A broad market rebound continues and news in the Lithium space drive Piedmont Lithium much higher

September 28, 2020

Chris Temple joins me to wrap up the markets for today. The broad based recovery that started on Friday continued today with pretty much everything except the US Dollar moving higher. Chris shares hid thoughts on how far this will go.

As for the Lithium space, Tesla and Piedmont Lithium announced a major supply deal that has more investors focusing on the sector. We discuss what this means for the sector what to watch when looking to invest in lithium companies.

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    Sep 28, 2020 28:23 PM

    Great Bear Drills Wide Shallow Gold Intervals at LP Fault:
    3.22 g/t Gold Over 63.60 m and 4.61 g/t Gold Over 39.80 m
    in Same Drill Hole
    September 28, 2020 – Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

    Sep 28, 2020 28:28 PM

    Blue Lagoon drills 1.42 m of 107 g/t Au at Dome Mtn

    2020-09-28 11:25 ET – News Release
    Mr. Rana Vig reports

    Sep 28, 2020 28:32 PM

    San Marco samples up to 13.3 g/t Au, 633 g/t Ag at Buck

    2020-09-28 10:47 ET – News Release
    Mr. Robert Willis reports


      Sep 28, 2020 28:39 PM

      httIra’s metalsps://

    Sep 28, 2020 28:36 PM

    Advantage Lithium ex Sidoo reports to U.S. jail

    2020-09-25 18:40 ET – Street Wire
    by Mike Caswell
    Vancouver promoter David Sidoo has reported to a U.S. federal prison to begin serving the sentence that he received for cheating the U.S. college admissions system. Mr. Sidoo, who once sat on the UBC Board of Governors and had a football field at the university named after him, must serve 90 days after pleading guilty to a criminal charge in Boston on July 15, 2020. The judge also ordered him to pay $250,000, an amount that he paid on Friday, Sept. 25. (All figures are in U.S. dollars.)

    Sep 28, 2020 28:16 PM

    How about some yellow cake,,,,,,,Uranium One info,,,,,,,lol

      Sep 28, 2020 28:19 PM

      Same scam is going to be played out again and again,,,,,,,
      With the Help of Uncle,

        Sep 28, 2020 28:07 PM

        I assume that you don’t mean “The Man from Uncle”

    Sep 28, 2020 28:24 PM

    Noticed Frank G. climbed back out if his hiding hole, with his great wisdom,,,,
    He knows how the game works and is going to make another film,,,,Roaring Gate Films
    He is laughing all the way , with his new mouth piece,

      Sep 28, 2020 28:04 PM

      I have only met him once and I guarantee you that he is far from stupid!

        Sep 29, 2020 29:56 PM

        unethical though

    Sep 28, 2020 28:25 PM

    Lockdown created by CCP propaganda campaign FBI was aware that CCP pressured local politicians. On July 7, FBI Director Christopher Wray disclosed that the CCP specifically approached local politicians to endorse its pandemic response:

      Sep 29, 2020 29:11 AM

      The CCP confined 57 million Hubei residents to their homes. At the time, human rights observers expressed concerns. As one expert told The New York Times, “the shutdown would almost certainly lead to human rights violations and would be patently unconstitutional in the United States.”.
      …………………………Humm unconstitutional in the USA………….Humm

        Sep 29, 2020 29:28 AM

        Very interesting coming from The NY Times

        Sep 29, 2020 29:34 AM

        I just re-read your comment and now understand the full implication of it. Thanks!

          Sep 29, 2020 29:51 AM

          Sorry, I should have made it more clear……….
          The USA WAS LOCKED DOWN………….totally Unconstitutional…..
          A few well connected have PLUNDERED THE TREASURY……FACT.

            Sep 29, 2020 29:11 AM

            Don’t know about The Treasury, but then again nothing would surprise me. America has now been locked down for over six months and a psychological toll has definitely been taken.

            Sep 29, 2020 29:26 AM

            The Treasury has been looted…….by the Pentagon, Fasbe 56 Rule of Accounting.
            The last Covid Bill, if, you look at the amount of money that went to the connected,
            the Treasury was looted, directly or indirectly…..Another $3 Trillion….before , it was Bush and Obama.. starting with 9/11., way before that Nixon did us no favors.
            This has been gone over a million times……

    Sep 28, 2020 28:33 PM

    At some point, you’re gonna have to snap out of the trance.
    If you think there’s no difference in who wins the election, your delusional.
    Or do you have an agenda?

    I remember Ron Paul, Jeff Deist and Daniel McAdams saying that there was no difference between Hillary and Trump this time four years ago.
    Were they delusional , or shills?
    You decide.

