, and their option to buy that mill in 2 years if they want to fast-track things into production. I like mining companies with a clear plan and strategy and VZLA definitely has that in spades.

            While investors have been a bit fussy the last 2 weeks that they raised capital after saying it wouldn’t be needed, I think the raise was reasonable and gives them a longer runway to keep doing work for the balance of this year into next year. They also mentioned wanting to escalate the time-frame on evaluating their project and if they want to buy the mill, which I’m a fan of.

            Let’s get the show on the road while metals prices are rising.

          May 31, 2020 31:28 AM

          Thanks for posting the Discovery info. As usual, I missed their report on the 38th but suspected something caused some interest. Appreciate your efforts as always along with all other contributors.

            May 31, 2020 31:51 AM

            Sure thing David. Yeah, that presser on the 28th was a nice summation of the different milestones DSV has hit in 2020, and there aren’t many companies in their snack bracket that have had such consistent positive newsflow, and I love a team that can execute a plan. Ever Upward!

            May 31, 2020 31:05 AM

            My sentiments exactly David. Your comment is exactly why I am so involved with and love this site so much. Please stick around and comment.

          May 31, 2020 31:47 AM

          Followed this as it was Levon

          The resource is huge, but OPEX and CAPEX are very high

          Needs higher silver prices and a large investment to build a mine

            May 31, 2020 31:38 AM

            I got to Discovery through Levon also. I had shares of Levon and at the time if announcement going with Discovery, there was an arbitrage opportunity in favor of Levon. Then after uniting, I added. Overall, it appears to be heading in the right direction for a good response to a silver rally.

            May 31, 2020 31:40 AM

            They addressed that in the video above. When the asset was with Levon (a poorly managed company) the silver prices needed were $25-$27, but based on the new drilling success the DSV team has executed, they’ve brought the All-In costs down to $17-$18 now, so it is economic at current prices.

            May 31, 2020 31:46 AM

            Based on what they’ve been hitting lately, the massive size of their deposit, and their improved economics g(ood at around $17-$18 per Silver equivalent ounce), I could see a larger company making a move on them and having access to that kind of Capex requirements. I’m sure the big boys are watching their drilling form Phase 1, and want to see how the 2nd half of the exploration campaign goes as Mexico comes back online in June.

        May 31, 2020 31:44 AM

        You left one out…….And also the same team behind sun metals……luckily for me I didn’t buy it but it was the other one I was looking at after pure gold…..can’t remember why liberty and discovery didn’t peak my interest more…..still time I guess

          May 31, 2020 31:00 AM

          Hey Wolfster. Yeah, I’m still not personally sold that the last year or two were the best times to be positioned in Copper companies, but that may be changing now as China is back up and running again. I’ll be rotating some PM profits into base metals companies later in the year and may grab a few more copper projects.

          As for Sunmetals, I looked at briefly, but not too close yet, but I may revisit that company down the road. I believe they had some issues last year that put some bees in investors bonnets, but for the Oxygen Capital Corp, if they are having success at 3 out of 4 companies in this industry, that is pretty damn good bating average.

          I have Pure Gold and Discovery Metals, but don’t have a position in Liberty Gold but am strongly considering it as an option when I rebalance positions down the road.

          For a Silver Developer, DSV has the 3rd or 4th largest Silver equivalent resource (a real monster project but without the high valuation of MAG Silver), a good team, and they are doing good exploration work and got half way through their Phase 1 exploration before the Covid-19 shut downs, and are likely kicking things back up this coming week with the rest of the miners in Mexico. Discovery Metals is cashed up and they still have another 15K-20K meters to drill this season, so plenty of room for upside catalysts, and they’ve already drilled off more meters in this campaign than 90% of the explorers out there in the market. I like those results.

          Cheers mate!

            May 31, 2020 31:44 AM

            Yes I’m certainly considering adding discovery to my silver portfolio of stocks. Have Alexco Impact and Kootenay which are nicely green. Might have to consider Viszla too since they’ve come back down to a more reasonable entry point

            May 31, 2020 31:50 AM

            Those are all good choices Wolfster and I’m in Alexco, Impact, Kootenay, and Vizsla as well.

