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Dave Erfle outlines the key technical pricing levels and fundament macro drivers that he is watching for, to see a more confirmed uptrend in gold and the gold...
Tue 17 Oct, 2023
John Rubino reviews the continued volatility in markets caused by mixed macroeconomic data and geopolitical...
Mon 16 Oct, 2023
Craig Hemke reviews the macroeconomic trends with interest rates, the US dollar, inflation expectations, gold, and the PM mining...
Thu 6 Jul, 2023
John Rubino discusses the silver sector supply/demand situation, and then the macroeconomic factors moving the broad...
Mon 1 May, 2023
Marc Chandler with a detailed review of market expectations and reactions to the Fed meeting earlier this week, ongoing banking concerns, and a flee to safe...
Fri 24 Mar, 2023
Dana Lyons, Fund Manager and Editor of The Lyons Share website joins us to share his big picture and longer term playbook for this...
Wed 12 Oct, 2022
John Rubino, Founder of the Dollar Collapse website, discusses market effects from high energy prices, inflation, corporate margin compression, and central bank...
Mon 6 Jun, 2022
Ed Moya, Senior Market Analyst at OANDA joins us to discuss the selloff to start the week. Pretty much every asset class is down,...
Mon 9 May, 2022
TG Watkins, Director of Stocks at Simpler Trading and editor at the Profit Pilot website, joins us to discuss the continued volatility in these markets, and which areas he’s still shorting,...
Mon 7 Mar, 2022
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More safe haven assets

Marc Chandler – Looking At The Two Blades Of The Market Scissors – Inflation and Slowing Growth

Marc Chandler, Managing Partner at Bannockburn Global ForEx, joins us to recap the key market moves off the continued geopolitical tensions in Ukraine, and 2 main blades to the scissors cutting through markets 1) Inflation and 2) a slowing growth.

Fri 4 Mar, 2022

TG Watkins – An Emphasis On Defensive Names And Growth Stocks To Start 2022

TG Watkins, Director of Stocks at Simpler Trading and editor at the Profit Pilot website, joins us to discuss the new watchlist of companies he is following as the market trends have shifted from growth stocks in 2021 to value stocks in 2022. 

Mon 3 Jan, 2022

John Rubino Discusses Fed Policy, Inflation, The US Dollar, Gold, And The Mining Stocks

John Rubino, Founder of the Dollar Collapse website, joins us to comment on the recent news from the Fed and potential policy choices they will face, as well as look at currencies, gold, and the mining stocks.

Mon 22 Nov, 2021

Craig Hemke With A Fed Focus Moving Into Jackson Hole Tomorrow

Craig Hemke, Founder of TF Metals Report, joins us to discuss the implications of Fed policy and what he expects from both Jerome Powell’s speech…

Thu 26 Aug, 2021

Vaccine news and flash US PMI data – What does it mean for the stimulus trade?

Ed Moya, Senior Market Analyst at OANDA joins me to recap the key news that is driving markets. With more positive vaccine news and a…

Mon 23 Nov, 2020
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Markets continue to selloff but money is not rotating into safe havens

Ed Moya joins me today to share his thoughts on the continued pullback for US markets today. We discuss the technical support levels that have…

Tue 8 Sep, 2020
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With so much uncertainty in the world here’s what we think actually matters for investors

Ed Moya kicks off today’s editorials by outlining the wide range of uncertainties when it comes to an economic restart. From US/China tensions to the…

Tue 18 Aug, 2020
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There are a couple key reasons that safe haven assets continue to move higher

Ed Moya joins me today to focus on the continued rise in precious metals and bonds. There are a few key factors that are supporting…

Tue 4 Aug, 2020
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USD and base metals are telling an important story about investors risk tolerance

Chris Temple wraps up today’s editorials with comments on the moves in the US Dollar compared to copper and oil. We also look at the…

Wed 15 Jul, 2020

Safe Haven Outlook – Bonds, Gold, and even Bitcoin

Chris Vermeulen wraps up today’s editorials by sharing his targets for bonds, gold, and Bitcoin. Bonds and gold are long accepted as safe haven assets…

Tue 14 Jul, 2020

Hour 1 – Making sense of the US Market Selloff and an update from Great Bear Resources

At the end of the week fear entered the markets as the S&P had its largest one day drop in 12 weeks. This was on…

Sat 13 Jun, 2020

Recapping the Fed statement and market selloff today

Chris Temple joins me to share his thoughts on the Fed statement and Powell’s press conference from yesterday as well as the market selloff today….

Thu 11 Jun, 2020

Safe Haven Assets Shining Today, Is This A Trend Change?

Ed Moya kicks off the day with a look at the sectors that are moving today. Unlike over the past couple weeks where we saw…

Tue 9 Jun, 2020
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The rotation trade continues, central bank news out of Europe, and an outlook for safe-haven assets

Ed Moya kicks off today with comments on the action in the S&P which is mimicking the moves from yesterday. We also discuss the developments…

Wed 27 May, 2020

Bitcoin Trading Update – As much talk as there is about Bitcoin as a safe haven it’s still in a downtrend

Ryan Wilday kicks off today with an update on the Bitcoin market. We discuss his technical outlook as well as some insights on the potential…

Thu 21 May, 2020

The race to cash and bonds again today but what about gold and gold miners?

Chris Vermeulen joins me today to share his thoughts on the race to the safe haven assets, bonds and cash. But what about gold and…

Tue 21 Apr, 2020

With markets hitting circuit breakers again is there anything safe out there?

TG Watkins, Director of Stocks at Simpler Trading joins me to share his trading strategy in these fear driven markets. When we chatted, shortly after…

Mon 16 Mar, 2020

Is there a playbook for this kind of panic?

Craig Hemke joins me to discuss what history has taught us about when fear and panic hit the markets. It’s happened before and while no…

Fri 13 Mar, 2020

It’s possible to be bullish US markets and safe havens – It’s just the timing that matters

Raghee Horner is back and sharing her thoughts on the downturn in the US markets and run higher in safe haven assets. She outlines why…

Wed 26 Feb, 2020

An argument to build up cash in both risk on and risk off portfolios

As much as Chris’s odd couple trade has worked with bonds and gold moving higher he is now recommending building up a cash position to…

Tue 25 Feb, 2020