Today we chat Uranium, gold, US markets, and Powell

August 26, 2020

Chris Temple joins us today to share his thoughts on a couple resource sectors and the US markets. A lot of the comments are tied into news events and the upcoming Powell speech at the virtual Jackson Hole meeting.

Click here to visit Chris’s site The National Investor.

    Aug 26, 2020 26:00 AM

    After 48 Years, Democrats Endorse Nuclear Energy In Platform

    Robert Bryce – August 23, 2020 – Forbes

    It took five decades, but the Democratic Party has finally changed its stance on nuclear energy. In its recently released party platform, the Democrats say they favor a “technology-neutral” approach that includes “all zero-carbon technologies, including hydroelectric power, geothermal, existing and advanced nuclear, and carbon capture and storage.”

      Aug 26, 2020 26:03 AM

      Energy Fuels (UUUU) (EFR) C-Suite Interview with CEO Mark Chalmers

      channelchek – Aug 21, 2020

        Aug 26, 2020 26:06 AM

        (UUUU) (EFR) Energy Fuels Predicts Uranium Price Increase As It Builds More Uranium ‘Than Any Other US Producer’

        Proactive Investors – August 20, 2020 #VIDEO

        “Energy Fuels Inc CEO Mark Chalmers tells Proactive he believes the spot price for uranium will only continue to increase, as the growing need for nuclear power in the world paves the way to a bright future for the firm. ”

          Aug 26, 2020 26:08 AM

          Energy Fuels (UUUU) (EFR) – Uranium Investors Looking to Critical Minerals Hub

          CruxInvestor – Jul 30, 2020 #VIDEO Interview

      Aug 26, 2020 26:11 AM

      Big Question Mark Over Uranium Supply Brewing

      By Robin Bromby – August 22, 2020

      “Even with the world’s biggest uranium mine to reopen next month, a survey of analysts shows that there are still concerns there will be a supply shortfall throughout next year running into 2022.”

      “The news that Cameco would reopen its Cigar Lake mine in Saskatchewan in September, and Orano would be reactivating its McClean Lake uranium mill to process ore from Cigar Lake, sent only a minor tremble through the spot market.”

      “Uranium’s spot price has already risen 30% for the year, however supply issues could see its price continue to rise.”

        Aug 26, 2020 26:15 AM

        EU experts to assess nuclear power’s green credentials

        By Frédéric Simon Jul 3, 2020

        “The move was welcomed by Foratom, the nuclear industry association. “This shows that they have taken recommendations that nuclear be assessed by scientific experts seriously,” said Yves Desbazeille, director general at Foratom.”

        “This is something which many stakeholders – including industry, several member states and MEPs – have been calling for over the past year,” Desbazeille said in a statement.

    Aug 26, 2020 26:00 AM

    Rick Rule On Future Of Gold, Uranium, Copper, Coal And More

    George Gammon – Rebel Capitalist Aug 21, 2020 #VIDEO

    Aug 26, 2020 26:21 AM

    To the gallery, Ex specifically mentioned his tranches as well as others have… are you guys taking 25% positions, 20%, or 33%? I know it depends but is there a general rule you follow, but if you really like it of course you will go with the higher first initial tranche.

      Aug 26, 2020 26:59 AM

      Hi…Growing Trees….Welcome to the KER Club…
      Follow some of the guys , & you could be growing , Oaks & Redwoods….
      Of course you will have to change your handle………

        Aug 26, 2020 26:01 PM

        guys on here………

          Aug 26, 2020 26:00 PM

          Oh I have and I am 😉

        Aug 26, 2020 26:53 PM

        lol… actually have quite a few trees (fruite / pecan) and double dips as a concept of things worth doing take time to grow.

          Aug 26, 2020 26:19 PM

          Hi GrowingTrees. As far as the buying in tranches I do not have a rigid rule, and sometimes I buy in 3 tranches, sometimes in 4 or 5 or 6 tranches. It totally depends on the kind of mining stock, as I’ll add more tranches to larger producer or top shelf developer, than I will to a more speculative explorer or prospect generator.

