A shift in sentiment and money flows to the US and an update on China/US tensions

August 21, 2020

Marc Chandler is with us today to recap the key economic data from this week and the shift in sentiment towards the US vs Europe. While so much of the market moves and economic data is dependent on central bank policies the data and money flows are important note in terms of trends.

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    Aug 21, 2020 21:56 PM

    Excelsior, guess I’ll have to look at QMX tomorrow. I bought PREIF and and TSGZF today for the first time. Do you and Matthew own those? Quinton is a director at both which is always nice.

      Aug 21, 2020 21:22 PM

      Hi bonzo – I believe this may be in my response to comments on the Vic S. blog, but yes, the recent drill hole success this week, and their prospective land package in the Abitibi Greenstone Belt near a number of other players is worth reviewing.

      As for Precipitate Gold, yes, I’m a shareholder at much lower prices, and have posted on them a number of times here at the KER. I’m excited about what their JV partner Barrick will doing to spend on their project in the next year and half, and having Quinton H. on board is definitely nice. He likes to focus on what he believes will be the largest deposits that can really help the industry, like Novo, Irving, Lion One, etc…

      As for Tristar Gold I’ve looked at it and am OK with Brazil, (as a shareholder of Jaguar Mining), but haven’t pulled the trigger on it yet. I also think Eloro Resources that Q.H. is involved with looks quite prospective, and I’d be tempted personally to buy that before Tristar. Both look interesting though.