US Markets and Gold – A big picture outlook and key factors to watch for next week

June 25, 2020

Chris Temple joins me today to answer the question – What will it take to drive markets down for more than just one or two days?

Investors still have a buy the dip mentality and the Fed put that enable markets to continue to ignore weak economic data and virus spikes. With some key economic data next week and a monthly and quarterly close we should see some volatility creep back into the markets.

When it comes to gold the yellow metal is trading hand in had with broad markets which Chris thinks is not good for PM investors.

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    Jun 25, 2020 25:26 AM

    Bebek discuss Auryn Resurces:

      Jun 25, 2020 25:05 AM

      Your absolutely right there Mr Temple that the Covid Virus is no Flu. To state that we are making more out of this than we should, I will comeback and say what Medical credentials do you have to opine something such as that?
      The Chinese did not just lock down Bejing because they think it is not a big deal.
      The Covid virus started out as D614 now it has mutated to D614G. This is turning out to be no flu as the Covid is a blood disease as well.
      I will also add that the mutation has occured where the gain in function splice was.
      I’m afraid your sanguine analogy of the Covid is not one of a ocean liner but one of the Titanic.
      Everybody’s risk perameters are different. This has been a monumental failure of the Trump Administration.
      As far as the numbers go I will go through this again. 2-1=1
      To get the actual deaths due to the Covid, take the average number of deaths for this time last year and take the number we have now and there is your answer.
      Common Sense 2.O
      If I was a dairy farmer I would consider the Covid an udder disaster.

    Jun 25, 2020 25:35 AM

    GOOD Points……..GT………

      Jun 25, 2020 25:35 AM


        Jun 25, 2020 25:37 AM

        VH………….virus hoax……

    Jun 25, 2020 25:05 AM

    On Cory’s question: Will the markets ever correct? Here’s Danielle Dimartino Booth’s thoughts: Could be the absolute end of markets and short sellers:

    Jun 25, 2020 25:19 AM

    Freegold Ventures (T.FVL) just passed a dollar, in terms of street lingo it is blowing green smoke! LOL! DT

      Jun 25, 2020 25:21 AM

      Keep Going Freegold!

    Jun 25, 2020 25:21 AM

    June 25th, 1950………..North Korea invaded South Korea. 70 years!

    Jun 25, 2020 25:26 AM

    AND the CIA………has been jacking the USA.around ……..for 72 yrs……