Bunker Hill Mining – Project Finance, Mine Purchase, US EPA Settlement, And Recap Of The Revised PEA

Shad Marquitz
December 23, 2021

David Wiens, CFO of Bunker Hill Mining (CSE: BNKR – OTCQB: BHLL), joins us to recap the recent news on the $50 Million Project Finance Package, Mine Purchase, and US EPA Settlement Agreement Amendment, released on December 20th, at the Company’s historic Bunker Hill Mine in Idaho.


We start off by having David unpack the terms of the 3 different parts of this project financing with Sprott, as they move towards a Pre-Feasibility Study and Construction decision in the 2nd Quarter of 2022. In addition, we discuss the payment settlement plan to the E.P.A. and clear up market confusion about legacy issues that were already cleaned up and the low liability that the company has moving forward.


Next we recapped the metrics in the revised Preliminary Economics Assessment that the company released in September, and discussed how it would look even more robust if factored in for current metals sensitivity with zinc, lead, and silver prices.  We wrap up with the future exploration strategy the company will undergo once the Project is back in production again.


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    Dec 24, 2021 24:42 AM

    Fact is, Coeur D’Alene Lake downriver from this old smelter site is a poisoned cesspool with several feet of waste laying on the bottom of the lake. May not be a lot of liability in the future with the EPA settlement, but there has to be some risk.

    Here’s a Christmas present. Jesse Felder, complete with chart deck on Macro Voices.
    Merry Christmas to all…………..