Dana Lyons – An Investing Playbook For A Continued Bear Market

October 12, 2022

Dana Lyons, Fund Manager and Editor of The Lyons Share website joins us to share his big picture and longer term playbook for this bear market. When we have Dana on we usually dive into his short term trading strategy for a wide range of markets. Since we are in a prolonged bear market we decide to take a step for the investors that want to limit losses but not have to watch the markets everyday.




Click here to learn more about Dana’s website, The Lyons Share.

    Oct 12, 2022 12:50 AM

    Added to Snowline on good drill results and added to Dolly Varden due to price. Considered adding to Vizsla but Snowline won out as I have fewer shares of Snowline. 150% add to Dolly.

    Oct 12, 2022 12:07 AM

    GDX 30 minute…two AB=CD downs….Target 22.35ish confluence upper edge…This happens to correspond w the current daily bullish configured TAS profile base….If corresponding w dollar giving it up on a failed top test…This would be ‘IT’…glta

    Oct 12, 2022 12:26 AM


    Keep your ears perked for Snowline talk at the conference.
    Also, make friends and get some free drinks.
    Have fun above all else.

      Oct 15, 2022 15:31 AM

      Hi Lakedweller2. I swung by the Snowline Gold booth and chatted with Scott for a bit. We’ll be having them back on the show again down the road for another update.

    Oct 12, 2022 12:32 AM

    day DXY is technically really weak…and so if selling does kick in…It will hurt price right away to the downside…glta

      Oct 12, 2022 12:30 AM

      DXY: I am willing to kick it in if nobody else will !

    Oct 13, 2022 13:42 AM

    Another name off my watch list. Goodbye Superior Gold(SGI).

      Oct 15, 2022 15:38 AM

      Yeah, I’m still in Superior Gold but it looks like they hit another hurtle in their turnaround story and now had to fire their mining contractor in Australia, are going to now miss their guidance again this year, and had to raise $10 million to get them through this transition period. A real bummer for sure, and now they’ve lost more investor confidence, so they’ll really need to work hard for 2023 to regain their footing.

      Turnaround stories are not without risk, and SGI was severely punished the end of last week by the market for these delays and set backs. I’m not sure the company is really 40% less valuable, as they were already very undervalued, but this is an unforgiving market.

    Oct 13, 2022 13:49 AM

    Big phony hit on everything after a false pump in dollar. Criminals are in our faces …
    (CPI fault but only positive for dollar … and how are things in the alternate universe)
    Interesting how things are all happening before the markets open.
    Are they going to report Congressional trading from … yesterday?
    CPI up … bad for Gold. CPI down … bad for gold. Wall Street has a computer …. Bad for Gold.

      Oct 13, 2022 13:17 AM

      ya Lake
      should have listen to ridiculed Joe, the guy who uses capitals and no technicals.
      Me included with a flyer on january nem calls at yesterday’s close. LOL Oh well, let’s see what happens.

        Oct 13, 2022 13:46 AM

        Nothing new with this type of intervention, it is just the intervention that gets old. Central Banking punishes investors by bad policy and then tries to coverup the corruption with intervention. It undermines the Constitution and the stability of the Country. Theft is not a healthy economic policy. Lack of Regulation is not a healthy response. Joe needs to address those issues before gaining credibility.

    Oct 13, 2022 13:17 AM

    Added again to Snowline. Have reached a core position.

    Oct 13, 2022 13:38 AM

    This week’s action is really no surprise. Barring a collapse into the $1500s for gold, I’ve been expecting the metals to stay relatively weak into 2023. The downward sloping 100 WMAs tell you everything.

    That being said, I am expecting to see a price spike to test the 100 WMAs across the PM complex at some point. After that quick spike gets longs excited, I expect price to revert back to current levels into next year.

      Oct 13, 2022 13:55 AM

      Yes Green, thanks for the perspective.

    Oct 13, 2022 13:56 AM

    For me, a hail mary pass with limited capital and long date call options with some senior producers is the gamble I made.

    Oct 13, 2022 13:44 AM

    Good News: morning open worked back to some up and some down.

    Bad news: some up and some down.

    Still early

      Oct 13, 2022 13:52 AM

      And just think…………… Tomorrow …………is………….. FREAKY FRIDAY……………… 🙂

        Oct 13, 2022 13:03 AM

        Argh! I am scheduled to get flogged before open tomorrow to build up my tolerance.

        Dollar now down, metals going positive … I should liquidate everything in anticipation of Friday going green.
        It would be very disturbing to be on the “right-side” of the trade.
        I expect Green today !

    Oct 13, 2022 13:33 AM

    close below 23.59 means this is a single leg rally move and that that TAS level on daily was resistance…i sold the pop…i could be wrong for sure…

      Oct 13, 2022 13:04 PM

      larry……………. glad to see you back………….. ORPHAN SECTION misses you…….. 🙂

        Oct 13, 2022 13:25 PM

        i see MSNBC is used as links for their position validation…lmao…just another propaganda station….al still does not get the covid spectacle…lol…i will occasionally stop in…but not waste my time posting valid editorial…it is a black hole in al aarse…

      Oct 13, 2022 13:18 PM

      As things progress toward close, the dollar is still down but the metals are still struggling. Looks like just another day on the downhill run, trying to avoid trees.

    Oct 13, 2022 13:46 AM

    I personally don’t think gold and silver will do much of anything until GCC is done consolidating, which I believe could last another 6-12 months. Again, not ruling out short term spikes, but the metals themselves look like dead money until then. Maybe the lows are in, but I think it is reasonable to assume at least a marginal new low could be made in the next 6-12 months.

