Stillwater Critical Minerals – Why Is Platreef-Style Mineralization In Montana So Compelling For Stillwater West?

Michael Rowley, President and CEO, and Dr. Danie Grobler, Vice-President of Exploration of Stillwater Critical Minerals (TSX.V: PGE – OTCQB: PGEZF), join us for a larger project update and the further resource delineation plans at their flagship Stillwater West Project in Montana.  In this conversation we dive further into the parallels between this Project and the South African Platreef battery metals and platinum group elements mines and development projects found on the northern limb of the Bushveld Igneous Complex.   We discuss how this bulk mining method differs from the traditional narrow-vein reefs for traditional PGEs, in that it offers economies of scale, and a wealth of battery metals like nickel, cobalt, and copper. 


Danie lays out the focus of the exploration team at present of relogging core, looking for geological structural controls, and reviewing the wealth of potential targets for future drilling in that larger context.  Mike outlines that the Company is also working towards an updated resource estimate for later this year, that will encompass the 14 drill holes from the 2021 exploration program and further highlight the size and scope of the Stillwater West Project.



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    Aug 02, 2022 02:34 PM

    Here is another good interview with the guys at Stillwater Critical Minerals (also from the core shack onsite) in Montana.


    (PGE) (PGEZF) Stillwater Critical Minerals – Exclusive Stillwater West Core Shack Footage

    Proven and Probable

    Aug 02, 2022 02:38 PM

    I am ready for Stillwater to be popular with the market. Thanks for the update.

      Aug 02, 2022 02:37 PM

      Yes, I’m waiting for Stillwater to get popular with the markets as well… but I just don’t think the market fully realizes or appreciates just what they’ve found so far in the resource, what they drilled in 2021 that will be incorporated in the new resource or how important it is that Dania and Albie are not part of their team, with plenty of experience working in the northern limb of the Bushveld complex in South Africa. It is one of the more intriguing battery metals + PGMs discovery and resource expansion stories I’m aware of and I’m happy to be a shareholder in this one for a position trade.

        Aug 03, 2022 03:08 AM

        I will continue to add as long as price is below .30 US as that is pretty much the low price over time.

    Aug 03, 2022 03:35 AM

    I have been accumulating PGE, nice to see it creep up in price.

      Aug 03, 2022 03:42 AM

      Added more PGE at open. Added to NG yesterday after good flow results was met with sell the news. Thanks to Cory and EX for staying on top of Stillwater.

    Aug 03, 2022 03:09 AM

    DEF, up 26% in one account and 60% in another since I bought back in… overbought on the daily and hitting resistance on the weekly.

    Aug 03, 2022 03:03 AM

    Big Ridge, BRAU, has an interesting chart. I will average down on this one, IMHO

    Aug 03, 2022 03:39 AM

    I went and took losses as seemed pretty quiet. I should be close to a buy back.