            May 31, 2020 31:14 PM

            I too have Alexco, Impact Kootenay, Vizsla. Other silver miners held are Bayhorse, Brixton, Silvercrest, Dolly, GR Silver, Metallic, Minaurum, Minera Alamos, Santacruz, Southern Silver, Silver Bull and Silver Bear. My data is not up to date as USAA has transferred to Schwab and still pending some refinement. But,…
            Silver Bear is located in the Republic of Sakha in Russia. Some great grades but it hasn’t responded to much of anything and I am down. Silvercrest way up. Bayhorse, Brixton and Minaurum down and sideways quite awhile. Discovery, Dolly, GR, Impact and Kootenay finally green. Minera Alamos, Metallic and Alexco all showing positive before the recent recovery. Silver Bull is working on local political issues but could fly if resolved favorably. When Bayhorse, Brixton and particularly Silver Bear (Russian Connection) go green, I know it is time to take some profits in the silver area. Just some thoughts. My thinking is that if they get the foot off silver and let it go and/or the TPTB actually lose control of the fraudulent paper silver derivative markets, it may not matter what silver miner you own. But, I don’t think that is a prudent approach …yet. Always be aware that they can smash any market at any time as they own the printing press…not the people. And that is always a problem.

            May 31, 2020 31:33 PM

            I guess some of those like Brixton, Minera and GR are not silver per se. Brixton started out that way. GR started out Gold and switch to silver, but then found both. Minera I guess I through that in because they are Mexico. Three areas concentrating on gold.

            May 31, 2020 31:37 PM

            Here is are my Silver holdings:

            > Silver Producers:

            Silvercorp Metals
            Americas Silver Corp
            Coeur Mining
            Endeavour Silver
            Avino Silver & Gold Mines
            Excellon Resources
            Impact Silver Corp
            Santacruz Silver

            > Silver Developers

            Alexco Resource Corp
            Bayhorse Silver
            Aurcana Corp
            Kootenay Silver Inc
            Discovery Metals Corp
            Southern Silver
            Dolly Varden Silver
            Vizsla Resources Corp

            > Silver Explorers

            Metallic Minerals
            Brixton Metals
            Orex Minerals Inc
            Defiance Silver

            I also have positions in gold and base metals companies like Sierra Metals, Sabina Gold & Silver, Trevali, Tinka, etc… that have some exposure to Silver as well.

            May 31, 2020 31:45 PM

            David – It is interesting that you brought up Silver Bear in Russia. I was following it closely when they were a developer, but they seemed to struggle getting into production, just like most new producers, but I’ll have to keep an eye on them.

            I sold out of Abraplata for a win, but see them starting to focus more on the Copper component as much as the Silver, and just needed to lighten the load some.

            I have looked at GR silver and Minaurum some, but haven’t done a deep dive on either but have been meaning to. As for Silver Bull, I see them as more a Zinc company as mentioned last weekend with a nice silver co-credit, but they do have a very large deposit like Abraplata, Southern Silver, Bear Creek, and Discovery Metals.

            As for Minera Alamos, I mostly consider them a Gold company but do really like their company, and they’ve been intertwined with Argonaut Gold for so many years. Their team previously sold Castle Gold to Argonaut to form Minera Alamos, and they got their first project from Argonaut Gold, before acquiring Corex Gold for their other properties. Good stuff!

            May 31, 2020 31:46 PM

            Great portfolio of silver stocks. I would offer to trade with you but then someone would break my thumbs, and send me for reprogramming in the Everglades. Thanks for another printout for my wish list.

            May 31, 2020 31:48 PM

            I also was back in Silvercrest in March and April a few times, but ended up just making them swing trades and sold back out of it, as it has already run so far and is valued quite high already. It will likely keep running with higher silver, but I don’t want to buy it back until I lighten the Silver mining load in other areas, and I opted for a few more speculative companies where I believe they can run more on percentage basis. Still, one has to respect the great work that SILV has been doing for years.

