Exclusive insights on the US nuclear industry and changes underway

June 1, 2020

Chris Temple was invited to join a call last Friday with the US Department Of Energy to discuss the overall nuclear energy sector in the US. He shares the details of this call that include domestic supply, domestic innovation, and the overall security of the US energy supply. Unfortunately the US has fallen out of it’s dominate roll in the nuclear energy world but now it appears to understand this…

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    Jun 01, 2020 01:34 PM

    Did the subject of clean-up from past mining come up? There are some real problems in Central Wyoming, SW Colorado and Navaho country in Arizona. Who are the poor suckers who get to work in the mines? Most of the Navaho miners are dead from the past efforts in this wildcat industry. Just wondering…….

      Jun 01, 2020 01:54 PM

      Denison Mines (DNN) had a remediation business division that does some work on older sites that left a mess.

      Most of the US mines are insitu where they are pumping water through porous ground and recovering the Uranium in this process where nobody is mining underground (Energy Fuels, Ur-Energy, Peninsula Energy, Azarga Uranium).

      Energy Fuels also had hard rock operations where they’ll eventually do underground mining again, but we’ll need to see $60 Uranium before those projects become viable, and they’ll obviously operate under modern standards and with respect for the environmental and human concerns.

        Jun 01, 2020 01:11 PM

        David Cates: Mine Closures Create Perfect Storm for Uranium Prices

        Palisade Radio – May 15, 2020 #AudioInterview

        “Tom welcomes returning guest, CEO and President of Denison Mines, David Cates, to discuss everything uranium related. David says, “Supply has really dried up.”

    Jun 01, 2020 01:38 PM

    Not on that particular call that stood out…BUT Energy Fuels is already working with the EPA and others in the beginning process of cleaning up/reprocessing a lot of those tailings that have been left behind in past years. Pilot projects already underway; and as I understand things now, there is a lot of upside room due to Energy Fuels’ milling capacity/abilities that they could play a major role in rehabbing a lot of those blighted areas.

      Jun 01, 2020 01:17 PM

      Very interesting.

      Kazakhstan uranium miners on the FTSE might not be a good move. I see that the US has partnered with Oz to search for uranium and rare earth metals in a number of locations in Oz.

      It is fascinating watching the decline of the US. It mirrors other great empires such as the British Empire. It mainly reminds me of the fall of the Eastern Roman Empire. How many of the rich and powerful enriched themselves by selling out the Empire to the very enemies whose aim was to destroy it. The similarities with the US today is fascinating but disturbing.

      I think it is obvious who the enemy is and who are the ones enriching themselves – but nothing touches them. The huge sums they have got are kept safe in foundations and will enable their children to hold.enormous power in the US for decades to come… as the US power is eroded and eventually the US, like the Roman Empires, breaks up into pieces.

      Bad times create great men, great men create good times, good times create weak men, weak men create… the US deep state and swamp?

      It is very hot in the UK currently. So much so that I could not sleep last night. I thus watched Santa Monica and Long Beach beng looted live. The denial from those Hollywood types being attacked and robbed was fascinating.

      I hope Chris and Cory do chat about the situation in the US re the riots as I think Chris will have an interesting perspective. Keep safe everyone.

        Jun 01, 2020 01:39 PM

        Trump has singled out ANTIFA and namely George Soros. It’s been a long time coming.

          Jun 02, 2020 02:54 PM

          It’s about damn time….

      Jun 01, 2020 01:10 PM

      (UUUU) (EFR) Energy Fuels also considering expanding from just producing Uranium & Vanadium, and processing old tailings to not only mitigate the Thorium & other nuclear isotopes, but also recover Rare Earth Elements.

      Energy Fuels Engages Constantine Karayannopoulos & Brock O’Kelley to Assist in Developing U.S. Rare Earth Element Commercial & Technical Strategies; CEO to Discuss Rare Earths

    Jun 01, 2020 01:29 PM

    Looking for a uranium stock that will perform. Anyone have a suggestion?

      Jun 01, 2020 01:07 PM

      It depends on what you mean by perform and over what time period. Most of the surviving companies at this point have real projects as 350+ of the nonsensical companies from the last cycle were purged since 2007 and 2011 tops.

      I’ve been following the sector since 2010 and feel very comfortable holding:

      UUUU – Energy Fuels – Larges US producer (ISR & Hard rock), developer, also produces Vanadium, also working on processing Rare Earth Elements

      URG – Ur-Energy – US ISR producer, developer

      UEC – Uranium Energy Corp – US developer

      NXE – Nexgen Energy – Canadian developer & explorer

      All 4 of those companies are dual listed in the US & Canada which helps for liquidity.

      CCJ CCO – Cameco – Canadian producer – largest North American Uranium company is also dual listed


      Other solid companies in the Uranium space:

      DNN – Denison Mines – Canadian developer & explorer (prior producer), have 20% of mill in Athabasca Basin that was processing Cigar Lake ore from Cameco, they also have 25% interest in GXU GoviEx that is developing a project in Africa

      AZZ – Azarga Uranium – US developer and near term ISR producer

      PEN.AX – Peninsula Energy – US producer but mine on care & maintenance at present

      AEC – Anfield Energy – US developer w/ Mill and resin processing agreement with Uranium One

      UEX – UEX Corp – Canadian explorer and prospect generator

      AL – ALX Uranium – Canadian explorer

      ISO – IsoEnergy – Canadian explorer

      PTU – Purepoint Uranium – Canadian explorer

      WCU – Western Uranium & Vanadium – US developer

      LAM – Laramide Resources – US developer

      SYH – Skyharbour Resources – Canadian explorer and prospect generator

      CVV – Canalaska Uranium – Canadian explorer and prospect generator

        Jun 01, 2020 01:40 PM

        Thanks Excelsior, that’s very helpful

          Jun 01, 2020 01:42 PM

          Sure thing Nigel. Cheers!

