Inflation / Deflation / Stagflation – What environment are we in for?

October 21, 2020

Chris Temple joins me to outline why he thinks we all need to be considering a stagflation environment. We look to copper and yields creeping higher while the dollar remains near the bottom of it’s trading range. A lot weighs on the expected government funding package and where that money lands in the market and the economy.

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    Oct 21, 2020 21:05 AM

    What is Bonzo buying? I bought more Irving at the open today@2.21
    NULGF drills have started. Will they hit the motherlode or a duster?

    Oct 21, 2020 21:05 AM

    The dollar is dropping because the Chinese are not buying treasuries or bonds.
    Their manufacturing was NOT hurt so far by covid-19. (They exported the disease !)
    So their exports of manufactured goods are doing well.
    China had bad weather and thus HAVE to import beans and corn. Otherwise the dollar would be dropping more.

    Oct 21, 2020 21:20 AM

    Best argument for BITCOIN I’ve ever heard- YouTube: Real Conversations Michael Saylor on bitcoin

      Oct 21, 2020 21:11 AM

      Mr Saylor doesnt believe gold is a store of wealth.
      Bitcoin does seem to be doing better than gold recently tho.

        Oct 21, 2020 21:47 AM

        Luckily, it doesn’t matter what Saylor or anyone “believes” about gold as a store of wealth, the perfectly clear evidence shows that it does. No knowledgeable person would ever compare BC to gold since BC’s decade of trading action proves that it has no monetary attributes of any importance. In real (or nominal) terms, it is anything but stable.

          Oct 21, 2020 21:41 PM

          Regardless of what you may believe or think, you have to listen to his argument. I am a HODLER (3) @ $421 in 2016. Clif High sold me on the story back then. Keith McCollough is as sharp as anyone out in the hedge fund community, a gold guy as well in his QUAD system. Saylor, put $450 million in it last month. Now Real Vision Raoul Pal is totally sold on it as well. COMPELLING !

            Oct 21, 2020 21:35 PM

            I will watch it now but can tell you in advance that the fact that BC can’t compete with gold as a form of money does not mean that it can’t go to the moon (again). Whether it beats gold or not in coming months/years is immaterial to the fact that gold is vastly superior money.

            Oct 21, 2020 21:01 PM

            Ditto on……” fact that gold is vastly superior money”
            When the electric goes off……….BC will be electrified…

            Oct 21, 2020 21:43 PM

            Jerry, let’s Hope when the electricity ceases, we’re at The Grand Wedding Feast

            Oct 21, 2020 21:05 PM

            Ditto Marty………..that was a great comment….

            Oct 21, 2020 21:08 PM

            Revelation 19:6-9

            Oct 21, 2020 21:12 PM

            Saylor talks “wealth storage” but describes nothing but speculation while making his case for BC. The guy shows he does not understand the purpose of money when he compares Apple and BC to it. Gold measures and stores value like no other “money” ever has. That is a fact that drove our chicken-loving Birdman crazy.
            Saylor isn’t a fan of BC for wealth storage at all, he’s clearly into it purely for speculation, i.e., huge capital appreciation. Comparing gold to BC is not an “apples to oranges” comparison, it’s apples to Caesars Palace. I’ve never come across a BC holder that didn’t buy it for capital appreciation and most expect wild capital appreciation since that’s what they’ve seen from it so far.
            Gold is so good at what it does that the central bankers had to replace it altogether with fake money that they could corrupt. They’ve turned a meter into a centimeter and BC holders want to turn that centimeter into a kilometer.
            Joe Sixpack is heavily invested but Saylor wants us to believe that it’s the billionaires that represent dumb money.

            To be clear, BC can go higher and maybe even much, much higher but such action would only prove that it was a good speculation.

            Oct 21, 2020 21:16 PM

            For the record, I own relatively little gold since the current environment is so ripe for speculation. Why store value when you can multiply it?

            Oct 22, 2020 22:34 AM

            I have 3 grand kids, exactly the reason why I , as Saylor, am looking long range on a finite entity that will be easily transferable in another 15 yrs or so when I’m most likely not around.

          Oct 21, 2020 21:25 PM


          Oct 22, 2020 22:34 AM

          Dear Matthew. Bitcoin has gone up only because the evil cabal running the world wanted it to rise. Likewise, gold and gold stocks will rise in price only if and when the same evil cabal, who owns 99% of all the gold ever mined, allows its. As much as I appreciate your hard work, I am comfident that that is the case, no matter any technical analysis.

            Oct 22, 2020 22:26 AM

            Can’t say I disagree, 1968, yes, like most subterfuge, the CIA UBER NATION has its paws in most everything, foreign & domestic.

            Oct 22, 2020 22:34 AM

            Marty, CIA are just the “technicans” doing the dirty work. Their masters are a lot higher up the ladder. Ditto for the US army

            Oct 22, 2020 22:09 AM

            Norrareal1968, the people you speak of can manipulate price significantly in the short term and possibly even distort market action to a significant degree for years, but the big picture is outside of their control as long as new currency creation continues. Do you really think they could have kept the price at $35 after Nixon declared us all Keynesians in 1971? The fact is, Nixon had to end (default on) the USD’s gold convertibility precisely because the inflation of the ’50s and ’60s could not be contained and had, naturally, exposed the ridiculousness of $35 gold. Such an artificially low price would make gold unavailable because demand skyrocket while willing sellers would completely disappear.

