Core Assets – Introducing This New Exploration Company Already Garnering Market Interest Focused At The Blue Property In BC

May 6, 2022

Nick Rodway, President and CEO of Core Assets (CSE:CC – OTCQB:GCOOF) joins us to introduce this new public Company focused on the Blue Property in BC. As Nick outlines, this Property has never been truly explored and was found by Nick while on a hiking trip a few years ago.


We have Nick recap the surface work completed last year consisting primarily of a large sample program to isolate priority drill targets. We discuss the exploration plans for this year which includes drilling starting at the Grizzly Manto target. While outlining some of the other Company fundamentals Nick explains the lock up terms of a large amount of Company stock.


If you have any follow up questions for Nick or want more information on any aspect of the Company please email us at and




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    May 06, 2022 06:11 AM

    Nick is the real deal! Owns a lot of the company and really done great work on the project. $CC is one to get behind!

    May 06, 2022 06:23 PM

    Thanks Cory and Shad for bringing Core Assets (SYL-CC-CSE) to this program. This is one of my favorite holdings. Nick Rodway (CEO) is a boots on the ground kind of person, thorough and to the point and I like that in exploration stories. Nick not only knows how to manage a mining company but he also knows how to manage money and that is important for investors.

    This is primarily a silver story, they also have lead and zinc, and some high grade copper. It is a huge amazing CRD system, that I believe at some point could become a mine.

    If you watch this stock trade it doesn’t have huge volume yet, but the asks get continually taken out, I suspect a lot of mining enthusiasts who understand this system are getting in early and often and accumulating. It has had a fantastic run, but it is still early days. Not to be outdone Dr. Quinton Hennigh and Crescat Capital are involved in the initial financing, they are the team that brought my attention to this play. DT

      May 06, 2022 06:50 PM

      Good response DT. Yes Nick is a hard-working CEO and in addition to helping make the initial discovery, was even out doing backpack drilling, and rock chip sampling, in additional to all the capital markets work. It was nice to have him on the show to introduce this company to the KE Report. Cheers!