            May 31, 2020 31:55 PM

            For a period in March I had raised my First Majestic position to the highest it ever was, and it was my #1 largest Silver position, even ahead of Silvercorp and Impact, but then I sold it all during that big bounce to rotate into other stocks and opted for Coeur since it was so beaten down (even before the Feb-Mar selloff). I may eventually rotate my CDE back into AG, and rotate my Brixton out during their drill results this summer over into GR Silver, Aftermath, or Silver Spruce, but for now I feel fully loaded on Silver stocks. [bordering on overloaded] 🙂

            May 31, 2020 31:22 PM

            My goal is to get my Silver miners down to just a dirty dozen, but I have such a hard time getting rid of companies once I start following them and building positions. It was hard for me to liquidate First Majestic, Silvercrest, and Abraplata, and I usually get sellers remorse if I see them keep performing well, but I went a bit more speculative to see about capturing some Beta on some of higher torque more thinly traded Jrs for the next leg of this cycle.

            There are a few stocks on that list that I’ll likely unload into future strength or key milestone liquidity events, and will take those wins to beef up the remaining positions until I finally get down to 12.

            May 31, 2020 31:19 PM

            Over the years I have had PAAS, Endeavor, Goro, CDE, USAS,AG, Avino, Excellon, Hecla, silvercorp and probably others. Out of all those I probably had the least success with Endeavor and Excellon. I think Endeavor was cost of production issues and Excellon was a mine flooding or something like that. All the others did fairly well, particularly during the 2016 run up. Rather than recognized a top, I rode most of them down or started liquidating for other options more speculative like Silvercrest, Great Bear, Alexco, Southern Silver, Metallic, Irving, Novo, Lion One etc. Looking back, it is apparent the longer I invest in miners the more impatient I have gotten. I started in miners in 2001 having lost confidence in the general markets because of the irrational debt conditions of the country. What I didn’t expect having grown up in a world that did not use computers in the markets, was an expectation that fundamentals and technical controlled. But, then severe de-regulation occurred across the board in the Federal Government, driven by our leaders violation of their elected trusts, changing how I felt about the “risks” involved in markets.

            When discussing miners and PMs with brokers, I found they had no interest in either selling anything related to them or any desire to learn anything about them. Rather, they seem to write them off as part of an unregulated and protected fraudulent market and are to be avoided at all cost. Of course as debt continued to grow, the corruption in more areas than just penny stocks or PMs began to expand until we have reached the point today when nothing associated with the equity markets or physical commodity markets can be relied on as being protected as “level playing fields”.

            I think this has had a lot to do with going from a long term investor to almost a day trader, flipping from point A to point B attempting to find those investments that can protect what I have, much less make a profit. I have hit the lowest level in 50 years at least 5 to 10 times since 2008. I have regained most but never fully recovered what I had in 2011. I have had to change the way I think from an investment strategy to a survival strategy. Real Estate is not safe as proven by the sub prime crisis. Saving are not safe in cash/savings accounts as demonstrated destruction of interest rates and value of currencies. Also, savers are no longer safe after our Leaders in Congress passed bail-in provisions similar to what was done in Cypress. The bond market has been on a tear for 30 years or so with every day being a possible of that market collapsing due to fiscal mismanagement. The dollar ever depreciating along with possible negative interest rates also punishes savers on fixed incomes or long term “secure” investments. On top of all that, the Banks have taken the debt crisis international putting the very sovereignty of all the countries in the free world at jeopardy.

            So where does one invest and go for advice when the “official” financial world is full of corruption and policies that result in the transfer of wealth? Where does one invest when there is massive unemployment, altered accounting principles and other forms of false data that distort the understanding to average investor of the true value of equities in corrupt markets.

            We are in “no man’s land” as it applies to how to survive in todays markets. We are no longer protected by law, by regulation or by individuals with a fiduciary duty. We are now in opposition and must continue to call attention to the injustices and criminal activity of our “entire financial system”. I have come to the conclusion that Jim Sinclair was right all along in that the Financial System is run by sociopaths that have no sense of fiduciary duty or sense of ethics and their sole objective is to transfer the wealth of nations to a few, with no loyalty to any other redeemable principles. The way we save ourselves is to invest in tangible things of value and “WAIT” for the Criminal System to fail.

            Failure has come slowly and had not the system been given to the criminals, it would have been a faster failure. If the law had not been undermined and/or massive deregulation not occurred, failure would have come faster. If money interest, special interest, Citizens United not have been allowed to control, failure would have come faster. If bad actors such as politicians, appointed officials, Federal Reserve executives and other corporate officials would not have been given authority to control the economy of the US and actual criminal investigations, indictments and prosecution had been allowed to proceed rather than blocked, failure would have come quicker.