          It just depends on on how much I want to allocate to a position, how large I want it in my portfolio, and the fundamental and technical set up, so it is different for each stock.

          In general, I always imagine at the beginning that I’m going to buy a new position in about 3 tranches, so I think about what kind of capital I want to allocate to a stock and plop down 1/3 of that to start. Now if it craters shortly thereafter in price, I may add another 1/3 again (taking me to 2/3 of the desired position), and if it still moves lower, I’ll add the last 1/3.

          > Example 1: That is what played out recently in Silver Tiger where I knew I wanted to get a position, and have added 3 tranches as it pulled back, and now that it moved up higher today, I’ll likely let it ride for a while and reassess after they put out some drill holes.*

          * However life and stocks are rarely that simple.

          What normally happens is buying the first tranche near a turn, and then it moves up higher and I feel like I should have bought more, so if it pulls back some from the higher level, but not as low as my initial position, then I’ll add a second tranche, but not quite as large and take the position up to about 1/2 of where I want it to be ultimately. Then I may add 2 more tranches in 25% increments to get it up to the 100% allocation. Other times I may have miscalculated the initial buy, then buy a chunk much lower, and then add more if it recovers to a mid-way point between those two buys for a 3rd add.

          The reality is that as an active trader I’ll often trade around a core position dozens of times, chopping off 1/4, adding another 1/3, trimming 1/5, adding back 1/4, selling 40%, adding back 20%, and so on…. As long as I’m scalping profits, or tranching in to get it to a profitable position, then I may trade a stock quite a bit, but once I get it where it is a good size & weighting and I feel it has a long runway, then I’ll leave it be for a longer stretch.

          > Example 2: Santacruz Silver – I’ve been trading this stock for years, and I had done well, but then it went underwater on me for a period and every so often I’d just average down in it, and eventually I got my overall cost basis near parity by early last year. Then in 2019 it ripped much higher going up about 250-300% in just a few months, so I trimmed some back, but when it corrected back down substantially, I added the prior position back at lower prices, then it jumped again and I trimmed it again, then it jumped more this year and I trimmed back even more. When most stocks started running higher, I decided to average up in it to beef up the position, and it just kept running, so I’ve just left it alone since then and am happy with the position I have in it. If it really explodes higher then I’ll trim some back, but I’m happy with the core position in place for a longer period of time.

          That same kind of example could be applied to most of the positions in my portfolio, where if I see an extended out-sized move higher in a position, then I’ll normally sell about 20-50% of it (normally about 25% or 33% but sometimes I use the number of shares on the bid/ask spread to determine the amount of shares and it can be an oddball amount).

          On a Mid-Tier Producer like Coeur, Silvercorp, Americas Gold & Silver, McEwen, Galiano, Gold Resource Corp, etc…. or a Royalty company like Metalla or Maverix… I may buy and sell 10% increments here and there if I have profits to store, or need money to buy a smaller Jr. I’ve traded many of the more liquid dual listed stocks literally dozens and dozens of times, but it becomes less about tranches, and more about the weighting I want them to have in my portfolio.

          I have a lot of mining stock positions, but my main focus is on watching my top 2 dozen positions as that is where most of my capital is deployed. As a result, I often filter my portfolio by current market value of the positions to see how the batting order is doing, because I make so many trades, and I have a general idea of which companies I want the biggest weighting in, and I also don’t want them to grow too large in the portfolio. (I don’t usually like a position to get more than 4% of the portfolio, so if it gets up to 5-7%+ then I’ll chop it back down to size and redeploy the profits into other stocks).

          The point is that once I get a position going I rarely sell out in full, although I do completely sell from time to time if something fundamentally changes, if a major milestone is achieved, if there is a takeover, or if the grass is greener in another stock and I want to rotate out of one and into another. However, in general I keep a core position in stock and just shrink and grow it over time depending on market condition.

