Sectors and stocks that might be off your radar

June 4, 2020

Sean Brodrick joins me today to share a couple sectors including stocks that he is playing currently. These sectors include cannabis stocks, pandemic stocks, and energy stocks. You still need to be very selective in these areas but there are some values and nice gains to be made.

    Jun 04, 2020 04:28 AM

    More Looting……….from…….friends at the Treasury………
    Deputy Treasury Secretary Justin Muzinich has an increasingly prominent role. He still has ties to his family’s investment firm, which is a major beneficiary of the Treasury’s bailout actions.

      Jun 04, 2020 04:30 AM

      The Treasury is understaffed, and Muzinich was overseeing two-thirds of the department before the crisis hit. He spent his first year as the Trump administration’s point man on its only major legislative achievement, the landmark $1.9 trillion tax cut that mainly benefited the wealthy and corporations.

      As the markets panicked about the economic impact of the coronavirus, Muzinich’s responsibilities expanded. The Treasury worked with the Fed on the emergency lending programs, and the agency has ultimate power to sign off. Muzinich was personally involved in crafting the programs,

        Jun 04, 2020 04:31 AM

        Pigs at the Feast…………………
        Muzinich & Co.’s largest fund, with over $10 billion in assets, jumped in value when the Treasury and the Federal Reserve announced plans to buy bonds.

          Jun 04, 2020 04:53 AM

          In a separate development in May, the Fed expanded another Treasury-backed lending program in a way that could help Muzinich & Co.’s portfolio. The central bank said May 12 it would support “syndicated loans,” another form of corporate debt often in which riskier firms borrow money from multiple lenders. Muzinich & Co. had more than $3 billion in assets under management in U.S. and European syndicated loans at the end of last year.

    Jun 04, 2020 04:49 AM

    IMPACT Silver Announces Restart of Mining Operation in Mexico Guadalupe Production Center, Zacualpan Silver District

      Jun 04, 2020 04:39 PM

      Great news matt!

    Jun 04, 2020 04:51 AM

    Looters loot from looter…makes ya proud to be AmeroCon…these are the DemoRat constituents…like I said…what’s happened in the last few days will look like a church picnic when the goooberment welfare checks become worthless.

    Jun 04, 2020 04:52 AM

    How does dr. FEEL about this article…Will she continue remaining a shill for the greatness of the Rockefeller anti-human anti-health non-health medical cartel…The last place medical care globally in number 17th is in America…Is that gtreat too?
    The 99% of MD’s that go along for the ride…Also great dr.?

    it is either shilling or lying, right…We need serious people in these times not players…IMHO

    Jun 04, 2020 04:07 AM

    My point above is that the worst looting comes from within the system of experts…period…distraction is the game as media refocus on loosers on the street making a 100 dollars a day to agitate ‘professionally”…lol

      Jun 04, 2020 04:47 AM

      We have a group of morons believing in the system, and a group that knows there are a lot of morons…….

        Jun 04, 2020 04:52 PM

        That group of morons believing in the system appears to be about 90% of the population. Those who believe Trump is wonderful are just as lost as those who believed Obama was wonderful. It’s a pitiful state of affairs.

          Jun 05, 2020 05:49 AM

          Ditto………..It’s a pitiful state of affairs.

    Jun 04, 2020 04:58 PM

    Nice to hear pot talk. Like I had said US MSO’s the way to go. Extract side Valens is the way to go I believe

    Jun 04, 2020 04:33 PM

    (GZZ) (GLVMF) Golden Valley Mines: Like Buying Abitibi Royalties At A Significant Discount

    Jun. 4, 2020 – Peter Arendas

    > Golden Valley Mines is a hybrid of royalty company and project generator.

    > Its current enterprise value equals approximately 60% of the market value of its shareholdings.

    > Its main asset is a 44.8% equity stake in Abitibi Royalties.

    > The market assigns no value to the other assets.

    Jun 04, 2020 04:39 PM

    Golden Bulls: Visualizing the Price of Gold from 1915-2020

    The Visual Capitalist – May 27, 2020 – Nicholas LePan

    Jun 04, 2020 04:43 PM

    Gavin Wendt @MineLifeReport on Twitter:

    “#Gold has not only provided a hedge, it has outperformed all major US stock indexes. Even #silver beaten the #Dow and S&P 500. Gold also outperformed real estate, US #dollar, and even Treasuries. Through May,, gold has risen more than all major asset classes. ”

    (Check out the chart)

      Jun 04, 2020 04:41 PM

      Silver Price Forecast: 2020’s An Ideal Long-Term Environment

      Lyn Alden – June 4, 2020

      “Lately, Federal Reserve officials began discussing the prospect for ongoing yield curve control in the 2020’s, both in their FOMC minutes and in public discussions. So in many ways, the 2020’s are shaping up to be a lot like the 1940’s in terms of very aggressive fiscal spending that is funded by debt monetization and financial repressed via yield curve control as needed.”

      “In the 1940’s, the price of silver more than doubled during the decade, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see similar or better performance in the 2020’s. ”

    Jun 04, 2020 04:54 PM

    Spotlight Pitch Battle: Heat 3: Gold Miners

    Check out Doug Ramshaw in segment 3 overview Minera Alamos (MAI) (MAIFF)

    (it starts around the 46 min 10 sec mark)