Sean Brodrick – A Review Of The Commodities Sector – Oil, Gold, Lithium, Food, Fertilizers, and Cannabis

Sean Brodrick, Natural Resource Analyst at Weiss Ratings and Editor over at the Wealth Wave website, joins us to share his current investing strategies for a wide range of commodities, now that the sector has seen an across-the-board corrective move.   Sean sees these pullbacks in most commodity-related mining stocks or sector ETFs as buying opportunities as they continue to correct, especially for investors that just missed the recent surge higher over the last few months. We also drive down into the stocks, especially oil, gold, lithium, agricultural commodities and food, fertilizers, and the cannabis stocks.



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    Mar 29, 2022 29:06 PM

    This was a nice tour de force through many different commodity sectors, and after considering Sean’s response on the Cannabis ETFs, I swapped out my in-the-money green (MJ) position for (MSOS) in the afternoon to focus on the US legalization narrative, since MSOS is US multi-state operator focused. I left my (POTX) position untouched as it has been steadily climbing the last 2 weeks.

      Mar 30, 2022 30:57 AM

      Welcome to the MSO side…. I’m going to be joining late as always but still think it’s the way to play the pots

        Mar 30, 2022 30:37 AM

        Thanks Wolfster. It’s nice to join the MSOS club, and now I’m just trying to learn the secret handshake. 😄

        I’m just in the 2 ETFs for now, but may begin branching out into individual companies as I generate more profits from other sectors to deploy.

          Mar 30, 2022 30:09 PM

          Hi Ex, if you want to learn “The Secret Handshake”, you must be an eagle and get registered so you can pay your dues, C’mon man, you know the drumroll. LOL! DT

            Mar 30, 2022 30:29 PM

            Haha! Good point DT. I’ll be submitting my dues and working to become an eagle in short order. Thanks!

    Mar 29, 2022 29:09 PM

    Also, another solid point Sean made was that Royalty and Streaming companies aren’t getting pinched as much by inflationary cost inputs rising, so they are a good way to play the higher metals prices in general, and decided to trim from a few Gold and Silver producers nicely in the green today, and didn’t trim back the royalty companies as I was initially considering doing.

    Overall though, more of boring day where the big sell-off happened very early on, but then was bought right back up and that seems like a good sign of healthy buying appetites down a lower price levels in the metals and miners.

    Mar 29, 2022 29:56 PM

    Kinross(KGC) has announced it will sell Russian assets and has interested buyer. The buyer is likely to get those assets for a pretty good price and to KGC’s advantage, they can use that cash to develop Dixie. Also Kinross is maybe due for a rerating from being more North America focused.

      Mar 29, 2022 29:07 PM

      Thanks Terry. Those are some interesting thoughts to mull over regarding Kinross selling their Russian assets and that giving them more funds to work on Dixie with (that they acquired from Great Bear).

      Personally, I still wouldn’t rule out Barrick swooping in once those Russian assets get divested and scooping up all of Kinross for their whole asset base. I was in Kinross for a while last year, and have considered getting back in this year, but I’m waiting to see if some of the companies just pull back down a bit more over the next few weeks before initiating new positions as I’m still sitting on a large heap of gold and silver mining stocks at present and just raised a little dry powder today by trimming back a handful into their strength.

    Mar 29, 2022 29:04 PM

    The Metal With a Prescription for Profits

    By Sean Brodrick on March 22, 2022

    They call copper “Doctor Copper” because it measures the temperature of the global economy.

    “When global growth cools off, copper, that most useful of metals, usually goes lower. When economic activity heats up, copper prices go higher.”

    “But economic prescriptions aren’t all copper is good for … because it’s also a great bellwether for inflation! Energy is the greatest inflation hedge … but Copper isn’t far behind at number two, as this chart shows…”