          For buying, then I’ll then wait for a correction of approximately a 23.6% or 38.2% Fibonacci retracement and buy that same position back again, but I’m not rigid about that either, and as long as it is a sizeable pullback maybe only 15-20%+, that looks like there will be chart support (like a moving average or trendline or lateral congestion zone), then I’ll add some back.

          > Example 3: I’ve been trading Impact Silver since 2016 and have traded it over 60 times, and have already traded it 16 times just this year so far. Recently I took inventory of how stocks were weighted against the overall portfolio, and I spitballed that I wanted to double the size of Impacts position so I had about 50%, and I wanted to add 2 more tranches of 25%. Well I did that last week and figured I had my position in place. However, when things sold off further this week, I added in a 5th tranche yesterday, and then a 6th tranche this morning, but had intended to only do 4 tranches. I just couldn’t pass up the additional weakness yesterday and this morning and went out on a limb and bought much more than I was planning on and it shot up to my largest position today. I was willing to do that with Impact (but wouldn’t have been with many stocks) because I’m comfortable owning a larger position of it, they are doing great operationally right now, and they have a 3 prong exploration program that just kicked off which should provide a lot of upcoming catalysts. However, if it moves up another 20-30% then I’ll likely trim off 15-30% as it will get a bit too large at that point for my comfort. I’ll keep a healthy position in it for the whole bull market, but like it to be around 5th-10th position due to it’s volatility. Sometimes it will creep up to 4th, 3rd, or 2nd, and I’ll chop it back down, but currently is my largest holding, but likely won’t stay that way.

          My basic approach is to consider my Gold holdings and my Silver holdings as 2 personal ETFs, and I’ve been keeping larger companies like Silvercorp, Coeur Mining, Argonaut Gold, or had used K92 and First Majestic in the past as the most heavily weighted positions. I generally like a mid-size producer as my largest position and anchor, but have occassionally used a big developer or royalty company as the lead position for small stretches.

          2020 has been a wild year, and for most of it Silvercorp, Coeur, and Argonaut have been my lead positions, but I’ve also had Endeavour Silver shoot up to pole position, and for a while had Alexco in the 1st chair, and even had Gold Resource Corp and Metalla Royalites in 1st position a few times this year. Sometimes I’ll get a wild hair and position extra big in 1 or 2 positions for a brief swing trade, and then when it pans out, will scalp the profits to build up funds or deploy in smaller Jrs, and then move that short-term out-sized position back down the batting order again. As this plays out then this sometimes moves other companies up the rankings during the rebalancing and I’ll need to re-evaluate those.

          This is why I am constantly resorting and ranking my positions by market value inside the portfolio, to make sure I keep a bigger weighting in some names, while also keeping an eye on the ones that have worked their way up higher than expected. Sometimes I’ll be in a hot narrative, and know it is doing well, but not really watch it closely as I know it’s on firm footing and then I’ll look and ask, “Why the hell is this position now larger than these positions?” Then it’s time to go trim the fat accordingly and knock the hot stock down a few pegs. Also there are times I’ll look for some of the quality names near the top of the sorting, and will notice that they have moved down into the middle to bottom chunk of my portfolio. When I notice that more speculative exploration plays or earlier developers are up ahead of more established names in portfolio weighting then I’ll sell down the more speculative name to add back to the quality name again.

          Bottom line: I’m constantly rebalancing due to the number of stocks in the portfolio, and based on news flow, technical set ups, or a shift in what mining stage I want to focus on. In late 2018 and mid 2019 I focused much more on the producers because I knew they’d move first, but then I got more enamored with developers as 2019 progressed into early 2020. When the sell-off started in late Feb into mid-March, and everything was universally selling off, I went most agressively in the larger market cap and more liquid stocks as I was doing very quick swing-trades and sometimes day-trades in them, and didn’t want to get too sidetracked with the micro-caps.

          However by May & June when the portfolio had recovered and was growing to new highs, I branched out a bit more into earlier stage developers that hadn’t moved as much yet, and some advanced explorers. By mid July I was concerned that things were getting frothy so from late July to early August, I trimmed down many producers and developers that had really run, and moved some funds to the sidelines, increased my positions in royalty companies as a bit safer bets, and then peppered in about a dozen more explorers that were cashed up with drill programs this year, figuring if they hit it big, even in correcting metals prices, their share prices would still do well on a discovery or continued exploration success.