            None of those things have happened that would alter, save or change the corrupt path of the markets.

            I think that is why I look for the new good thing in the mining space, get rid of a good one that is not moving, take a chance in a mine in a bad country, avoided US mines for years and other almost “irrational” investment actions. That is why I am always skeptical about almost everything coming from an official source. That is why I believe that at any moment everything I have accumulated during my life can be taken away in an instance at the whim of a dysfunctional group of “citizens” without recourse. And the “real citizens” best response will be “what happened”?

            It only leaves Precious Metals to hold outside the system. In that regard, it seems logical that mining companies that produce precious metals will have value and at some point have to recognized by the “Laws Of Economics” that exist outside the forced imposition of corrupt practices of the fabricated and manipulated system sponsored by the Federal Government and the Private Federal Reserve System that works for what is in the best interest of the Member Banks.

            May 31, 2020 31:11 PM

            David – Wow. Great thoughts and a lot to respond to there.

            You wrote: “I have come to the conclusion that Jim Sinclair was right all along in that the Financial System is run by sociopaths that have no sense of fiduciary duty or sense of ethics and their sole objective is to transfer the wealth of nations to a few, with no loyalty to any other redeemable principles.”

            >> Agreed!

            Your points about the Real Estate markets not being as safe as people once assumed, the Bond markets 30+ year rally getting long in the tooth, and the depreciating purchasing power of the US Dollar & low to negative interest rates punishing Savers is spot on. There really are few places to hide from all the economic chaos, and with all the 40 Million unemployed Americans lifestyle and finances changing drastically in a 3 month period, there are still many economic shocks still to hit the system.

            I agree that the Precious Metals sector offers one area for asset diversification, and yes the miners of Gold and Silver will be seen as more valuable the more focus that gets put on the metals themselves, as miners have ounces locked in the vault of the Earth.


            With regards to some of the PM Miners you wrote:

            “Over the years I have had PAAS, Endeavor, Goro, CDE, USAS,AG, Avino, Excellon, Hecla, silvercorp and probably others. Out of all those I probably had the least success with Endeavor and Excellon. I think Endeavor was cost of production issues and Excellon was a mine flooding or something like that. All the others did fairly well, particularly during the 2016 run up. Rather than recognized a top, I rode most of them down or started liquidating for other options more speculative like Silvercrest, Great Bear, Alexco, Southern Silver, Metallic, Irving, Novo, Lion One etc. ”

            >> David, that is a quality list of companies that you just mentioned and I own or have owned all of those except Pan American Silver and Great Bear. (lol!)

            As for (EXN) Excellon, yes they had issues in years past due to their flooded mine conditions, but they pumped them dry from 2016-2017 and as a few years ago have had dry mining conditions where they are mining and as they continue to pump they use the water to irrigate farmers crops on the surface. I did very well with Excellon in 2016’s surge as they were like a 8-9 bagger for me, and as Mexico’s highest grade producer, I’ve held onto a core position adding/trimming and trading around that position for years. I’m not sure I follow their move in Germany for that Silver asset there, but liked that they just scooped up Otis Gold on the cheap and will have their Gold development project to turn into a mine. Most of the Silver miners have diversified into Gold (Hecla, SSR Mining, Coeur, First Majestic, America, Great Panther, and now Silvercorp).

            As for (EXK) Endeavour Silver, they have been one of the highest cost producers for the last few years and really had a rough 2018 & 2019, and they closed one of their mines down that never quite worked out, however, I believe in Brad Cooke, like their assets, and feel the market has really gone overboard on punishing them when their pipeline of projects is so robust and they’ve just overhauled their active mines.

            – Guanacevi Mine has been optimized
            – Bolanitos Mine has been optimized
            – El Compass is smaller but ramping up in their production profile (and I like that Sailfish has a NSR on it for FISH)

            However their game changer is their massive Terronerra development project. That is what gets me excited about the future for Endeavour Silver.

            They also have their Parral development project and 5 other exploration assets after that so a very robust pipeline of assets to keep growing into the future.

