FPX Nickel – A look ahead to the upcoming drill results at the Baptiste Deposit and first ever drill holes into the Van Target

September 23, 2021

Martin Turenne, President and CEO of FPX Nickel (TSX.V:FPX – OTC:FPOCF) joins me to recap the drill program that was just completed at the Company’s Decar Nickel District, in Central BC. The program was focused on 2 key areas, the Baptiste Deposit and the Van Target. While the Baptiste Deposit is touted as the largest undeveloped nickel project in the world, the Van Target was previously never drilled and has large scale potential. We wrap up the interview with some comments on the marco nickel market and recent news out of Indonesia (a key supplier of the world’s nickel).

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    Sep 23, 2021 23:08 PM

    I was listening to the David Lotan interview and the moderator broke to advertise FPX Nickle. Lotan was positive on Gold, Battery Metals, Oil and Bulks. In the battery metal area he broke it down further to copper, Lithium, Cobalt and “Nickel”. How about that for a transition to FPX Nickel and this interview. Makes you feel like John Wayne is still alive…

      Sep 23, 2021 23:10 PM

      +1.4% for the day but mostly from the last minute of Emeerita close. Everything else was a wash…Dejavu over and over and over.

      Sep 23, 2021 23:11 PM

      Sorry I spelled Nickel two ways. More options in exploration I guess.

      Sep 23, 2021 23:04 PM

      Haha! Great point David. Bill Powers is a really sharp guy, and I’m sure he considered that placing a commercial for one of the site sponsors, inside an interview with a mining stock investing legend like David Lotan, as he was discussing battery metals, was well placed. Makes sense to me, and very synchronistic.

        Sep 23, 2021 23:09 PM

        I’ve got a small position in FPX Nickel myself, and am very interested to see what the assays come back at from Van and Baptiste. If Martin thinks there could be potential for Van to be of a similar size and possibly better grade than Baptiste, then the whole Decar Nickel District is actually a solid nickel district indeed. Baptiste is already near the top of the list for undeveloped nickel assets, and if they can find a second deposit like that in Van, then they could easily press forward to the largest undeveloped nickel project when both are combined. They have some other smaller satellite deposits in between Baptiste and Van that could also be expanded some in future drill campaigns. A pretty interesting battery metals play, but let’s see how the drill results go when they come back in.

          Sep 23, 2021 23:59 PM

          Ex: Thanks as it sounded interesting and I was thinking about Asking if you owned any. Nickel is going to be key in the future according to many experts.

            Sep 24, 2021 24:39 AM

            Agreed. Nickel is going to continue to be in demand for batteries for the foreseeable future, and there are not that many great nickel deposits out there to invest in that are held by junior miners. There are a few Palladium/Platinum projects out there with good Nickel credits (like Group Ten’s assets), and we just saw the big boys going after both Noront and Western Areas for their Nickel assets (which was discussed by Matt Geiger on our last interview with him).

            FPX nickel is one of a handful of other solid nickel projects held by a junior miner, and as a shareholder I’m biased, but I am legitimately interested in how these assays come back from both Baptiste and the new Van target. If they hit solid intercepts, then I may increase my exposure to the company, but I want to see the next set of drill results first. We should know something by October, providing the assay labs can get the samples turned around in a reasonable timeframe.

    Sep 23, 2021 23:06 PM

    BMW Orders Up $24 Billion Worth of Batteries as EV Demand Grows

    Bloomberg News – Elisabeth Behrmann and William Wilkes – Sept 6, 2021

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    “We’re following the market,” Zipse said. “The first half has shown that we’re growing and gaining market share. We’re right in the middle of electrification.”