Here are our thoughts on the weakness in gold

June 30, 2021

Dave Erfle, Founder of the Junior Miner Junky joins us to share his thoughts on the weakness in gold heading into the end of the month. We look at the shorter term charts, which are now oversold, and look to the long terms chart for key support. Also a couple trading strategies for the stocks which continue to drift lower.

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    Jun 30, 2021 30:43 AM

    Canada Day July 1. I am not sure what that means for the miners but that means

      Jun 30, 2021 30:44 AM

      …US left to its own devices.

      Jun 30, 2021 30:54 AM

      There was no intimation by anyone at the FED THAT A RATE HIKE WAS EVEN CONSIDERED A POSSIBILITY IN 2022

        Jun 30, 2021 30:27 AM

        I think there are very, very few companies that are basing their going forward with an $1800 gold price. Most are basing their going forward on $1200-1500 basis

          Jun 30, 2021 30:40 AM

          Hogwash, fund managers going on vacation is a pre 2005 concept. Everyone has an iPad or better watching markets daily or you’d better be or your job is on the line

          Jun 30, 2021 30:43 AM

          I agree. Gold will be much higher by the time companies base their actions and assumptions on 1800 gold.

    Jun 30, 2021 30:12 AM

    long FUV

    Jun 30, 2021 30:24 AM
      Jun 30, 2021 30:44 AM

      The Dems want to provide credit to all those immigrants who have no assets, no credit rating and poorly paying jobs. That would be a lot of new money into the economy, which could be good…And provide a whole new group of loyal voters for those Dems.

        Jun 30, 2021 30:25 AM

        That’s your programming talking. What you are saying is that the American people should be forced to make loans to people who couldn’t otherwise get them and then eat the inevitable defaults. It’s like getting taxed twice since the inflation that would result from the initial loans is a tax just as covering the defaults would be.
        Your logic is unsound from a moral standpoint as well as an economics one. The government has no money to loan without conjuring it up out of thin air. The Crimes Act of 1790 made counterfeiting a capital crime for a reason and it had nothing to do with being jealous of a neighbor obtaining wealth he didn’t deserve. It was in fact to prevent the monetary system that we have now been saddled with for the last century. Central banking could not be more contrary to this country’s founding principles and is the single most destructive institution in any country if you value your natural rights and sustainable prosperity.

        However, the item I linked to had nothing to do with making loans. The proposal is for the government to take over the credit ratings system, not to extend loans. In light of all the censorship of the last year+, only a sheep would miss the the obvious purpose of such a scheme. Those who agree with the government’s propaganda would be rewarded with credit scores they don’t deserve and those who don’t would have have their scores reduced or worse. This has already been written about in the mainstream media and is in use in China. The most powerful people in the world are behind this totalitarian control of every individual and the strides they are making quickly are made possible by a smokescreen of political correctness and everything covid related. That’s why censorship is at a level never seen before in this country. The biggest threat to the biggest lies is the truth and they know it.

          Jun 30, 2021 30:55 AM

          Sounds like another Banker plot.

            Jun 30, 2021 30:21 AM

            It comes down to those who own the central banks. These people are not really bankers at all and constitute the real “deep state” or what I call the shadow government. They risk none of their own capital and don’t perform any of the traditional risk-mitigation that legitimate bankers do. Their destructive activities are underwritten by billions of unsuspecting sheeple worldwide.

            Mandatory reading (for starters):

            Jun 30, 2021 30:26 PM

            Agree. The banks are the professional criminal mules for the bosses of the crime syndicates.

          Jun 30, 2021 30:23 AM

          Ditto on…… the TRUTH………..

            Jun 30, 2021 30:25 AM

            and DITTO………. on Mandatory reading……… anyone playing in the metals, should know about the fraud……coming out of JEKYLL…

          Jun 30, 2021 30:25 PM

          The GOP, Bush and their cronies were responsible for previous scams. This is just the Dems way of rorting the system.

        Jun 30, 2021 30:15 PM

        Money Talks.

    Jun 30, 2021 30:45 AM

    +1 Matt
    The corruption and dishonesty in todays society is so rampant it effects every aspect of life.
    The Media is atrocious!!

    Jun 30, 2021 30:06 PM

    Shorts may have reloaded.

    Jun 30, 2021 30:07 PM

    Check out this article from The Motley Fool:
    5 Dividend Stocks to Buy Hand Over Fist for the Second Half of 2021

    EPD is likely to FALL for the second half of the year. I was a buyer last October in the 14-16 area and said so here. Now it is over 24 and technically ready for a long fall or at least a multi-month consolidation IF oil does not pull back meaningfully (and it probably will). The big boys use THEIR media to create advantageous exits and entries. We’re seeing the latter right now in our gold-related stuff.

    Jun 30, 2021 30:42 PM

    Michael Boutros on Gold (35:05) :

    Jun 30, 2021 30:19 PM

    Nibbled on a little of EXN, AXU, and Glen’s favorite, IAG. Took a new position in AUY after being out of it for months. Pullbacks taste so good.

      Jun 30, 2021 30:50 PM

      I sold some AUY puts recently and will likely become a shareholder at expiration tomorrow, at slightly higher price but I’m okay with it.

      Jun 30, 2021 30:45 PM

      I liked your idea to nibble just a little last Friday on the short side of the market. But, felt you might be a week early as the weeks before a long holiday tend to be positive and maybe some end of month/quarter window dressing. I plan to nibble the short side in the next couple of days…………

        Jun 30, 2021 30:19 PM

        Chris, good thinking. The monthly MACD is at levels I’ve not seen in over 20 years—it is vastly overbought. Something has to give fairly soon.

    Jun 30, 2021 30:29 PM

    Good finish with more miners participating. Sign of hope or just another day. We will see…

    Jul 01, 2021 01:28 AM

    Dollar topping? :