            Jun 01, 2020 01:26 PM

            Ex, now to opine on Discovery, what do you think they will use the $40 million in cash they have on hand just drilling or is there something else up their sleeve. DT

            Jun 01, 2020 01:35 PM

            Hi DT – they are really overly cashed up for exploration, but due have an aggressive drill campaign of 30K-35k meters when many companies are just doing 3K-10K, but Iike that DSV Discovery it come at their primary development project full steam ahead to really delineate it further for their resource update. The balance will likely be used on their next economic study, but you never know, they always could make an acquisition of a smaller Jr miner as a potential “trick up their sleeve.”

            Jun 01, 2020 01:37 PM

            sorry that came out jumbled:

            “due” = do

            “but like that DSV it come at” = but I like that DSV Discovery is coming at their primary….

            Jun 01, 2020 01:39 PM

            Thanks for the reply Ex. DT

        Jun 04, 2020 04:54 PM

        wow, thanks so helpful will try to save this as the favorite for Korelin.

    Jun 01, 2020 01:54 PM

    A nice green day in the Silver Producers:

    Symbol – Silver Producers – Daily Change %

    ASM Avino Silver & Gold Mines Ltd. +17.25%
    MYA.TO Maya Gold and Silver Inc. +16.19%
    EXN.TO Excellon Resources Inc. +15.00%
    IPT.V IMPACT Silver Corp. +12.70%
    GPL Great Panther Mining Limited +10.78%
    USAS Americas Gold and Silver Corporation +10.48%
    EXK Endeavour Silver Corp. +9.37%
    HL Hecla Mining Company +8.13%
    SCZ.V Santacruz Silver Mining Ltd. +7.69%
    AG First Majestic Silver Corp. +7.19%
    FSM Fortuna Silver Mines Inc. +6.90%
    SSRM SSR Mining Inc. +6.71%
    SVM Silvercorp Metals Inc. +5.20%
    PAAS Pan American Silver Corp. +3.89%
    SBR.TO Silver Bear Resources Plc +3.57%
    CDE Coeur Mining, Inc. +3.48%
    HOC.L Hochschild Mining plc +3.00%
    FRES.L Fresnillo Plc +2.95%
    SMTS Sierra Metals Inc. +2.71%
    GGD.TO GoGold Resources Inc. -1.12%

      Jun 01, 2020 01:02 PM

      Lots of Silver Developers and Explorers also had green on the screen today:

      Symbol – Silver Developers & Explorers – Daily Change %

      BCK.V Blind Creek Resources Ltd. +28.57%
      BHS.V Bayhorse Silver Inc. +27.78%
      MSV.TO Minco Silver Corporation +23.08%
      ISLV International Silver, Inc. +20.00%
      ABRA.V AbraPlata Resource Corp. +18.18%
      SVB.TO Silver Bull Resources, Inc. +16.67%
      KTN.V Kootenay Silver Inc +16.18%
      DSV.V Discovery Metals Corp. +14.86%
      AUMN Golden Minerals Company +14.47%
      KS.V Klondike Silver Corp. +14.29%
      SVE.V Silver One Resources Inc. +14.12%
      MTR.L Metal Tiger plc +13.58%
      GGX.V GGX Gold Corp. +12.50%
      REX.V Orex Minerals Inc. +11.11%
      AAG.V Aftermath Silver Ltd. +11.11%
      CMB.V CMC Metals Ltd. +10.00%
      SDR.V Stroud Resources Ltd. +9.26%
      JAX.V Jaxon Mining Inc. +9.09%
      BCM.V Bear Creek Mining Corporation +8.49%
      AXU Alexco Resource Corp. +8.30%
      MAG.TO MAG Silver Corp. +7.83%
      DEF.V Defiance Silver Corp. +7.50%
      AUN.V Aurcana Corporation +6.67%
      CLZ.V Canasil Resources Inc. +5.88%
      AZS.V Arizona Silver Exploration Inc. +5.71%
      BBB.V Brixton Metals Corporation +5.71%
      MMG.V Metallic Minerals Corp. +5.63%
      SVG.V Silver Grail Resources Ltd. +5.56%
      UFO.L Alien Metals Limited +5.56%
      SIL.TO SilverCrest Metals Inc. +4.80%
      VZLA.V Vizsla Resources Corp. +4.35%
      G1A.AX Galena Mining Limited +4.26%
      DV.V Dolly Varden Silver Corporation +4.17%
      SNG.V Silver Range Resources Ltd. +4.17%
      VIPR.V Silver Viper Minerals Corp. +4.17%
      GRSL.V GR Silver Mining Ltd. +2.56%
      ASL.V Argentum Silver Corp. +1.89%
      NUAG.V New Pacific Metals Corp. +0.17%

    Jun 02, 2020 02:29 AM

    I don’t know why I’ve been totally ignoring the Kootenay warrants…..might explain why it wasn’t until now that I realized that the .55 level mentioned in TA video you posted Ex is also the warrant strike price

    Jun 04, 2020 04:29 AM