          I’m waiting to see where things go after the Jackson Hole speeches tomorrow, and if we get follow through buying tomorrow and Friday which back buck the trend in this corrective move back to bullish again. As the explorers hit (or miss) over the next few months, then I’ll likely sell off many of them, as things tend to get more quiet around the holidays and early months of the new year in certain jurisdictions. There are some jurisdictions though that drill year round and those I may leave in place. I generally like most of the firepower in producers and solid developers for the Q1 run, and get more into the exploration stories starting in the spring through the fall.

          I’m not sure if that helps at all, but after writing all of that, I’m starting to think it would be a hell of alot less work just to throw everything into SILJ and just manage trading 1 ETF. Haha! (Just kidding… I really love this stuff).

            Aug 26, 2020 26:20 PM

            Whoa! I was on a stream-of-consciousness rant there, and didn’t realize how long that was. Please excuse the longer diatribe.

            Aug 26, 2020 26:03 PM

            Loved it and very impressive. I think aspirin will work and I will be OK. It really shows that it takes a lot work and planning to ride this train. I have a lot to learn and thank you for your sharing with all of us and all those contributing daily . Back to the drawing board.

            Aug 26, 2020 26:43 PM

            Thanks David. Good plan, I’m on a daily aspirin regiment, but may need a few extra if the markets stay crazy like this. LOL!

            Every night and early morning I’m back at the drawing board, trying to figure out a plan, and then the markets open and wipes away the board as a page 1 rewrite. 🙂

            Aug 26, 2020 26:44 PM

            Thanks David. Good plan, I’m on a daily aspirin regiment, but may need a few extra if the markets stay crazy like this. LOL!

            Every night and early morning I’m back at the drawing board, trying to figure out a plan, and then the markets open and wipes away the board as a page 1 rewrite. 🙂

            Aug 27, 2020 27:37 AM

            Your explanations are always very detailed and you do not know how much I appreciate that. Things to think about and things I am already doing. I have grown a lot since my first mining position, but recognize there is always so much more to learn. I have digested many of books (avid reader) along my journey. Some mentors you never get to meet face to face, but they changed your stars from the information they were willing to share / guide. At mid thirties, I can finally see the math where my stars could change. God bless, ever onward. (I am not the writer that you and some of the others eloquently are 🙁 more of a face to face talker but you do what you got to do 😉 As always, ty.

            Aug 27, 2020 27:23 AM

            GrowingTrees – Thanks for the kind words and glad it was helpful. It was helpful for me to think through what my process was, and how to manage the chaos.

            If I could summarize that long rant, it was basically, I treat each stock individually on their own fundamental & technical merits, but ultimately look at it as managing the weightings in Gold and Silver ETF.

            There are times I think that just owning an ETF would be easier, but I like get getting the dividends on stocks that pay them, like changing the weightings based on my own due diligence, and like participating in higher risk / higher torque Jrs that are often not featured in mainstream ETFs.

            This is similar to why Eric Sprott has 78 positions, but most are smaller speculative positions, and then there are some like Kirkland Lake, Jaguar, Discovery Metals, or Americas Gold & Silver where he has taken on a much more sizeable position to press his bets. That makes sense to me, and I generally do the same thing (only I don’t get in on the fantastic private placements and warrants like he and Rick Rule, Marin Katusa, Doug Casey, Palisade, etc… do); which likely effects which companies they back.

            In a nutshell there are companies that get the bigger weighting in the portfolio for a while, but as things change, so do those larger weightings, and then things trickle down the batting order to smaller weightings in the positions that may have more volatility, but could also bring in greater rewards. This provides upside leverage to outperform, but also protects an account from getting blown up by betting too large on just a few exploration stocks.


            If you look at how the SGDJ Sprott Junior Gold Miners ETF is weighted, it makes more sense to me (the weightings, no necessarily all the companies in it), but that is the general approach to weightings that I take in my personal ETFs.


