Vizsla Silver – Aggressive 10 Drill Rig Exploration Program Continues in 2022 With Maiden Resource Estimate On Tap

Mike Konnert, President and CEO of Vizsla Silver (TSX.V: VZLA – NYSE: VZLA) joins us to provide an update on the work completed leading up to 2022, and the focus and work strategy for this year to keep advancing and derisking the Panuco Project, in Mexico and announce the maiden resource estimate.


There continues to be an aggressive exploration focus with 10 drill rigs turning on the 3 main areas of focus at the Western Block, Central Block, and Eastern Block.  Mike reviewed that  December 1st, 2021 was the cutoff date for drilling to be included in the Company’s Maiden Resource Estimate slated for Q1/2022, and that this would include some of the drilling at the new discovery at the Copala Vein in the Western Block.


This year there will be consistent drilling at the Napoleon Resource Area and Josephine Vein, at the Tajitos Resource Area, and at the Cordon de Oro and Animas Area to continue to intersect high-grade silver-gold mineralization and keep growing the resource.   Next we discussed the optionality the company has to move into production, now that they exercised the right to purchase the El Coco Mill, after they spend this year focused more on exploration discovery, resource expansion, metallurgical work, and economic studies.


We wrap up by having Mike unpack the recent the spin-out, Vizsla Copper(TSX.V:VCU) as a further value driver for Vizsla shareholder, in line with the principles of Inventa Capital.


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    Jan 25, 2022 25:30 AM

    Thank you. I just love this company. It’s only flaw is that it is not in Canada. Really looking forward to new targets and old ones like Josephine. The maiden RE, they never meet expectations but if the numbers our CEO has uses are correct, it might be super duper. Truly exciting. Now if only silver prices could cooperate a little better.

    10 000m drilling per month? Wow!

      Jan 25, 2022 25:42 AM

      Thanks Ulf the Wolf. Actually Vizsla is a Canadian company, run by the Inventa Capital guys, but they needed to go to where the Silver is… which is Mexico. Also Josephine, was a completely new discovery made last year, so while it is a year old… it’s not that old… and still being explored. It was humorous to me that they named the new vein along side the Napoleon vein – Josephine….
      Yeah 10 drill rigs and 10,000 meters of drilling per month… That’s pretty boss! I’m expecting them to keep making new discoveries, just like that new Copala Vein they just hit on. It should be a pretty exciting year in 2022, and I remain a very pleased shareholder.

    Jan 25, 2022 25:43 AM

    (VZLA) Vizsla Silver On a Pathway to Production, Not Just An Exploration Story

      Jan 25, 2022 25:49 AM

      The Next Big Silver Producer In Mexico! Vizsla Silver is getting into position!
      Dukascopy TV (EN) – Jan 11, 2022
      “10 drill rigs are in operation at Vizsla Silver and the results are excellent. The company should become one of the next mid-sized silver producers in Mexico and has already achieved a lot, is very well-financed and positioned, Jochen Staiger, CEO Swiss Resource Capital AG.”

    Jan 25, 2022 25:52 AM

    Don’t Get Shaken Off The Gold Bull Says Pro Mining Investor David Erfle

    Mining Stock Education – Jan 25, 2022
    “In this interview pro mining investor David Erfle provides his commentary on the gold price and junior gold stock sector. David encourages investors not to get shaken out of this gold bull market. ”

      Jan 25, 2022 25:01 AM

      Like he has to tell a gold bug……… this information…… 🙂
      Unfortunate Chris T……. is not around any more……. maybe, maybe not…. 🙂

    Jan 25, 2022 25:54 AM

    Still 17% cash, stink bids in on 10% of available cash. NSRPF chart couldn’t look more bleak since it’s inception, so a couple bids @ $.78 and $.75, ( I think they still hold 9% position in NFGC) that’s my real interest.

      Jan 25, 2022 25:48 PM

      Marty, unfortunately, NSRPF could see even a lower bid/ask at its’ bottom—–I wouldn’t be surprised to see a handle in the .50 cent area. I wonder how many of the stocks Quinton has touted are taking a bath—another one is Nulegacy.

    Jan 25, 2022 25:58 AM

    Silver stuck in a rut………… not exciting until it breaks $32…………

      Jan 25, 2022 25:31 AM

      OOTB – I’d get excited if Silver just broke decisively above $25 again. 🙂
      Really though, the main line in the sand is $30 resistance for Silver, after that a move to $37 and then $50.
      Commence The Festival!

        Jan 25, 2022 25:23 AM

        Yes, …… it can begin any time……………. When silver breaks $32…….. it is well on it’s way to go well past $50………. $50 just gets the cup filled ……….. the handle is going to be shorter , than gold’s handle, which has drug on way to long………

    Jan 25, 2022 25:25 AM

    Read this today
    SPDR Gold Shares (GLD), the largest bullion-backed exchange-traded fund, recorded its biggest net inflow in dollar terms since listing in 2004, worth $1.63 billion.

    Jan 25, 2022 25:30 AM

    Primed and ready……………….. we will see………. Billion is not much……….. just the start……. JMO

    Jan 25, 2022 25:33 AM

    (SLVR) (SLVTF) Silver Tiger Intersects 3,083.4 g/t AgEq over 0.5 meters within a Broader Interval of 6.6 meters Grading 345.1 g/t AgEq in the Sooy Vein
    January 25, 2022

      Jan 25, 2022 25:22 AM

      Yes, SLVTF, 2 great drill results in 2 weeks and this baby moves $.02, sad!

      Jan 25, 2022 25:40 AM

      Equivalent but still ok

    Jan 25, 2022 25:01 AM

    (EQX) Equinox Gold Provides 2022 Guidance: Production Increasing to 625,000 to 710,000 Ounces of Gold
    25 Jan 2022

    Jan 25, 2022 25:23 AM

    For the gold bugs………………………. (of which I am one……. 🙂

    Jan 25, 2022 25:04 AM

    How about a 2nd day of comeback for the General Markets. It must be the astounding value that they offer as a result of Fed oversight.
    They are delivering my Bridge to my Swamp Lands in Arizona today. Great all around.

    Jan 25, 2022 25:21 PM

    Novo’s monthly MACD in ’17-’18 reminds me of Bitcoins monthly MACD today. Both saw their price plunge from their initial major highs (72% for NVO and 55% for BC) only to make another big move that resulted in the final top (165% for NVO and 140% for BC).

    Jan 25, 2022 25:27 PM

    Another Sprott holding, OCGSF looks quite promising for new discoveries