      Sep 29, 2020 29:15 PM

      At some point you’re gonna have to confront your ignorance and recognize that you are what Paul Gottfried would call a pseudo conservative. You are the same as those who blindly loved Obama. Facts don’t matter to you because you don’t know anything for yourself. Therefore, everything Trump does is “genius” to you. It’s purely a faith-based approach with a big dollop of wishful thinking.
      The powers that be are getting everything they want in Trump while the dumb sheep are mesmerized by the MSM-produced theater (which the PTB also control). The fact is, Trump is a big spending authoritarian who is happy to intervene heavily in the economy, our personal lives, and in the affairs of other countries, JUST LIKE HIS PREDECESSORS AND OPPONENTS. A thinking person knows that he only looks somewhat decent because the horrible Democrats have set the bar so incredibly low.
      There are good, practical reasons to hope for Trump’s victory but in the long run, the destination will be very similar to the one the D’s are focused on.

    Sep 29, 2020 29:05 AM

    Good piece out this morning from Stewart Thomson indicating two possible catylsts for gold and the miners, Chinese Golden Week and Employment Report on Friday.

      Sep 29, 2020 29:07 AM

      One catalyst to drive gold higher: Reality

    Sep 29, 2020 29:14 AM

    JPM………will continue to spoof………just play along…….Gold going higher and then they will wash and rinse…..

    Sep 29, 2020 29:19 AM

    OTAY…..Biden is eating his oats about now….Some amphetamines and steroids about an hour and a half before, to pump the brain, along with a hit of benzos to relax him…He will be good to go!

      Sep 29, 2020 29:55 AM

      Is Jill spoon feeding him this morning……. and did she change his diaper….. 🙂

        Sep 29, 2020 29:16 AM

        MSM, ….already has the questions for tonight debate……Joe will not need to know the question ,..he just has to know how to ….read lips…. lol
        Joe will be given Q cards provided by the audience…

          Sep 29, 2020 29:33 AM

          Box, there are going to be a lot of questions about tonight!

            Sep 29, 2020 29:00 AM

            Most likely……..I will not be surprised by anything………

            Sep 29, 2020 29:06 AM

            Neither will I, Jerry!

      Sep 29, 2020 29:17 AM

      I am very anxious to see just how Biden does tonight. Trump is a tough foe!

        Sep 29, 2020 29:27 AM

        Do not believe anything you hear from the lips of Biden, …..MSM, will be moving his lips on he screen….via lip sync ……this is all a big show….. 🙂

          Sep 29, 2020 29:30 AM

          Good joke, but seriously, at this point it is hard for me to believe much of anything that a career politician has to say.

            Sep 29, 2020 29:45 AM

            Ditto……….I believe NON OF THEM……if, they say anything of value, they are thrown out,……eliminated………We are in ONE BIG CIRCUS ACT…..
            The Justice Dept Does not exist, nor is there a valid Supreme Court( for WE THE PEOPLE)

            Sep 29, 2020 29:47 AM

            Thanks for REPLYING………..hope all goes well with you today……..Blessings to You….

            Sep 29, 2020 29:12 AM

            It has been going well for about five years. I felt sorry for myself for awhile and the God straighten me out!

            Sep 29, 2020 29:20 AM

            God can sure ground a person……Easier to sort things out, if, you have a starting point…problem with a lot of people , they do not understand the starting point.
            It is daily, and hourly….

            Sep 29, 2020 29:36 AM


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            Thanks Larry. Not a long trip, I simply had to take my wife into the Dialysis Center for her treatment. Call me anytime that it is convenient for you.

            Sep 29, 2020 29:07 PM

            NON to NONE,,,,,,,

    Sep 29, 2020 29:48 AM

    No rest for the weary trading GBP/USD this morning. Whipsaw action 50 pips up in one minute, and five minutes later, 50 pips back down. Stopped out everyone.

      Sep 29, 2020 29:48 AM

      GAME, ……because they CAN……..there is no market……

    Sep 29, 2020 29:59 AM

    Gold did well today………….. $1899……….bumping it’s head on the 19teens again….

      Sep 29, 2020 29:01 PM

      Maybe , we could raise a cup, to $1923…….. 🙂

        Sep 29, 2020 29:05 PM

        After the DEBATE tonight, …….anything is possible……….

    Sep 29, 2020 29:02 PM

    BIDEN says NO……to DRUG TEST…..and Hearing Device. check……….BOO HOO….

      Sep 29, 2020 29:55 PM

      On September 29, 2020 at 6:14 am,
      OOTB Jerry says:
      JPM………will continue to spoof………just play along…….Gold going higher and then they will wash and rinse…..

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