            Aug 27, 2020 27:29 AM

            On further reflection that SGDJ ETF has a few 6%, 5%, 4% and 3% holds then a lot of .5-.3% holds.

            My portfolio is more 4%, 3%, 2%, 1%, 1/2% holds — meaning, that I have less 6% and 5% positions, (but do have those from time to time), and more 2-3% and 1-2% positions than they do, where they have big gap between 3%+ and the 1/2% positions, and that zone the 1-3% positions is where I live.

      Aug 26, 2020 26:00 PM

      I have never really thought about the size of a first buy, which I probably should. But what it appears I do, varies with price. If it is really cheap and I am early, I may buy a full position. If it expensive in my terms (over $2.00), I may start with 25% and if they keep putting out positive results, add 25% at a time. When I get to 100% and they put out a wishy washy response (recognizing that one release does not make a trend), I may do nothing or take off 25%. If it is in the range of say .30-.50, I try to get 50% minimum and build off releases. Today I liked what I saw in Silver Tiger and bought what probably will be a 75-80% position because the market went green and it was moving. Yesterday I moved less than 10% of a couple of positions to add 10% to Impact just because everything has been red and I was feeling Impact may have more momentum than the other 2. None of that means any form of success, it just seems to be what makes me feel good. Success is a green market…red is not a good thing in the long run. Put that in the FWIW info but what is more critical is to pay a lot of attention to the guys on here that thoroughly research things, put charts on it and understand the PM area from over years of following them. I may be too much momentum and market direction.

        Aug 26, 2020 26:33 PM

        I thought of an example of something that could have gone better but ended up great. My first 2 or 3 buys of Great Bear were in the 10% range as I waiting for more news. They were all in the 40 cent range. Great Bear hit big time after time and ran up quick. I ended up with about 12 buys and an average of about $3.40 a share overall. Had I bought all at 40 cents, that would have been impressive. But and average of $3.40 is good. Had it failed and I bought 100% that would not have been as bad as failing at $3.40. But, all that is looking backward rather than forward and anything forward is a judgement call on what the current situation seems to tell you. You have to be comfortable with your decisions as relying on a rule may steer you wrong. Maybe a rule on taking profits…but that is not always the rule for the situation, but it is never a mistake.

          Aug 26, 2020 26:59 PM

          I really appreciate your feedback David. Always working on my craft…. a lot of respect for people around here.

            Aug 26, 2020 26:48 PM

            Agreed. Good thoughts David and it is always interesting to hear how someone approaches managing their portfolios. I don’t think nearly as much about the price per share, as the overall dollar amount I want to invest, or the overall dollar amount the position has grown to (or fallen to) inside my portfolio, or the percentage of the position inside the portfolio. Of course, it is easy to get more leverage through the smaller share size if it grows by double-digits regularly, as trader tend to disproportionately buy/sell penny stocks on huge percentage swings, much more so than that they’d do with the exact same amount of money in a larger share price stock. I’ll use that to my advantage on out-sized moves, but I look at everything through the lens of percentage moves in the capital invested, and not so much the price of the shares themselves. Likewise, I look at the market cap of the company to judge it’s value, more so than the number of shares or share price (as it the culmination of the 2, and much better for a peer comparison than the other 2 data points – price/share count just in isolation).

          Aug 26, 2020 26:39 PM

          I can’t shut up …sorry. But, thought of something else. I don’t necessarily think in terms of cost but shares. If I catch a low price, I try to pick up more shares. If I were to buy Amazon, that is not an option. So the lower the price, needs more shares like Mexus. I have 100,000 shs but I anticipate a future price of 0 or a 10-1 reverse split. So I look at it as really owning 10,000 shares at a cost of less than $1. So…think about leverage always as a player. A quality stock will cost more but the leverage is reduced. But price may nullify leverage.

            Aug 26, 2020 26:49 PM

            haha! With Mexus you almost have to buy in 100,000 share increments. Bring out the wheelbarrow. 🙂

            Aug 26, 2020 26:53 PM

            I was in a private Mexus room for a while with other investors and most of it was million share increments discussions. It sounds like a lot until you realize it’s a penny stock.

