Aurion Resources – First Winter 2022 Drill Program Assays From Helmi Return 2.05 g/t Gold Over 77.50 Meters

Matti Talikka, CEO of Aurion Resources (TSX.V:AU – OTCQX:AIRRF), joins us to recap the recent drill results out of the Helmi Discovery on the Aurion-B2Gold Joint-Venture, as well as the exploration strategy at the 100% owned Risiti property and the  Aamurusko Area in Finland.


We start off reviewing the first 3 holes reported out of the total of 29 holes drilled in the winter drill program at Helmi, with the headline hole returning 2.05 g/t Au over 77.50 m, including 4.18 g/t Au over 24.55 m.   The exploration teams at Aurion and B2Gold are very encouraged by the continued results from this project, and await 26 more drill holes to come back from this program.  Matti outlines that now with things warming up, making it more difficult to drill the swampier areas, the focus is shifting to stepping out and more regional drilling along the 8 km mineralized trend, to continue with the 12,000 meter program.


The conversation then transitioned over to recapping prior exploration work and the strategy moving forward for exploring the Risti regional targets and a continued focus on the Aamurusko Property. The Company outlined multiple broad zones of gold mineralization at the NW and Gap Zones based on previous soil in till anomalies and geophysical survey targets.  There will be continued newsflow from all these projects as the year progresses.


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    May 06, 2022 06:46 PM

    Anyone else doing a little nibbling out there today into the continued selling pressure?

    Lot’s of red on the screen again today, and really all week long… those are the times it is easiest for me to pull the trigger and add to positions, but it’s hard to pick which stocks are more undervalued at this point as they are getting uniformly hammered across the board, and not just the PMs, but also the Base Metals stocks, Uranium Stocks, Pot Stocks, you name it… Also, producers, royalty companies, developers, explorers, they’re all presenting interesting opportunities.

      May 07, 2022 07:33 AM

      Hi Ex, I don’t know about nibbling but when this market takes us into a deep dive I will be doing a lot of munching. I joined the sellers and I am waiting for “The Big One”, as Fred Sandford used to say. I am now out of this market and sitting on mostly cash with only a few positions left. You can always get back in the market but you can’t always get your money back when the rubber meets the road. DT

        May 07, 2022 07:56 AM

        Some good points for consideration DT, and yes definitely a time in these wild markets to take on more of a defensive posture. Many people are expecting a “Black Monday” style of event every week now, but conversely there are some technicians and market watchers that expect one more dead cat bounce in the markets and a relief rally first that instills more buying from naïve investors that think the worst is behind us, and that then when the market hubris returns that the “big one” as far as corrections will strike.

        That would make sense as typically after the price of oil doubles and the yield curve inverts it is still about 12 months off before a recession hits. Now that is more based on the economic health and we did just see a negative GDP quarter in Q1 for the US, so we may be further into that 1 year time period than most realize, and the stocks markets can have a freakout when people least suspect it of course.

        I guess it would be prudent for me to raise a bit more cash myself and sell some portfolio dogs, and will need to mull that over a bit more, but with the mining stocks, one could argue many have already crashed down 30%-70% in many cases, so they certainly aren’t pricey at current valuations.

        Regardless, may your trading be prosperous and may the good folks here with the KER crew weather the coming storm well. Cheers!

    May 06, 2022 06:13 PM

    Great news for Aurion. I hope B2Gold will buy Aurion as I traded my old Bema shares to Kinross in a takeover long ago and it would be nice to have some BTG.

      May 06, 2022 06:24 PM

      Yeah, things are going very well with the Aurion / B2Gold JV, so it’s possible that could be a potential down the road (hopefully after much more drilling news and value creation in AU first).