            Check out pages (16-21) of the EXK Corporate Presentation for the info on Terronera:


            May 31, 2020 31:45 PM

            Endeavor was the first miner I ever bought. I held onto a long time. It was only when they shut down the mine that I decided to walk away for awhile. I also thought their CEO Brad Cooke was a straight shooter. I held First Majestic a long time and held many shares that eventually financed others along with Kirkland Lake. I hope to become more conservative as a result of massive gains in the near future and be able to buy 10,000 shares of Franco Nevada and a Lake House on Lake Como. If not, maybe just pay my electric bill.

            May 31, 2020 31:14 PM

            Hi David,

            Well I’m rooting for you to have big gains in your stocks and go with option A – “10,000 shares of Franco Nevada and a Lake House on Lake Como.” 😉


            May 31, 2020 31:21 PM


    May 31, 2020 31:16 AM

    Sprott, Peter Grosskopf – Why Gold Only Gets to $2,000 by March 2021

    CruxInvestor – May 29, 2020 #VIDEO

    2:28 – Background Story of Peter and His Involvement with Sprott
    6:00 – Fixing a Problem: Focusing on the Different Needs of Investors
    11:41 – Last Man Standing: Securing Revenue Streams
    14:29 – Emotion, as Significant Influencer in Investments, Removed?
    17:11 – Power to Move Sentiment and Markets: Sprott Investments, Always Calculated or Left to Chance?
    21:09 – Investment Decision Making Ecosystem: Parallels with Retail Investors
    25:17 – Digitization of Gold: How Will it Work, Who Will Have Access to it?
    35:50 – Gold Price Predictions and Pragmatism
    37:56 – Concerns for Present-Day Markets and Geopolitical Decisions to Come
    42:18 – Hedging: Optionality for Investors
    45:02 – Are Investors Prepared for What’s Coming in the Near Future?

    May 31, 2020 31:10 AM

    David Cates: Mine Closures Create Perfect Storm for Uranium Prices

    Palisade Radio – May 15, 2020 #AudioInterview

    “Tom welcomes returning guest, CEO and President of Denison Mines, David Cates, to discuss everything uranium related. David says, “Supply has really dried up.”

    May 31, 2020 31:40 AM

    I’m definitely looking forward to the month of June starting….between Matthews calls (which have been bang on) and Sprotts recent interview about the banks issues with closing shorts how can one not be excited if they are holding gold and silver stocks

    On that front I’m really excited by the fact my orezone warrants are now in the money. ( ok I’m ahead of myself,they are at the money as orezone closed right at .80). Volume was good. Interest obviously picking up as they either announce mine financing plans or get a takeover offer.

    Roxgold was a letdown last week after the way it had traded into the Friday afternoon the week before. This to me is way undervalued when compared to other plays in Africa but I’m definitely biased.

    Pure gold has been great so no need to discuss it really. I own all my shares for free now and can sit back and watch it head higher

    The only other one I hold that’s worth pointing out is Brixton…I’m not sure what to make of these guys.They have some good properties but they obviously suffer from “shiny lure syndrome “…. they keep seeing another property and want it rather than focus on what they have already. It’s a lot like what happened with Auryn….just keep adding properties and eventually you’ll find the goods on one…only problem is you have to actually eventually drill the properties to prove you’ve got the goods and that tajes money so you can’t keep spending your money on more acquisitions. Little rant that has made me feel better.

      May 31, 2020 31:01 PM

      +1 Good rant and great points all around.

    May 31, 2020 31:11 PM

    New Sector Rotation Trade Setups

    @TheTechnicalTraders – Chris Vermeulen – 29 May 2020 #VIDEO

      May 31, 2020 31:56 PM

      I may be big dreamer but I think the big sector rotation trade that’s going to happen is a perfect storm setting up as we get the big moves in PM stocks over the next year or so and then get to rotate out of them after huge gains and move into copper 1-2 yrs down the road for a super bull rally in the base metals.

        May 31, 2020 31:10 PM

        That makes a lot of sense to me Wolfster and I have a similar “dream.” 🙂

        I’ve stayed mostly out of Copper stocks (but did have a 3-4 positions), and still have a half dozen underwater Zinc stocks, but I’m not too heavily exposed to Base Metals at this point. I just sold out of my SolGold copper position for a win 2 weeks back, but still think there is better action in the PMs.

        My plan is similar to yours, make the money in PMs the next 2 years and then beef up my Base Metals, Uranium, Lithium, and Specialty Metals positions next.

