Nomad Royalty – A Review Of A Solid 2021, Great Start In Q1 Of 2022, And Royalty Partner Updates

Vince Metcalf, Co-Founder and CEO of Nomad Royalty Company (TSX:NSR – NYSE:NSR),  joins us to review the first full year of revenues, their growth profile, and a number of royalty partner updates.  We start off with reviewing the strength of 2021 from a financial and gold equivalent ounce production profile on their portfolio of 8 producing assets, and how the amount of gold equivalent ounces will be stepping up moving into 2024 and 2025 in a significant way.


Vince discussed their two new cornerstone streaming transactions completed at the end of last year, with the $75 million gold stream on Ivanhoe Mines’ (TSX:IVN) Platreef PGM Project, announced on Dec 8th, the $95 million gold stream at the Greenstone Gold Project in Ontario, operated by Equinox Gold (TSX:EQX). We also touched on the other two cornerstone royalties at the Caserones Royalty, operated by Minera Lumina Copper Chile,  and at the Robertson Project, being developed by Barrick Gold Corp (NYSE: ABX) in Nevada. We also get a quick operator partner update on the producing Blyvoor Gold  Mine in south Africa where the company holds a 10% stream, the RDM Mine in Brazil operated by Equinox Gold, and the development stage Troilus Project operated by Troilus Gold (TSX: TLG), and the Blackwater Project operated by Artemis Gold (TSX.V: ARTG).


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Click here to visit the Nomad website and read through the recent news releases.

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            The Fed Is Scared $h*tless
            By David Haggith ◆ April 11, 2022


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    Nomad is still my favorite royalty play

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