Minera Alamos – 3 Project Updates With a Focus on The Production Ramp Up at The Santana Gold Mine

October 14, 2021

Doug Ramshaw, President and CEO of Minera Alamos (TSX.V:MAI – OTCQX:MAIFF) joins us for an update focused on the ramp up of production at the Santana Gold Mine in Sonora, Mexico. We discuss the stage of ramp up and most importantly when first revenues are expected.


We also look at the two other Projects, La Fortuna and Cerro De Oro, both in Mexico and both moving towards development as Santana is up to steady state production.


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    Oct 14, 2021 14:43 PM


    Oct 15, 2021 15:17 AM

    It was very nice to get the Minera Alamos update from Doug, and the company is hitting a very big milestone by graduating to the next stage of their company as gold producers (something 99% of exploration and development companies will never achieve).
    It is also encouraging that as Santana comes online into production, that (MAI) still has mine #2 in the hopper in Cerro De Oro for a construction decision in 2022, and then mine #3 after that with La Fortuna for a construction decision in 2023. I remain a happy shareholder that has been following the successful milestones of Minera Alamos the last few years, and am constructive on the next few years in front of the company.