        I guess I have 3 Platinum/Palladium stocks, which I do not really consider Precious Metals (even though they are used in coins, bars, and jewelry to some degree) but they aren’t like most Base Metals like Zinc, Lead, Aluminum, Tin, Nickel either, so I’ve just been considering them Industrial Metals as a hybrid PM an BM. Obviously Silver is hybrid Precious Metal/Industrial Metal as well. Anyway, the PGMs have been doing pretty good for the last year or so. (PGE) Group Ten was on a freaking tear last week, and rightly so as they continue to succeed with their drill results.

    May 31, 2020 31:27 PM

    Looks like we got a pretty good gap up in silver, last time that happened it came right back down.
    I wonder if any of these gaps will ever “stick”.

    May 31, 2020 31:42 PM

    (SVM) Silvercorp Launches a Drill Program for Gold Mineralization at the LMW, LME and TLP Mines, Ying Mining District, China

    May 28, 2020

    Jun 01, 2020 01:13 AM

    (USAS) (USA) Americas Gold And Silver Corp.: Junior Miner With Value And Upside Catalysts
    Jun. 1, 2020

    Americas Gold and Silver is on track to begin commercial gold production at its Relief Canyon project in Q3, setting up a positive outlook for the year ahead.

    Operations in Mexico that were shut down by the government as a non-essential business due to the COVID-19 pandemic is set to restart in June as another positive development.

    The stock trades at a discount to its peer group of junior miners and we see significant upside from the current level.

    Jun 01, 2020 01:45 AM

    Precious Metals Royalty And Streaming Companies: The May Report

    Jun. 1, 2020 – Peter Arendas

    Jun 01, 2020 01:31 AM

    The fraudulent nonphysical gold and silver charade paper prices hit over night on Monday …again.

    Jun 01, 2020 01:47 AM

    Thank you Ely Gold Royalty buyers.

      Jun 01, 2020 01:09 AM

      Sprott was talking about it I believe which always helps. His silver chatter has certainly been bang on. Along with Matthew of course. Great day so far

        Jun 01, 2020 01:06 AM

        Ely holds a royalty in Wallbridge. I imagine the Sprott-Wallbridge-Balmoral-Ely association is helping. Great day so far as miners going contrary to the attempt to smash the Comex paper prices. Been waiting a long time to see this as a trend.

          Jun 01, 2020 01:23 AM

          Yeah it’s definitely great day for watching impact and Kootenay for me. Missing Matthews charts for the resistance points going forward. I did sell 1/3 of impact as it was up big for me. Kootenay I’m close to doing the same but really was hoping for there to be in .40’s before I did that

            Jun 01, 2020 01:34 AM

            I just got in Impact for about the fourth time and been adding to Kootenay. Both green, so I will see if this run holds for awhile. Other favorites having a good day are Alexco, Disco ery, Metallic, Minaurum, Northern Shield, Orex, Precipitate, Silver Bull, Silvercrest, Vizsla, West Kirkland and a bunch of others. Hope it holds up through close.

            Jun 01, 2020 01:44 AM

            +1 Fun times!

            Jun 01, 2020 01:45 AM

            Wolfster, IPT hit important speed line resistance today before pulling back:

            Jun 01, 2020 01:58 AM

            Another resistance (notice the speed line support around .64):

            Jun 01, 2020 01:02 AM
            Jun 01, 2020 01:49 AM

            Thanks Matthew. Always looks better on your charts. You nailed it. Just glad I got back in when I did. Was flipping in and out of impact for a while almost daytrading it back in February and March. Then got a position that has an average around .40 as I bought on the way up. Cheers

            Jun 01, 2020 01:22 PM

            Good discussion and IPT charts. I decided to trim back my IPT position today a little bit as well as a few other Silver positions that were surging like AXU, AUN, and DSV as they been growing like crazy in the portfolio, and things are moving into overbought territory and resistance in many stocks. I’m fine if they decide to keep on charging higher this week, but just wanted to move a few chips off the table and into cash as David mentioned. If they pull back 15-20% then I’ll buy those positions back.

