Chris Kimble – Key Long Term Inflection Points For the USD and Gold

October 6, 2022

I’m happy to report that I have Chris Kimble, Founder and Editor of Kimble Charting Solutions back on the show! Chris has shared a handful of charts (all posted below in order we discuss in the interview) focused on some key infection points for the USD and gold. We good back decades looking at major trends that are being tested in both markets. Chris also shares his trading strategy for gold currently and how he will play it depending on 2 different outcomes.




Click here to visit the Kimble Charting Solutions website to follow along with Chris’s charts.


    Oct 06, 2022 06:14 PM

    At minimum, I’m Iooking for this gap fill for Newmont during October run.

    Oct 06, 2022 06:19 PM

    SILJ:GDX is up 22% since bottoming in July and is now at its highest level since January. Of course the clear message of that performance has been completely lost on the confused/scared/angry bears.

      Oct 06, 2022 06:29 PM

      True but I’m still down on my silver miners (ie paas) I added a little during this rout .. but it pays dividend and a solid company. I added to my Barrick position ( those boring stock ends up making more for me) NEM, AEM, GOLD are my primary holdings.

        Oct 06, 2022 06:42 PM

        My point was that the bears shouldn’t be extrapolating bad times linearly and permanently into the future as they have been.
        The big picture has been setting up much more bullishly than they realize but it’s perfectly understandable that their short term focus would cause them great stress.

          Oct 06, 2022 06:45 PM

          Couldn’t agree more. We could be setting up for 2016 kind of run in PM and mining equities.

    Oct 06, 2022 06:29 PM
      Oct 06, 2022 06:21 PM

      Hi Matthew, finally my Santacruz Silver has passed my buy point. I know, I know, sometimes I wonder what motivates John Q investor, you just get the feeling that we will start moving ahead and out comes The Whack-A-Moley hammer. LOL! DT

    Oct 06, 2022 06:32 PM

    After pulling back more than 5% from Tuesday’s high SILJ:SPY now looks ready to fly…..

    Oct 06, 2022 06:01 PM

    with latest addition out of nem jan 45 calls at 4 in at 2.50. Good enough. will hold rest latest additions.
    Let’s see where this thing goes.