            That is why I normally ignore the number of shares or share price and focus more on the capital allocated and the percentage moves.


            Aug 26, 2020 26:04 PM

            I am excited to see if MXSG runs to $.20 again like it did in 2016, now that they are solidly in production and ramping things up higher again.

            Aug 26, 2020 26:12 PM

            You are right about 100,000 increments, but I don’t like it that much. It’s like beer money…The other day I was up $100 and thought about adding to Somoman.

            Aug 26, 2020 26:13 PM

            Selling and adding to Sokoman

            Aug 26, 2020 26:29 PM

            Yeah, I could see that too. Raising beer money is worthwhile cause. Mexus is quite speculative and higher, and keep just keep it as a tiny position in my portfolio just in case it decides to go on an explosive move higher again one day. There were a couple of nice moves back in early 2019 that were fun to trade, and I was thinking now that it is generating revenues, that is may go from a 9-10 Million market cap to a 100-200 Million market cap stock and be a 10 to 20 bagger. That can be fun no matter what the allocation. Back in 2016 I eventually had a 56 bagger in it, but trimmed it most of the way up. This time if I get a large multi-bagger I’m going to do my best to sit on my hands and let it run….

            Aug 26, 2020 26:32 PM

            Yeah, I’ve been waiting for an update in Sokoman ever since they found those high grade boulders recently. I’d like to see some meaningful exploration results from them in the next few weeks to know whether to add or sell. I’m rooting for them to hit again on this next phase of exploration. I believe they are on phase 5 or 6 now if memory serves.

            Aug 26, 2020 26:38 PM

            I just went and checked and hadn’t seen the recent presser where they just started their 6th phase of exploration. It highlighted the prior 5 phases as well.


            (SIC) (SICNF) Sokoman Minerals Receives Permits; Drilling to Begin at Moosehead Gold Project, Central Newfoundland
            August 24, 2020

            “Since acquiring the project in 2018 and discovering the Eastern Trend mineralization in the first hole, the Company has intersected outstanding drill results in the Eastern Trend in all 5 drill phases completed. Highlights* from each of the 5 phases include:”

            Phase 1 MH-18-01 11.90 m @ 44.96 g/t Au, incl. 5.65 m @ 93.56 g/t Au
            Phase 2 MH-18-39 5.10 m @ 124.20 g/t Au, incl. 1.10 m @ 550.30 g/t Au
            Phase 3 MH-19-62 7.20 m @ 22.35 g/t Au, incl. 4.80 m @ 33.59 g/t Au
            Phase 4 MH-19-81 6.40 m @ 17.34 g/t Au, incl. 1.45 m @ 75.50 g/t Au
            Phase 5 MH-20-86 5.20 m @ 16.85 g/t Au, incl. 1.35 m @ 61.11 g/t Au


    Aug 26, 2020 26:35 PM

    Here’s the kid that got arrested for shooting the looters.

    Their were a group of people defending a car lot from the looters and this kid was one of them. The looters went after him and he killed 2 of them in self-defense.

    The politicians and police let the rioters have their way, people try to defend property and then shoot looters in self-defense then they get charged with murder. That’s just the way our rulers want it.

    Anyway, you can bet this video won’t last long on youtube. I will try to put it up on one of those file sharing sites.

      Aug 26, 2020 26:38 PM

      Here is the link starting at the beginning where the looters are chasing the kid charged with murder.

        Aug 26, 2020 26:23 PM

        The problem is we do not see the first person he supposedly shot and do not know the circumstances of that shooting yet. What we see in the video is several citizens (sarc) chasing after the shooter with someone saying “get that dude and “he shot someone”. We see the shooter while on the ground shoot one person who fell to the ground who was probably one of those killed and another one who appears to get shot in the arm. Will have to wait for more details to determine if the shooting was self-defense. If the first person that he shot was not in self-defense then he has a problem. Any one have more info about how it first started?