            Jun 01, 2020 01:45 PM

            Has anybody looked into Melkior Resources. KIrkland Lake Has bought in and they have had some interesting drill results. They have backed off from a run up and are down today. Relatively small share count around 20 mil. Just wondering. Thanks

            Jun 01, 2020 01:45 PM

            Can never go wrong taking profits. Holding tough for my .40’s for Kootenay before I sell any. The Alexco I’m still holding cuz I’m waiting for some positive news flow to get high $3’s or low $4’s before I start taking some off the table

            Jun 01, 2020 01:52 PM

            Hi David – I’ve not really looked at Melkior Resources before but thanks for the heads up.

            Jun 01, 2020 01:57 PM

            Wolfster – Agreed that no shame in pulling profits periodically, but it could mean leaving money on the table. I didn’t trim any of the positions too much, but some of them have been running a bit hot and I’m starting to build back up my cash position as the miners keep surging higher. I haven’t trimmed my Kootenay position yet, but I’ve been tempted today but Morris Hubbart’s KTN chart has me hanging on for the breakout higher.

            Check out the 2 minute mark.


            Jun 01, 2020 01:43 PM

            Yeah caught that one on the weekend….appreciate his TA point of view but he still no Matthew. 😎…..almost got my .40 close…someone sold a 1,000 at .395 to ruin it.

          Jun 01, 2020 01:57 AM

          Exciting…but will it last. See…negative thoughts already. They have me trained as I push my stack of chips to the center of the table.

            Jun 01, 2020 01:01 AM

            Somebody send the message to Santacruz telling the silver miners about the rally. Must be no one checking their emails there.

            Jun 01, 2020 01:31 AM

            It’s always good to have a few laggards so you can rotate profits from the winners into them.

            Jun 01, 2020 01:29 AM

            Nobody mentioning International Tower Hills again, up another 18% today.

            Jun 01, 2020 01:30 PM

            David – I agree regarding (SCZ) Santacruz. They are up about 4% today but really need to get moving with their buddies here. They extended their time to file their financial statements until June 1st, which is today, and I was hoping to get an update on how things were going in Q1. I know they had to shut down for Covid-19 right as they were really getting things moving with Zimapan, but the Silver prices did take a nose dive down to $12 in March, so this probably didn’t help them lower their costs.

            Santacruz is one of the higher cost Junior Silver producers like Impact, Excellon, and Endeavour Mining, but they really need prices like what we are seeing now in the $18-$19 range. Unfortunately that wasn’t how things rolled in Q1 and they were down operationally for April & part of May due to Covid 19.

            However, if Silver pushes back above $19+ like it did in Q3 of 2019, then I’d expect the optionality factor of SCZ to push it back up. They were the best performing Silver producer last year during the 2019 surge, and they are the smallest market cap Silver producer available, so when they move, they really move….

            Until then…. I’ll enjoy the gains in my other Silver miners, and may rotate a bit over to SCZ if they stay stagnant as it is just a matter of time. Ever Upward!

    Jun 01, 2020 01:35 AM

    SD Articles /
    Silver Price Turns Positive On The Year, Plus A Very Specific Reason Silver Could Gap-Up On Sunday
    May 29, 2020

    Half dollar suggested silver could gap up on sunday, good call.

    Any opinions on that gap getting filled?

    Jun 01, 2020 01:06 PM

    I said I wasn’t going to sell any Ely for awhile but I did this morning. I feel ok about it now as My Ely account has more than it did before the sale. I’d say that’s a positive.

      Jun 01, 2020 01:49 PM

      Taylor Dart over at Seeking Alpha felt Ely was starting to get to full valuation, so as long as you had nice gains in it, always nice to book a winning trade. You can always buy back into it later if so desired, but congrats on a great trade David!

        Jun 01, 2020 01:29 PM

        I may take some Ely and move it back to Sailfish. I have been playing musical chairs with them in the past and Ely is almost double Sailfish now.

          Jun 01, 2020 01:22 PM

          I’d like to Maverix or Metalla come in and buy up Ely, Sailfish, Riverside Resources, Globex, or EMX and consolidate down the number of Royalties companies. Now there is also Nomad that just launched.

            Jun 01, 2020 01:24 PM

            There are also companies like Coral Gold or Frontline Gold that have limited royalties in their portfolio that one of the mid-size royalty companies could acquire.

    Jun 02, 2020 02:04 AM

    I am going to pretend that this morning didn’t happen. Will check back and see if market makers can get this right for once.