Axel Merk – Market Liquidity, Currency Markets and Central Bank Meetings, and Metals

September 21, 2021

Axel Merk, CIO of Merk Investments joins us to share his thoughts on a wide range of markets. We start big picture with a discussion on the overall liquidity in the financial markets. This then ties into central bank policies and how these directly impact currency moves. With 12 central banks meeting this week the currency markets will be a good indicator of investors expectations moving forward. To wrap up the interview we look at the precious metals markets.

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    Sep 21, 2021 21:03 AM

    I like what I see from the miners. The gap filling exercise of the last few days resulted in a lot of new lows but they came with positive divergences and no technical damage to speak of beyond the short term.

    Sep 21, 2021 21:08 AM

    I think this weekly scale double bottom will be activated in a few weeks or less:

      Sep 21, 2021 21:16 AM

      This is not the set up I’m looking for. Whatever happens however a decline into year end would be great. That will be a launching pad for a rocket launch in gold mining shares next year.

      Unless we go up in the next several weeks and then go back down into the first several weeks of next year. Just as good a set up.