Chris Grove – Comprehensive Review Of Rare Earth Elements Sector and Commerce Resources

Chris Grove, CEO and President of Commerce Resources (TSX.V: CCE) (OTC: CMRZF) joins us for a comprehensive look into the supply and demand side of the market in the rare earth elements sector. We review the different industries dependent on the various specialty metals and mineral found in rare earth deposits, and analyze the very small available supply outside of the stranglehold that China has on this important raw materials space.   The discussion also moved into which kinds of mineralized deposits host rare earth elements, and of those which ones can realistically be developed into economic feed sources for industry. 


Next we pivoted over to the composition and development path for Commerce Resources  Ashram Rare Earth Element & Fluorspar deposit located in Quebec, Canada; which is the largest undeveloped monazite deposit hosted in a carbonatite in North America.  In addition to monazite, Ashram has  bastnaesite, and xenotime mineralogies that combined are amenable to producing high-grade mineral concentrates of >40% REO, and the deposit has 24.7% of the key 4 REEs in highest demand for the permanent magnet industry. In addition, Ashram has the 2nd largest fluorspar deposit, which will play a significant role as a co-product in the upcoming Pre Feasibility Study the company is working on.  The Company is awaiting more drill assays, has just produced their first batches of commercially marketable samples, and is in discussions with other industry groups to look for partners that can process their materials and also for a project level investment from potential offtake partners.


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    Apr 08, 2022 08:30 AM

    Throwing out a few REE’s:

    FCSMF focus Graphite
    CRECF critical elem. lith.
    LMRMF Lomiko
    SXOOF St. Georges
    TLOFF Talon

    I haven’t done any diligence on these.
    I’m curious about these and compiling more co. names…, and anyone’s diligence or opinions would be welcomed