          Aug 26, 2020 26:42 PM

          Here is a video. It is said this is the kid being chased by the first thug he shot.

            Aug 26, 2020 26:52 PM

            What the heck…..the thug, has to be a little brain dead, to be chasing a person with the weapon…..

            Aug 26, 2020 26:06 PM

            Thanks. And yes OOTB Jerry you have to be very brain dead to chase a person with a weapon like that law abiding citizen (sarc) did.

            Aug 26, 2020 26:07 PM

            And Wayne, let’s not forget…they are just peaceful protestors…

          Aug 26, 2020 26:47 PM

          We don’t have all the facts…and if the facts exonerate him as I think they do you can bet they won’t be allowed in a court of law or the MSM.

          You have to ask why this is happening. And not just happening but going on for months. It is because this is just what our rulers want. The gooberment has tremendous power. We live in a police state and if you doubt that just read the stuff John Whitehead writes about. If our rulers wanted to, they could stamp this out in a second.

            Aug 26, 2020 26:53 PM

            ditto……..on If our rulers wanted to, they could stamp this out in a second.

            Aug 26, 2020 26:09 PM

            It’s the same with the plandemic…it is all just what our rulers…our real rulers…not their made for TV puppets and political whores….want

      Aug 26, 2020 26:43 PM

      When youtube takes it down you can watch the video here

      (if you get an ad for a vpn just click off to the side of it and it should go away.)

      Aug 26, 2020 26:23 PM

      Talk of setting up a gofundme account to get the kid some legal help. But as someone mentioned maybe gofundme would not allow it or maybe even seize the money?

        Aug 26, 2020 26:29 PM

        This was posted in that thread.

        “A GoFundMe was already set up, and shut down immediately. So that’s not an option.”

        Don’t know if it’s true but if it is I’m not surprised. You can bet it wouldn’t be shut down if it was Antifa.

    Aug 26, 2020 26:10 PM

    Growing trees,

    Go back a few days I believe I got the ball rolling with the tranches.. ask jerry he is the judge and jury lol..

    Kidding aside there has been talk about tranches yes me included.

    Both for short and Long term portfolio!

    1. I roll with four darts

    Darts= let’s say 100,000

    25% each dart

    1. Dart 1 usually deployed at 38% rounded

    Minor correction

    2. Dart 2 usually deployed at 50% rounded

    Uneasy correction

    3. Dart 3 usually deployed at 61% rounded

    Start sweating correction

    4. Dart 4 usually deployed at catastrophic events

    Your balls are sweating correction lol

    Hope this helps


    Aug 26, 2020 26:35 PM

    Grant Williams (4th Turning, Helicopter Money, Pension Bubble, The END GAME)

    George Gammon – Rebel Capitalist – August 24, 2020

      Aug 26, 2020 26:12 PM

      Doug Casey and Rick Rule: ‘The Greater Depression’ and fate of the global economy (Pt. 1/2)

      Kitco News – Aug 26, 2020 #VIDEO

      “This year, the global economy has contracted at a pace previously unseen. However, the crisis this year was only the trigger for what would otherwise have been an inevitable collapse in our economy.”

      “Doug Casey, founder of Casey Research, and Rick Rule, president of Sprott U.S., discussed with Kitco News the underlying fundamental problems with not just our economy, but society at large, that have been brewing for years.”

    Aug 26, 2020 26:23 PM

    Copper price to extend rally on “signs of Chinese panic buying”

    Frik Els | August 26, 2020

    Aug 27, 2020 27:59 AM

    (JAG) (JAGGF) Jaguar Mining Completes Share Consolidation and Provides Update on Previously-Announced Quarterly Dividend

    by @accesswire on 26 Aug 2020

    Aug 27, 2020 27:02 AM

    (IPT) (ISVLF) Impact Silver Announces Q2 Financial & Production Results; Adjusted EBITDA of $0.48 Million on $2.84 Million Revenue Despite COVID-19 Related Shutdown

    by @newsfile on 27 Aug 2020

      Aug 27, 2020 27:04 AM

      Fred Davidson, President & CEO of IMPACT, stated, “At the outset of the COVID19 pandemic we were all faced with an uncertainty and potential prolonged catastrophic shutdown if the virus spread. I would like to commend our operation staff on an effective social distancing practice in limiting COVID19 to zero cases Zacualpan mining district and contributed significantly in being able to recommence operations in a timely manner.