            Jim Dines told Alan Greenspan in the early 1960s that gold was going to go up massively in the 1970s and Greenspan replied that “they” wouldn’t let that happen. Dines then informed him that “they” didn’t have a say in the matter. Of course, Dines was right and gold rose 25-fold that decade.

            Gold Wars: The Battle Against Sound Money As Seen From A Swiss Perspective
            by Ferdinand Lips

            Like Dines over 50 years ago, I know for a fact that gold is going much higher from here in the years right in front of us.

            Oct 22, 2020 22:29 AM

            Dear Matthew, I think you got me wrong. I didn’t say that the price of gold will not go much higher. I just said it will go higher when the cabal decides so. I am 100% confident that the cabal will confiscate gold (at least in the EU, North America and China). I have a hunch they will do the same as Rooswelt did back in 1933. Confiscate and then devalue their currencies against gold. They might even devalue a lot more than Rooswelt did. Say 1 to 4 or 5. I have always believed that gold will be part of “their” monetary reset. But then again, ordinary people, like you and me might not have much use of it. I could be wrong, tough

            Oct 22, 2020 22:45 AM

            Norrareal1968, I’ve pondered the confiscation issue for the last 10-15 years and have concluded that confiscation is highly unlikely for many reasons. One obvious consideration is the fact that very few people own any gold at all when compared with the average person in 1930. Gold ownership today is very concentrated while the average person has far more debt than savings so little there’s little to gain and plenty to lose (what’s left of the herd’s trust in its owners).

            I’ve never seen it mentioned but I am not all sure they could confiscate/outlaw gold entirely and get away with it. After slimeball FDR nationalized the people’s money, the dollar was still backed by gold and U.S. trade partners could still redeem their dollars for gold. Fast-forward to 1971; I think it’s no coincidence that gold became legal again once the dollar was completely delinked from it. That move was a necessary “bleeder valve” to release smart money selling pressure on the dollar. The relegalization provided a de facto self-directed backing of the currency for those smart enough to see it (big money) and probably saved the dollar from going much lower or evaporating altogether in a currency crisis.

            Relatively speaking, the masses currently hold no more than gold crumbs so now it’s time for the elite to monetize all the gold they’ve spent a century accumulating and their central banks are the facilitator while the sheeple are the conduit. The market system is still the most efficient at transferring wealth from the many to the few because it is voluntary and offers the possibility (expectation) of great reward. Why would those in charge ruin such a setup?

            Last but not least, the controls that the powers-that-be now enjoy have eliminated the need for confiscation. Between technology and taxation, freedom and property rights are already nothing more than an illusion.

            Oct 22, 2020 22:06 PM

            Several years ago, When talking about the Act of 1933…….
            I mentioned, that not all the gold coins could have been turned in…..
            As a coin collector, ….If, all the coins were turned in, …the likely hood of
            there being coins graded MS 64 and above surviving, and being on the market today,,,would be about ZERO chance.
            There is no way a graded coin, being turned in and landing in a bag without considerable damage, …is slim to none. The case for the MS 65 and above coins to survive to this day, results in me saying , NOT ALL THE COINS WERE TURNED IN.
            And there is considerable available today…..go to Apmex, Heritage Auction, or Ebay…and see for your self………JMO

            Oct 22, 2020 22:31 PM

            I think Matthew makes some good points……especially, the percentage of ownership today compared to 1933…….
            In addition…we mentioned that the Public back then was more trusting , and law respecting,….I seriously doubt , anyone who has gold is going to turn it in to the Thief…

            Oct 23, 2020 23:53 AM

            Matthew and Jerry, while all gold might be difficult to confiscate, what they certainly will do is make gold illegal to trade. Matthew, I do get your points but the confiscation has nothing to do with the fact that so few of the sheeple own it. While I do think that a coming monetary reset (digital currency based on blockchain) will include some sort of gold backing, I still believe it will play out as written above. The cabal will use the reset to put gold away once and for all.

            Oct 23, 2020 23:22 AM

            Norrareal1968, gold has already been “put away once and for all” in the minds of the masses and that is the best the cabal will be able to do. Nothing they do will demonetize it in reality and they know that better than anyone. They are not dumb enough to attempt to outlaw it globally. To do so would expose weakness that they’d rather keep hidden because their monetary system would simply not work as they need it to if they try it. Their primary goal is complete control over everyone and outlawing gold would hinder that goal, not help it. They’ve been masterful at enslaving everyone in such a way that most people still celebrate their freedoms and that is a big asset as they attempt to tighten the screws further. To criminalize the ownership of an inert metal would make the tyranny obvious to too many people, including many who don’t care about or own gold.
            The bottom line is that they have no good reasons to outlaw gold but very good reasons not to. Mark my words, gold will not be banned. Not now, not in our lifetimes.