      Oct 13, 2022 13:57 PM

      Silver and GCC are way out of sync. Following silver’s 2018 low GCC kept going lower while silver went up 42% in 42 weeks. Following the 2020 crash low silver went up 156% in 20 weeks while GCC went up 26%.
      This week’s reversal allowed SLV to fill last week’s big gap and is simply part of an ongoing bottoming process. The more important the low (or high) the more likely you are to get plenty of whipsawing action. Last week’s spike was bullishly impulsive which means this pullback is for buying not selling.

        Oct 13, 2022 13:27 PM

        I’m sticking by my call that the metals will be stuck in the mud until at least early 2023. There is no way price breaks above the declining 100 WMA and manages to stay there in the next month or two. We will have to wait until the spring of ’23 (March) at the very earliest, and my guess is more like June-July ’23. the 100 and 200 WMAs will either negatively cross or get very close to each other some time in the next 6-12 months.

        That being said I do think the miners should handily outperform the metals.

          Oct 13, 2022 13:36 PM

          I think you’re making a mistake if your outlook is based on the action that followed the 2008 low.
          Yes the miners will almost certainly blow the metals away and SILJ made a new month+ high today vs SLV.

            Oct 14, 2022 14:57 AM

            I am expecting silver to more or less do what $wheat did between 2004 and February 2008. I am expecting it to be rangebound under the 100 WMA for most if not all of 2023. I think some of the silver miner stocks, like AG and EXK could more or less mimic that behavior.

            So more weakness in the short run (the next 2-3 months) before some sort of regression rally to the 100 WMA, which should mark the top of a trading range for the next year. While silver may not crash lower, it could certainly continue to bounce off of its lower weekly bollinger band for a few months. Who knows, maybe if we are lucky it will only hit $16. But seeing what happened in 2020, within a tiny window they can take it where ever they want, especially if that coincides with some sort of stock market crash.

          Oct 13, 2022 13:05 PM

          Glad you mentioned that miners will Out perform the metals because many will take your post as a Bearish view overall so I’m glad you pointed that out. The time to be in the miners is now 100% the monthly indicators are all indicating that including the weekly and even daily.

          As per our last discussion regarding Brixton metals, It hit my precise target of $.15 actually went. 25 below it LOL. The gains we’ve had since the point $.11 low is massive in such a short amount of time and investors/traders are contemplating what to do while these things are happening you must be in the miners and I’m sticking to that.

        Oct 13, 2022 13:02 PM

        Bingo! And ditto!

    Oct 13, 2022 13:10 PM

    Last week’s enormous move in silver has been entirely wiped out to the point where silver has made a weekly swing high. I would be extremely surprised if we don’t see some follow through lower the remainder of the month. Maybe the Nov FOMC triggers a rally.

    Oct 13, 2022 13:31 PM
      Oct 13, 2022 13:37 PM

      Sold my UUP and loaded up on more UUGLY. JP Morgan Fund, I think.

    Oct 13, 2022 13:06 PM

    What’s happened to The Korelin Report, The Crash wasn’t supposed to come for another 11 days, on October 24th, 2022. Ex has been conspicuous by his absence; he must be in crash fixing mode! LOL! DT

      Oct 15, 2022 15:42 AM

      Hi DT. Sorry, I have been busy out of town at Brien Lundin’s New Orleans Investment conference, and meetings, and related events the last few days.

    Oct 13, 2022 13:14 PM

    Dow futures down 500, day trading UVXY, Black Monday on deck?

    Oct 14, 2022 14:22 AM

    Whoops, app pulled wrong data

    Oct 14, 2022 14:31 AM

    Trend Strength:
    GDX Volume Washout Spike To 78.6%
    PMs May Have A Decent Rally
    But Dollar Dependent
    NatGas Sideways

    Oct 14, 2022 14:56 AM

    Just another FREAKY FRIDAY…………………… good luck ………. have a great weekend………… bye, bye….

    Oct 14, 2022 14:21 AM

    It’s pretty clear that exchange rates/interest rate differentials have a fairly substantial impact on metals prices, at least at the margin.

    You can’t tell me that the Fed hasn’t completely coordinated this move in the USD with the BoJ, ECB and BoE in an effort to keep a lid on commodity prices. This is just a repeat of what they did from 2012-2016.

    At face value, what the BoJ, ECB and BoE are doing (staying easier than the Fed) is completely insane given the inflation in those regions. For example, priced in yen, GCC is up 250% in 2 years, and yet the BoJ is persisting with full blown QE. By the looks of it, the BoJ is prepared to see the yen head back to 1970s levels. The notion that that there is still hardly any inflation in Japan is completely laughable.

    The result is the Fed can keep real rates negative (i.e., maintain accommodative monetary policy) while at the same time putting a lid on commodity prices by way of a skyrocketing USD.

    Oct 14, 2022 14:48 AM

    Given the size of silver’s red candle this week, and barring a large reversal into the close which I suppose is still possible, it certainly looks like there will be new lows in silver hit next week. Looks like we might have a bit of a bloodbath heading into the Nov. 2nd FOMC. A sizeable drop below the 400 WMA will really accelerate the decline of the 100 WMA. Pick a number for silver that you don’t think in your wildest dreams it will hit. I’m guessing $14-15.

    Oct 14, 2022 14:03 AM

    SLV:GCC also looks like it is going to be making a new multiyear low as soon as next week. Silver lost 50% of its value vs the commodity complex over the last 2 years and looks set to lose even more. Don’t fight the Fed.

    Maybe a metals crash will be accompanied by a stock market crash.

    Oct 14, 2022 14:01 AM

    Dollar up. Algos can’t see beyond that. Regulators care less.