The rotation trade continues, central bank news out of Europe, and an outlook for safe-haven assets

May 27, 2020

Ed Moya kicks off today with comments on the action in the S&P which is mimicking the moves from yesterday. We also discuss the developments in Europe when it comes to the continued stimulus planned but still needing to get pushed through. Finally comments on gold and the US Dollar’s action today.

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    May 27, 2020 27:25 AM

    Cory – You just got some nice praise over at from @jimbowie in the Novo Resources room on how you conduct interviews. Sometimes we may take for granted how solid you are in your questioning and interviews now, but just wanted to take a quick moment to say thanks. There were 11 thumbs up on this guy’s post so far (anything over 5 is considered a popular post on their site).

    People really appreciate you man, so keep up the great work!

    @jimbowie – “I send Cory at least 5 questions an interview. He uses about 3 out of the 5. The last batch I sent him included how are the negotiations with IMC going? That didn’t make it in. I’m sure some of you sent that question in also. Also, I asked about East Lake and Patch 47 which Cory did asked about. I also asked if there were extensive lag gravels around Karratha. Novo has quite a few tenements in areas around Karratha that doesn’t fit the pattern of what Novo is looking for. Cory didn’t ask that question but I think it is obvious that there are extensive lag gravels around Karratha. I don’t know how long QH has known about the lag gravels but I imagine it is well before 2017, I’ve asked questions about the Novo tenements around Bellary Dome down south in the past but Cory wasn’t interested. I might revisit that. I did ask a question about KL exceeding 20% and buying out Novo. That made it in. Cory is a pro. I love Jay Taylor but I look at him as my beloved Uncle that I saw a few times a year as a kid. Although he did press QH this time on when we would see some trial mining at Egina. Loves these QH interviews. We’re lucky to get so much information.”

      May 27, 2020 27:29 AM

      Matt – CruxInvestor does a pretty good job at interviewing as well, although, sometimes he is a bit too critical or trying to gin up negatives or red flags where there aren’t any. Still overall the content he’s been putting out in interviews has been worth the watch.


      Minera Alamos Inc. (TSX-V:MAI) – It’s nice and different, Plus is bright and brilliant

      CRUX Investor – May 19, 2020 #VIDEO

      May 27, 2020 27:38 PM

      I’m DT and I approve this message!

        May 28, 2020 28:49 AM

        I agree DT. That is a great post Ex. This site is awesome and Cory is a fantastic interviewer. We are all very lucky to have stumbled on this site. Just a wealth of FREE information that is very uncommon in today’s world. Thank you KER!

          May 28, 2020 28:53 AM

          One other thing Ex – Have you purchased any Novo, or are you still holding out for trial mining? You mentioned to me a few years ago that that is what you were waiting for.

            May 28, 2020 28:57 AM

            Hey Charles – Well stated about the quality of this site and the work Cory does here that benefits us all.

            I still haven’t bought back in to Novo, but it looks like it has lifted back off and is trending higher again.

            I keep tabs on it as a prior shareholder, and would like to see them do some trial mining, but honestly I’ve just been more geared to producers or development companies that could be takeover targets, and at present Novo is neither.

            If a couple of my stocks become screaming multibaggers, I may pull some profits in them at one point and store them in NVO for the grand-slam potential.

            I respect Q.H. a great deal, but he is starting to spread himself a bit thin with the 4 different companies he’s involved with. I’m invested with his guidance over at (LIO) Lion One Metals and feel that they may also have an absolutely monster deposit shaping up with their very deep alkaline system.