Dave Erfle – Site Visit Recaps From Discovery Silver and Vizsla Silver

Dave Erfle, Founder of the Junior Miner Junky, joins us to review 2 recent site visits to the projects at both Discover Silver Corp (TSX.V: DSV) (OTCQX: DSVFF) and Vizsla Silver Corp (TSX-V: VZLA) (NYSE: VZLA).  We discussed the attributes of both companies that Dave was impressed by, and also dove into the kinds of benefits that come from doing an in-person site visit, over just researching a company via press releases or even in one-on-one meetings.


*In full disclosure, both Dave and Shad are shareholders of both Discovery Silver and Vizsla Silver. 



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    Oct 18, 2022 18:32 PM

    Excellent interview of David. Very timely information and valuable.

    Oct 18, 2022 18:18 PM

    I own both. & yet there they sit, like bumps on a log….

    Oct 18, 2022 18:34 PM

    Vizsla is +100m. Not 50.??

      Oct 18, 2022 18:52 PM

      Ulf the Wolf – Yeah, I was thinking the same thing when Dave mentioned only 50 million ounces , but I didn’t want to correct our guest that it was over 100 million ounces of silver equivalent at the last resource estimate (which doesn’t include all the drilling they’ve done since then).

      They have 61.1 million ounces of silver equivalent in the indicated category, and 45.5 million ounces of ag/eq in the inferred category ~ 106.6 million total ag/eq in all categories.

      Now, they do only have 30.5 million ounces of actual silver in indicated and 24.7 million ounces of silver in inferred… so 55.2 million ounces of just silver…. somaybe that is what he meant.

      Oct 19, 2022 19:55 AM

      Yes, you are correct. Vizsla has defined 100m oz of silver. My apologies!

        Oct 19, 2022 19:12 AM

        Thanks for all the great info from your site visit. Thanks also for your contributions for many years.

          Oct 19, 2022 19:54 PM

          +1 Lakedweller2. We are blessed to hear from the Junior Mining Junky each week and get his insights, as a true friend of the show. Dave is a solid guy for sure and his over the shoulder service is top notch.

            Oct 21, 2022 21:58 AM

            Your comments are much appreciated Ex, along with all the thought provoking feedback from sharp and informative KER listeners over the years. You are truly blessed with consistently cordial and concise commentary from the KER listener base. along with myself for receiving the same courtesy from JMJ subscribers.

          Oct 21, 2022 21:49 AM

          Thank you for listening Lakedweller2, and providing thought provoking feedback over the years!

    Oct 19, 2022 19:34 AM

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    Moscow Plans to Shift EU Export Routes to Turkey

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    Oct 19, 2022 19:14 AM

    Just in case you missed it……….. which I am sure some have not……. 🙂

    China’s Zijin Mining buys Iamgold’s Rosebel gold mine in Suriname

    Iamgold Shares Surge on Sale of Suriname Mine to China’s Zijin Mining

    By Ruhi Soni
    Tuesday, October 18, 2022

    Canadian gold miner Iamgold Corp. shares surged 16% today after it decided to sell 95% stake in Rosebel Gold Mines unit in northeastern Suriname to China’s Zijin Mining Group Co. Ltd. for about $401 million.

    The Toronto-based company said the proceeds from the sale will be used to construct its flagship Cote Gold project in Canada so that it can stay on track to begin production in early 2024.

      Oct 19, 2022 19:56 PM

      Thanks OOTB. That was big news on that acquisition of Iamgold’s Rosebel gold mine by Zijin Mining, and another positive for the sector.

    Oct 19, 2022 19:08 AM

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    Set For A Big Rise In The Price Of Gold
    October 8 (King World News) – Eric King: “Pierre, since you and I think we’ve seen that capitulation phase sort of similar to late 2015/early 2016 and you think the bottom is in for gold, we had that $1,670-$1,680 low in gold and it just looked to me like they were going to take that out and create panic and of course they did. And now the gold price has snapped right back and the banks were buying the dip pretty aggressively — so were the commercials and swap dealers. So now the COT (Commitment of Traders Report) is cleaned up and everybody is set for a big rise in the price of gold. What do you think we are going to see as we head into the end of the year?”

    $2,000 Gold
    Billionaire mining legend, Pierre Lassonde: “I’m quite optimistic frankly about the next six to nine months and I think we will see the price of gold rally to what we saw in 2020 which was around the $2,000 area. An

    Oct 19, 2022 19:06 AM

    Thanks for the interview. Have been looking at Vizsla for a while.

    Oct 19, 2022 19:24 AM

    Did a little musical chairs with my silver holdings ending in being back in Blackrock and Discover, and adding to Silver Tiger. Also bought Surge Battery (Lithium in Nevada) for the first time based on some interesting drill/sample results. In the debate between Discovery and Vizsla, I thought it best to own both recognizing that Discovery is bigger and closer to development … but Vizsla is on the way and seems to be always hitting something good.

      Oct 19, 2022 19:14 AM

      Also added some Kootenay at cheap and then added a few Viva Gold and a few more Surge as the runup fell back a little.

        Oct 19, 2022 19:49 AM

        Back into Ridgeline and Clean Air Metals.