      Despite losing nearly half the quarter (April to June) due to mandatory shutdown, high grade, a sharp rally in silver prices, and an ability to sell some stockpile allowed IMPACT to mitigate a large drop in revenue. In fact, the Company actually turned operation profit and positive EBITDA for the sixth quarter since January 2019. With silver reaching higher prices in Q3 2020 and beyond, IMPACT’s profitability as pure silver producer will only be further magnified.

      With additional capital coming in the market and rapid increase in silver prices in recent months, IMPACT is well positioned to be able to fast track additional targets and rationalize further expansion possibilities on both exploration and production fronts.”

      Aug 27, 2020 27:06 AM

      (SILV) (SIL) SilverCrest Announces Acquisition of El Picacho Property Near Las Chispas

      @newsfile on 27 Aug 2020

      N. Eric Fier, CPG, P.Eng, and CEO, remarked, “We first looked at acquiring Picacho in 2016, after the sale of SilverCrest Mines Inc. (SilverCrest’s predecessor) in 2015, as a continuation of our regional exploration program on search of a new district containing multiple precious metal epithermal veins. After 4 years of patience, we have now acquired the next district. The most historic prominent vein in the district, El Picacho Vein, can be easily accessed by a 4 metre by 4 metre underground decline which visually shows the vein underground as approximately 6 metres wide with historic grades and SilverCrest recent sampling results ranging from 350 to 1,000 gpt silver equivalent (“AgEq”*). Historic drill intercepts in this vein’s initial high-grade footprint have a weighted average of 4.1 metres grading 618 gpt AgEq* (see attached Figures, Table and Historic Qualification below). We plan on using our 15 years of local experience gained at Santa Elena and Las Chispas to unlock the potential at Picacho. The Company anticipates starting an exploration drill program at Picacho before the end of the year, subject to permitting and minimal disruptions from COVID-19.”

    Aug 27, 2020 27:40 AM

    Nineteen Eric Sprott Holdings about to Detonate!

    Patrick Karim – August 24, 2020 #TechnicalAnalysis #Charts

    “Using monthly log chart with volume profiling to review my top 19 from 78 Eric Sprott holdings. ”


      Aug 27, 2020 27:43 AM

      That was an interesting parade of charts for Sprott companies that haven’t moved as much as the others but have great potential according to Patrick’s technical outlook.

      On that list I hold BBB, EXN, ORX, and SIC , but I may have add a few more of them since most of them look poised to break higher.

        Aug 27, 2020 27:20 AM

        This is another interesting video from Patrick where he distills down 30 Silver stocks to 8 stocks that haven’t broken out yet. The finalists are (MGG, AYA, DEF, AUN, BCM, CCW, AUMN, and EXN). Out of those I hold DEF, AUN, and EXN and have been considering AUMN as an add.

        He really does a good job of showing where the trend-line breakouts were in conjunction with the Ichimoku Cloud resistance, and how the stocks broke out of multi-year basing patterns to explode higher. He feels many of the stocks have run too far and too fast to the upside and disqualified those, but we aren’t in a normal market and these aren’t blue chip companies, they are Silver miners that have been crushed down to ridiculous levels as the metals prices have exploded upwards. Having said that, I did see a number of hot new silver companies that came on the scene in the last year or so that are pretty extended on that list he covers.

        It’s definitely worth watching to see how Patrick does his quick shotgun analysis on so many stocks in a 26 minute period.


        Eight Explosive Silver Stock Setups!

        Patrick Karim – August 23, 2020

        Global List reviewed:

        “Sifting through Gold Ventures great list of +30 silver stocks to spot next HUGE breakouts. Watch till the end to see the surviving eight!”