Jeff Christian – 2022 Gold Yearbook Insights – Key Drivers For Gold and Price Projections This Year

April 7, 2022

Jeff Christian, Managing Partner at the CPM Group joins us to discuss this year Gold Yearbook produced by the CPM Group. This publication take a very detailed look at the gold market from many angles. We have Jeff outline some of the key factors/drivers for gold and price predictions into next year.


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    Apr 07, 2022 07:50 PM

    CPM Group’s 2022 Gold Market Update

    Apr 6, 2022

    “The 2022 Gold Market Update gives a brief overview of what we saw in the gold market last year, and provides CPM Group’s Gold Outlook for 2022 and Beyond.”

    Apr 07, 2022 07:12 PM

    I luv Jeff’s analysis………………as he has a good sense of the complexities of the investments world, and a pragmatic perspective of where we are …………good separation from the long winded hyper inflation of the 70’s…………….I agree that 1900-2000 gold in really underappreciated as a near term top…………..but never enough for the greed mongers …………..I am still in the camp that gold saw this inflation now, back in August 2020 and has done it’s job more that it is given credit for. Going forward, persistent inflation is what, the market is watching with baited breath…………….if in the next 12 months it comes back in line, to 3-4 % and rates move up to meet it, then the gold fire hose maybe put back in the closet………..if not, gold price will rear it’s head again…………..a wait and see is all we can do……………….I’m also in Jordan’s camp, play in projects that deliver meaningful shareholder value growth at 17-1800 and you can sleep at night ……..while having a call on higher prices if they happen !

    Apr 07, 2022 07:34 PM

    If you want a great show, get Craig and Jeff Christian on the same segment.

      Apr 07, 2022 07:41 PM

      Craig and Jeff would be entertaining but possibly not as compatible as Craig and Andy McGuire.

    Apr 07, 2022 07:59 PM

    Even when Mr. Christian was nudged by Chad into considering the term “inflation adjusted” he didn’t want to bring this effect into the equation. It’s not the first time that, listening to Mr. Christian, I have the impression of listening to an activist on behalf of keeping Gold down. The fact that inflation might come down in the future doesn’t prevent it from accumulating on top of the previous annual numbers again and again and turning the price of gold cheaper and cheaper in real terms. Of course Mr. Christian knows that but he deliberately (I.m.h.o.) does not make it a part of his calculation. Of course, he in the position to influence his clients, thus making them believe that gold is expensive. All this buried under a mountain of collected arguments that all have a justification per se, but, in my eyes, it turns out as sophisticated manipulation since such a heavyweight part of the puzzle (inflation adjustment) is left out entirely.

      Apr 07, 2022 07:59 PM

      There is support for those opinions. Andy McGuire (sp),labeled a whistle blower, who testified before the CFTC in a hearing several years ago, concerning silver market manipulation, was in conflict with those of Mr Christian. Mr Christian apparently was more in line with Chairman Gensler that manipulation was not occurring, but it was hedging. The CFTC investigated for 3 or 5 years and determined there was no manipulation. Shortly thereafter JP Morgan was indicted by DOJ for market manipulation of the silver market. Later Gensler gets to be the head of the SEC and of course no criminal actions against anyone of significance occur. And also of course everyone that is curious why miners don’t perform as expected these days can’t quite accept there is illegal intervention in the markets which is condoned by Regulators (political appointees). There you go on things that happen.

      Apr 08, 2022 08:53 AM

      Michael Dross….my sentiments exactly. +1

    Apr 07, 2022 07:34 PM

    You’re right on the money Mr. Dross. Unfortunately, Jeff’s views seem to carry a lot of weight.


      Apr 08, 2022 08:31 AM

      That leads to the question: Why is he invited again and again by the KER?

        Apr 08, 2022 08:26 AM

        We like to get a range of different opinions and we respect Jeff’s 4+ decades of experience in commodities and precious metals sector. There are aspects of Jeff’s work we agree with and he presents compelling data to support it, but then conversely there some conclusions or lines of reasoning he has that we don’t agree with, just like any guest that comes on.

        He only comes on about once a month, which is quite reasonable, and he wanted to announce the CPM Group gold yearbook, and we were happy to record a segment regardless and get an update on what he’s been sharing with investors recently in relation to the geopolitics in Ukraine, Fed policy, interest rates, and inflation.

          Apr 08, 2022 08:12 PM

          Well said Ex. In these days of “you are either forus or agin us”, it is very refreshing to share opinions and beliefs in an open forum. Thanks for all you and Cory do to make things balanced.

            Apr 08, 2022 08:27 PM

            Thanks for that response back Lakedweller, as it is appreciated. We do try to get people on the show with a range of different points of view and differing outlooks to get a well-rounded discussion going on the markets.

    Apr 08, 2022 08:00 PM

    1. I’m deeply grateful for what Cory and Chad are delivering 6 days a week. I think I’m a regular listener since a decade? now. By the way – I hope Mr. Korelin is doing fine?
    2. I respect everyone’s opinion and very often to hear dissenting opinions is even more instructional.
    3. With Mr. Christian – that for me is a different cup of tea, but I apologize. I should behave more tolerant here.

    Apr 08, 2022 08:15 PM

    1. I’m deeply grateful for what Cory and Chad are delivering 6 days a week. I think I’m a regular listener since a decade? now. By the way – I hope Mr. Korelin is doing fine?
    2. I respect everyone’s opinion and very often to hear dissenting opinions is even more instructional.
    3. I apologize. I should behave more tolerant here. After all – it’s up to me to contextualize certain contributions.

    Apr 08, 2022 08:17 PM

    Sorry for that double posting!

    Apr 08, 2022 08:08 PM

    I am reserving all comments on the guest…….. everyone has a bad day……. but, 20 yrs… lol…
    Controlled substance abuse……. or a bad hair day….. lol…..
    I think…… laker…… covered it very nicely….. 🙂
    silver stealers……. covered him years ago…….. 🙂 nothing has changed…
    Have to get my freedom of speech in….. before everything goes dark… 🙂