Millennial Precious Metals – Exploration Update On High-Grade Wide-Intercept Drill Results At Mountain View

Jason Kosec, President and CEO of Millennial Precious Metals (TSX.V:MPM – OTCQB:MLPMF), joins us to review the recent high-grade and wide-intercept drill results at the Mountain View Project in Nevada. Drillhole MVCD-0024 returned an intercept of 1.48 g/t Au over 185.5m (mixed oxide-fresh material) including a high-grade intercept of 3.99 g/t Au over 36.9m and 2.60 g/t Au over 29.6m. 


We discuss that the company plans to continue to test these deep hydrothermal structures, as well as the higher grade mineralization extending to the Northwest.  The 2022 Phase 1 drill program at Mountain View consisted of 27 holes totaling 7,200  meters with the objective of resource conversion, collecting geotechnical and metallurgical data, validating grade continuity, and extending the mineralization laterally to increase the pit size. 


Next we have Jason explain the attractive low strip ratio, and that when that is factored in to the potential economics, that the grade after dilution is very attractive when stacked up against other similar projects in the Great Basin that are in production or in development.  The Company has 7 projects in total, but currently has 1.2million oz total gold resource, from the 2 primary flagship properties: the Wildcat Property (~776,000 oz at 0.40g/t gold) and Mountain View Property (~427,000 oz at 0.57g/t gold).   There will be an updated resource estimate coming out in Q3, and the Preliminary Economic Study coming out in Q4.


If you have any follow up questions for Jason, or want more information on any aspect of Millennial Precious Metals, then please email us at or

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