            Oct 23, 2020 23:15 PM

            Matthew, I appreciate your point. Yet, if what you write is true wouldn’t a rapidly rising gold price actually expose more weaknesses to their monetary system. My point is just beacuse masses do not own any gold they would not mind it being confiscated/made illegal to trade.

            Oct 23, 2020 23:29 PM

            If gold goes to the moon, most people would see it the way they saw Bitcoin when it went to the moon: in isolation. The masses have no clue about gold these days and the same goes for too many so-called professionals.

            I agree with you that many don’t care about gold but Americans in particular don’t like being told they can’t own something, especially something that they know is intrinsically harmless. But I won’t argue that point strongly since sheeple attitudes toward gold aren’t a big consideration, in my opinion. What matters to the powers-that-be is control, sustainable control, and keeping gold legal will help their plans by providing stability as well as a way for those few who understand to hedge themselves against the inevitable reset turmoil (which has begun). Their success so far, and to come, requires the support or at least silence of society’s “movers and shakers” (those who get things done and have significant assets). In other words, banning gold would make life difficult for would-be allies, directly and, more so, indirectly due to the trouble it would cause in other markets.

            Basel III rules made gold a tier 1 asset last year for commercial banks (up from tier 3) which means that gold is, once again, officially as good as a U.S. treasury bond. Gold is vital to the reboot and reliquification of the system and “they” have so much of it that we can count on it eventually being promoted heavily to drive its value as high as possible.

            Oct 25, 2020 25:01 AM

            Dear Matthew, sorry for a late reply. If what you write is true, and gold is moving towards the system rather than out, why is the cabal surppressing its ascent? Given what you’ve written, wouldn’t a moon shot further cabal’s interests?

            Oct 25, 2020 25:55 AM

            Norrareal1968, I do not think that a moonshot would benefit the central planners because of the disruptions it would cause. Moonshots in other assets (like Bitcoin) are comparatively meaningless since they do not call into question the health of the U.S. dollar/USD system. So, to avoid a currency crisis, it would make sense to manage the decline of the dollar/rise of gold. The planners and their politicians know that incrementalism is generally a good idea when implementing any unpopular policy or agenda so as not to spook the herd and give themselves bigger challenges. However, there’s only so much they can do to slow the USD’s decline/gold’s advance at this point which is why gold rose 44% in just 5 months following its March low and almost 80% since August 2018. More large advances are coming and the biggest/quickest ones are still ahead.
            There will never come a time in which the planners lose their ability to manipulate any market in several ways so I cringe a little when the GATA types talk about them being “overrun” for good. That’s simply never going to happen. Their influence will always be with us.

    Oct 21, 2020 21:23 AM

    cfs and everyone, go to and listen to the great interview with Professor Mark Crispin Miller, a leftist philosopher who teaches a course on propaganda at NYU. A girl in his class twittered when he assigned 8 peer reviewed studies to his class which showed that masks do not stop viruses. NYU has cancelled his course next semester. We now live in a Pharma/fascist state where no one can question Bill Gates.
    Believe, obey, wear your slave mask, and shut up. Sieg Heil!

    Oct 21, 2020 21:31 AM

    RFK Jr. has done humanity a great service for those who will listen…He’s no more at home in today’s whacked-out Democrat Party than his father or uncle would be.

      Oct 21, 2020 21:27 AM

      The stimulus packages will flow to billed ( G5 ) Smartcitys . Trump & Biden makes no decrease !

    Oct 21, 2020 21:32 AM

    I speak, of course, of his Uncle John — Not Uncle Ted, who was the black sheep of the family.

      Oct 21, 2020 21:37 AM

      +1. Yes, Ted was horrible. I sure hope Bobby has a lot of armed protection from Big Pharma and the CIA.

      Oct 21, 2020 21:37 AM

      Every time I hear people talk of JFK, I like to interject and ask them if they have read the book “Dr. Feel Good”? by Richard A Lertzman and Willliam J Birnes.
      I guarantee you if you read this one book,(with Pictures) you will look at JFK a little differently.

        Oct 21, 2020 21:50 AM

        The media went to great lengths to protect JFK’s public image.

    Oct 21, 2020 21:11 AM

    Working on 8th straight day of miner losses despite physical gold/silver holding steady. But, JPM was fined $920 million that is not paid to Victims of market manipulation. Corruption marches on unimpeded.

      Oct 21, 2020 21:17 AM

      It is just CLUB DUES………

    Oct 21, 2020 21:27 AM

    Gold doing just fine….hanging around the $1923 mark……have a cup of tea and relax.

      Oct 21, 2020 21:03 PM

      The Pope has been off his rocker since, 500 ad…..what is new….

        Oct 21, 2020 21:07 PM

        I might have to change the date…. to….1130 ad…..more activity to pin the Pope for being a knuckle brain……

    Oct 21, 2020 21:43 PM

    Dept of Education Finds $6.5B in Unreported Foreign Funds Given to U.S. Universities
    Most of it was Chinese, with some Middle East money.

    Oct 21, 2020 21:16 PM

    You think we will have a recovery?