Elemental Royalties – Acquisition Of Gold Streaming Deal On Rambler Metals Ming Copper-Gold Mine

Fred Bell, President and CEO of Elemental Royalties (TSX.V:ELE – OTCQX:ELEMF), joins us to discuss the big news out March 17th that it has entered into a gold purchase and sale agreement with Rambler Metals and Mining PLC (AIM: RMM), the owner of the Ming Copper-Gold Mine in Newfoundland and Labrador in Canada.   We discuss the deal terms, and why this first streaming deal for Elemental Royalties is solid acquisition and compliments the other 6 cash-flowing and producing royalty assets.


As part of the transaction, there was a C$14 million financing announced that brought in the new strategic shareholder, La Mancha Fund SCSp, a Luxembourg-based deep value fund very active in the mining sector.  Fred outlines why is a net positive to have a strong strategic partner in the La Mancha Fund, and they will now become 10% stakeholders in ELE.   This financing was at a 14% premium to the hostile takeover bid received from Gold Royalty Corp (NYSE: GROY), and further underpins why management of Elemental Royalties has messaged to the marketplace that they are not inclined to vote towards accepting the offer for a number of factors seen as inadequate in that bid which expires in April.


We wrap up with a review of the Company’s pipeline of cash-flowing assets which are very hard to come by in this competitive market, and that they have a great deal of growth over the next few years that has not been daylighted yet in the current valuation. Fred unpacks the two largest royalties being the Karlawinda Gold Mine Royalty operated by Capricorn Metals (ASX.:CMM), which will almost double the Company’s royalty revenue with a mine life of over 10 years, and then the key long-life Wahgnion Gold Project Royalty operated by Endeavour Mining (TSX: EDV).  Fred also outlined the expected revenues to start by the second half of 2022 at the Mercedes Mine Royalty, that just changed hands from Equinox (NYSE: EQX) to Bear Creek Mining (TSX.V: BCM) and the Mt Pleasant Royalty operated by Zijin Mining (OTC: ZIJMF) that is starting to mine from their royalty concession this year.


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Click here to visit the Elemental Royalties website and read over both news releases we discussed.

    Mar 23, 2022 23:05 PM

    40+ Years life of Rambler’s Ming mine! Interesting – exceeds SP Angel 35 Years and official guidelines to date. But not surprising given the asset remains open at depth (likely better grades) and along strike, and to the west and East. The strategic options for Rambler are huge. The potential increase in Market Cap in 2022 is significant.

    Mar 23, 2022 23:07 PM

    Elemental Royalties Update and a New Gold Stream

    Mining Stock Daily – Trevor Hall • Mar 22

    “Fred Bell, CEO of Elemental Royalties, joins us to discuss the new gold stream acquired recently from Rambler Metals and Mining and the Ming Copper-Gold Mine in Newfoundland/Labrador. Fred also discusses the ongoing discussion of the hostile takeover bid of the company.”

    Mar 23, 2022 23:46 PM

    My stock portfolio is seeing a big uptick in the number of junior miners I am holding. Recently I picked up shares in two companies because I believe that when the governments of indebted countries that have valuable commodities sitting in the ground and mining companies that are playing the waiting game, that both will learn it is time to be serious about the resource market. They will not be able to stall permit’s much longer, the economics won’t allow it. DT

      Mar 23, 2022 23:03 PM

      I’m focusing more and more on the junior miners with slow purchases. The FED is becoming more unanimous in talking about 50 basis pt increases in combating inflation. They are very worried and not just “jawboning” this time. If they would really want to send the markets a message they wouldn’t wait until the May FED meeting and would raise before then.

        Mar 23, 2022 23:17 PM

        Hi Doc – Yes, Fed mouthpiece James Bullard has been very vocal lately about the central bank needing to get more aggressively hawkish and start hiking using 50 basis point hikes, and while it is still too little and too late to truly normalize interest rates and get them above inflation levels, they appear to be shifting from insanely dovish, to a bit more hawkish, and this may catch some market generalists unprepared. It will be interesting to see how many rate hikes that they can squeeze off before the markets throw a tantrum, or before they get to their own internal tipping point where they can no longer service the interest payments on their massive debt load. It’s going to be fascinating to see it all play out.

          Mar 23, 2022 23:51 PM

          A 50 basis point hike would be rocket fuel for the gold space because it would chase more big money out of the stock and bond markets while simultaneously sending the message that inflation is indeed a problem. On top of that, real rates will remain very negative despite such a hike while gold is still a long way from pricing-in many years of inflation.

      Mar 23, 2022 23:14 PM

      DT – I agree that governments of the world are having their eyes peeled open by the surging prices in commodities and the need for raw materials to build the future they claim to want to build, so domestic supplies of key metals and minerals are only growing more significant and valuable for the medium to longer term, and the miners that can prove up economic resources and/or show they can successfully extract them will garner a premium valuation over time.

      Personally, I’ve been loaded up on mining stocks for a while now and did most of my larger additions in Aug/Sept and Dec of 2021, but have been adding a few tranches here and there over the last 2 weeks to positions I trimmed back in February and earlier in March.

      For the most part I’ve just been holding steady to the positions already built in my portfolio and enjoying the gradual climb higher in them during 2022. So far it’s been a pretty good (but not great) year in the PM stocks, particularly in the producers and larger developers, which I’m more heavily weighted towards for this part of the cycle.